Find out about the testimonies of people who pray with us for the gift of offspring


Hello. I would like to share my testimony with you. For many years my husband and I wanted to become parents. I am a believer and have been living with a non-believer for many years. For a long time we’ve just been meeting and I kept forgetting about God and my faith. We enjoyed life without God. The time has come when I realised that my life was running out and I wanted to have a baby. My husband couldn’t handle it. Time was running out and I still couldn’t get pregnant. I kept asking myself, where is the problem? We’re both young, healthy, and yet we can’t have a baby. I begged and begged and ran for years and still I couldn’t get pregnant. One day with great pain and anguish I began to pray to God for a miracle. Well, it didn’t work. I started praying the rosary with the prayer community. I have returned to faith and to God. In my family everybody started to pray for the child for us. It wasn’t long before God began to touch me and gradually healed me. I prayed all the time, but it was difficult. My husband didn’t suport me in praying because he is a non-believer. It worried me, but I believed, kept going and prayed without a break. Several times I wanted to give up and stop praying, but I didn’t stop. We tried to see a doctor, but there was no effect. One day while praying the rosary with my family, our Merciful God began to heal my womb and I cried and cried and felt great strenght and emotion. It was such a wonderful feeling that it couldn’t be described. Two months after this prayer I became pregnant and a miracle happened. Pregnancy was the most beautiful period in our lives. I carried the pregnancy to term and gave birth to a healthy son. Throughout my pregnancy I prayed every day for my baby and thanked God and Mary for the miracle in my life. Every day I also prayed for the couples who cannot have children. And I prayed for the spiritual adoption of an unborn child. For the rest of my life I will thank God and Mary that we became parents. That’s why I want to share my own miracle with you, which is a great mercy for us from our Merciful God. God does graces and works miracles in our lives. I am a living proof and I praise God for it. I praise you Lord. Žaneta G (the Czech Republic)


We have been married for the past 6.5 years. From the very beginning we knew with my husband that we wanted to have children, however our efforts to have offspring started 3 years after getting married. I got pregnant for the first time after about 6 months after our efforts, but I knew from the beginning that something was wrong. I lost my pregnancy before my baby’s first heart beat. I had my second pregnancy after following 6 months. The beginning was great, the doctors said that everything was all right. We told our family members, we were of good mind. However, in the 12th week, after the ultrasound it turned out that the heart stopped beating in the 10th week of pregnancy. Shock and great pain. Later, I started to feel pain in the lower abdominal area. I went to private doctorts, however nobody could help me. After all, we decided to take advantage of naprotechnology, the effects of which we heard from a couple who had tried to have offspring for many years. Soon, it turned out that I had infection and I began a long antibiotics treatment. Moreover, it resulted that I had a blood clotting problem, there was also a suspicion of endometriosis. We started to pray with my husband with a Rosary Rose for a miracle of conception. We also took part in a Holy Mass at Matemblewo. First of all, I tried to entrust to the Mother of God, participating also in a 33-day retreat. Withy my husband we also prayed to St. Joseph. However, I had not quite coped with the recent loss. Finally, I went to take part in Ignatian Retreat, where I was able to accept earlier losses. After returning, I began my first Novena of Pompeii for a gift of offspring, however with a different attitude – for the fulfillment of God’s will. This novena had been following me for a long time. At that time I didn’t know that I was already pregnant. My period was late, but then my gynecologist found a cyst on my ovary, so I was sure that was the reason. Despite the fact, on December 19 I did a pregnancy test and it came out positive. On December 20th I had a call that the histopathological results of the fetus from the second pregnancy were ready. We learned then that my body rejected the fetus and I had to have a monthly treatment before getting pregnant. Since I was pregnant already, I had to go to Poznań for the purpose of starting a treatment quickly. The beginning was very difficult. On December 27th BHCG dropped by 5,000. We thought we failed again, although I did not stop praying. On January 3, 2022 during a control ultrasound I learned that the heart is still beating. This was a true miracle to us. A great happiness and appreciation. Unfortunately, the complications did not end, the pregnancy was still at risk. I took a lot of medication and had to lie down a lot. In spite of many unknowns and the fear of what would happen, I felt Mary’s protection. My due date was on August 22, however due to the complications, I was to report for induction of labor. We were set for August 15, however there was probably some kind of mistake and the hospital staff called me on August 13 and thanks to this our daughter was born on August 15, whereas we named her Mary, in honor of Mother of God. Praise the Lord. Honor of Mary. Agnieszka and Piotr


God bless, I would like to share with you a miracle that happened to us. We got married in 2020 and we started trying to have a baby. After 4 months I went to see a gynecologist who informed me about polycystic ovary syndrome and inovulatory cycles. He implemented pills and injections to stimulate ovulation. For following 6 months the ovulation occurred but we could not conceive a baby. The doctor told that the only option left was in vitro. We did the tests with my husband, it turned out that sperm morphology is 0%. Meanwhile, my cycle became disordered because of artificial induction of ovulation and for this reason the doctor ordered to take anticonception pills for the purpose of normalizing the cycle. At this moment I did not agree and stopped visiting the doctor. I waited for 6 months and the cycle normalized on its own. After that time I visited 3 other gynecologists who also told me that I would not be able to become pregnant. After 1.5 years, convinced by my mother I went to see a napro-technologist. He diagnosed me with a Hashimoto, insulin resistance, pcos and thrombophilias. We also began attending to Matemblewo. In October 2021 I started to take medicine (however my husband has not been treated). Every month I went for an ovulation cycle monitoring. On January 8, 2022 during Adoration in Matemblewo, it was for the first time that I felt at peace, that the world will not end and it is possible to adopt a baby (although after 5 years after getting married). However, it is currently possible to take the children out of the orphanage at least for the weekends, vacation etc. A few days after the Adoration I went to an orphanage, volunteering to help the children with their homework or to take them to various trips. Also in January I went to visit a gynecologist and I have a medical documentation that I had a non-ovulatory cycle that month. A different gynecologist confirmed that diagnosis. On January 21 my pregnancy test came out positive. With the help of a napro-technologist, I took many medications including progesterone, estradiol, anticoagulant injections, etc. After 9 months, our awaited baby girl was born. The birth was without complications. Today our angel is already 3 months old and we want to praise the Lord for this miracle. Humanly speaking, it was impossible. However, nothing is impossible for God.


God bless you. Most of the testimonies are written by women, this is why I decided to write such a testimony from the man’s point of view. We tried to conceive our baby not for a long time, that is about 5 years (we can say so today although during our trial period, it seems like an eternity). On one hand it was a very difficult way, and on the other hand, much simpler because we had a word of promise from God, on which we based, something that allowed us to last in expectation for following months and years. During these efforts to conceive and our visits to many cities in Poland I visited 7 andrologists/urologists before I found the proper one, whereas my wife has seen 11 gynecologists. 10 of them tried to convince us that the only solution is IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) and insemination. One of the doctors even said that he was willing to put all of his money on the table, that we will return to him for IVF and that we are unecessarily wasting our time. Whereas, we have never thought about these options because we considered that with God there would be no shortcuts. If we were created by a perfect God in a perfect way, then if the body does not allow the conception to happen, there is a reason for it. Then, the body should be „fixed” and not cheated. Thanks to such approach, we were able to diagnose many disadvantages of our bodies and implement the treatment. God, as our Father, was interested not only in our dreams to come true, but also for us to be healthy. We were both in our early 30s when starting our efforts to conceive. My wife had, among others, two obstructed fallopian tubes, insulin resistance, Hashimoto, food intolerances, endometriosis. It was necessary to have three surgeries, including one which is perfomed only in one city in Poland. Surely, I do not need to add that the only gynecologist who gave us a chance for natural conception was a naprotechnologist. We had a problem with my sperm as well. Even though the doctor said that only one sperm is sufficient to conceive, I felt that at our age, this may not be enough and the semen parameters should be improved, if possible, in order to give ourselves a better chance to conceive. Since there was no pregnancy through all this time and my wife was „repairing” herself, then I also wanted to give the best of myself so this was not only her hardship and struggle. Although the conception happens inside the woman’s body, I have a feeling that men are often treated by the doctors in a low – key manner or they themselves are standing a little aside, waiting for their wives to miraculously get pregant, whereas on their part, there is also a possibility of „improving” their bodies. That is all for medical side. It is time to move on to the most important part, i.e. the faith. We prayed to God each day becuase we believed that He has our biological children for us. Very often it was a prayer through crying, tears and whining with helplessness – both on my wife’s side and mine. What is interesting is that the word patience and pain have the same stem. We practiced our patience by our pain of unfulfillment. The place which helped us to keep our faith was Matemblewo in Gdansk. We tried to go there, whenever it was possible. If we could not be there personally, we participated online on 8th day of each month. I would mention that we learned about this place by accident, however for me accidents do not exist. In Matemblewo we met the same people as us. For the first time we felt comfortable among the people there, although we did not know anybody there. This is because for the first time, we were not different than others, but exactly the same as the people gathered. There (in opposition to our friends), nobody gave us „wise” pieces of advice and tips, something they had no idea about it. Everyone was united through the same pain, hope and expectation. We needed so much such a community of the persons who were trying to conceive. This is because nobody is able to understand the persons who every month, in a way, ‘’die’’ each time, along with the menstruation coming. In Metemblewo I also learned about the possibility to join the Rosary. Then, everyday I prayed for our little baby. Now I pray everyday for other couples, which are still waiting for their babies. It happened that our Anusia was born a month after the next Adoration and Mass in Matemblewo together with an individual blessing with the Blessed Sacrament and after an innovative medical procedure of a last chance, which occured in Warsaw. Whether it was the prayer that helped, the medical procedure, or both, it does not matter. She was conceived at the time she was supposed to be conceived. Amen! Mateusz


My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 3 years. We did a lot of tests, we went to doctors all over Poland. Some gave hope, others cooled the enthusiasm. My results were bad in many aspects, I was taking a lot of drugs and I already felt like a senior and in poor health. In the meantime, we had so- called medically biochemical pregnancies – pregnancy losses at a very early stage. Between visits to the doctors, we did not forget to ask for help and spiritual support. On July 10, 2020, a 9-day prayer of the Association of Marian Helpers began in our intention, at the same time we also entrusted ourselves to Our Lady of Pregnancy from Matemblewo. Regular prayers through the intercession of St. Rita… It seemed that nothing more could be done. Holy Week 2021 has begun. I feel that we no longer have strength and hope. I came to the conclusion that whatever we do, everything is in the Lord’s hands and whatever He decides must happen. On Good Friday I prayed at the Holy Sepulchre, and I no longer asked for a child. I just asked that this Easter would be a new beginning and that what was given to us would happen here and now and we would accept it. Holy Saturday, Sunday and Monday passed. On Tuesday I got a call from the clinic asking if I was confirming the surgery scheduled for Thursday after Christmas. The condition was that menstruation was about to begin. That’s when I realized she should be. I took a pregnancy test and saw two thick lines. I was pregnant. Despite the previous losses, this time I was sure that I would succeed. That for a reason right now. After performing blood tests and calculating how fast the pregnancy hormone beta HCG increases, it turned out that it began to grow on Good Friday. Daughter was born with a birthmark on her forehead, in the place where St. Rita, and whose intercession I have asked for all these years. All elements of our story seem to be of great importance for the miracle that happened to us – our beloved daughter. Katarzyna


God bless. I want to give my testimony as a witness. On November 15, 2019, I asked for a prayer for offspring for my daughter Magdalena and son-in-law Emil. Every 8th month I connected and continue to connect and support married couples asking for children in Matemblewo. On September 28, 2021, my husband and I found out that we would become grandparents, it was the most beautiful day in our lives, immense joy. On May 10, 2022, our beloved granddaughter Michalinka was born. Glory to the Lord and the Holy Mother for answered prayers and care for my grandchildren. God Bless! God Bless!. Grazyna


God bless. I wish to give my testimony. On December 21, 2021, I asked for prayers for children for Anna and Mariusz. On September 27, 2022, twins Magdalena and Mikołaj were born. The babies were born a bit early but everything is fine, we are waiting for them to leave the hospital. Glory to the Lord and the Blessed Mother for answered prayers and taking care of the little ones. God bless you for your prayer. Ursula


My husband and I wanted a baby very much. When we did basic research after a year and a half, no cause was found. I decided to say the Pompeian Novena – an irresistible prayer. Sometimes my husband accompanied me during the prayer. About six months after saying the Pompeian Novena, it turned out that I was pregnant. It is a miracle for us. Even at that time, I was under such stress that I was telling my husband that under such stress I would not get pregnant. We were so happy … Our Lady was so present in all this. Our Miracle Dawid is eighteen months old and is a real living silverware, although there were difficulties in pregnancy and after giving birth to our son, now I know that it is our prayed gift. God works miracles. He is Great and can do anything. Praise Him for that! Ewelina


God bless, I would like to share with you our story and the miracle that happened in our lives. My husband and I tried to get offspring for 4 years, and it was not easy, because I lost my ovary and my husband had poor semen test results. We went to the clinic where they offered me a scouting procedure to see if there were any adhesions etc. I waited for over half a year. In the meantime, I found out about the entrustment to Jasna Góra and I traveled with my mother on the first Saturdays of the month – it was a wonderful feeling to be there every time I felt inner peace. A week before the surgery, I got the flu and I treated myself quickly so that they wouldn’t postpone the surgery again. And so, lying in bed in the morning, my mother comes and says that she had a dream, she dreamed about Mary and says .. Paulina is pregnant! When I heard that, I laughed at my mother aaa what are you talking about it is impossible, but after a long reflection I always told her that she has some “forums” up there, because she always dreams of everything and she will ask in prayer .. the next day I say what’s up I will do this test and when I looked at the test I was literally stunned by 2 lines! I was very happy, but my happiness did not last very long … I had a miscarriage in early pregnancy. It was a huge blow. My husband and I tried to continue, but 2 years have passed and I was still thinking why this is happening to me, it hurts so much to see happy mothers with prams and their babies, my heart broke when we were sitting at the family table with little babies and in my thoughts I dreamed that there would be also and my baby .. I felt that my prayers and prayers were in vain, there were various thoughts in my head, that I was at fault, that it was the first and the last time, that since she said that it worked, it was difficult, I decomposed my mother’s sleep into prime factors anyway My husband – a less believer, seeing that he was completely unable to cope with it, stated that we should try insemination, at first I approached this topic reluctantly, but after some time I decided to try and so we tried 3 treatments, of course with a failure. My psyche was crashing down, I felt that I couldn’t cope with it. The nights were often crying. Going on my trust I realized that it must be like that and I have to come to terms with it. Come on, it’s so difficult.One day a friend told me that she had a similar problem and told me to say a novena to Saint Joseph and so I did nothing, I do it 100% with faith and hope When I was praying the novena I felt otherwise so strangely calm ending the novena I realized that I should have menstruation, and the day after the novena ended, I did the test and started to cry when I saw 2 beautiful lines on it. The pregnancy was going very well and the delivery was all the time provided by providence in advance. My Zosia is 2 months old in a week and she is a wonderful creature and I am a very happy mother who would like to thank you every day for this miracle! My testimony is an appeal to never give up and fight to the end because it is true that faith works miracles.


My husband and I were trying to get a baby for 4 years, several dozen visits to various doctors, a lot of humiliating, various examinations and nothing else. I was taking it very badly mentally, I was starting to get bitter and I didn’t like my life, my husband always said that it would be fine and that without the baby we would be happy too, but I didn’t believe it … . For four years I was looking for the cause of failure, I found that I would do everything to make it succeed. Of course, infertility doctors had already proposed invitro, which my husband and I wanted to avoid. At work, I made friends with a girl who used to be in the Catholic community, we started talking about the faith that I had lost a bit in recent years. My dear friend prayed for me. She told me about the Pompeian Novena, I tried to say it, I am stubborn, and despite the initial difficulties in starting the Novena, I was able to say the whole thing. When the doctors offered us invitro, because I had very few ova (which made me even more stressed), I kept looking for the cause of my failure and found an article on Natural Killers on the Internet – these are cells that every human has to fight cancer in the first place, but how you have too many of them in your blood and they kill the embryos. To flush some of them out of your body you need to take an Intralipid drip and we did it! In addition, I had the pai factor which makes implantation of the embryo difficult. Knowing that I have very few eggs, after a happy birth and the end of breastfeeding, I did the test and it turned out that I had more eggs than before, which is not possible, but still! In the meantime, I was praying two more novena every day crying with happiness. We wanted a second baby right away and were able to get pregnant again with no problem! All is well. I recommend everyone to love God and Mary, because they are perfect they gave us a perfect son, then a daughter, writing this I cry with happines.


On May 6th, our third longed-for baby daughter, Karolinka Maria, was born. This is our third child. We have our first daughter, Juleczka, in Heaven. Our second daughter, Faustina, our longed-for gift, is growing healthy and on November 7 she will be 3 years old. Therefore, we wanted very much VERY STRONG THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORT IN PRAYER Beloved, Merciful, Most Dear Most Magnificent God, heard the prayer and gave us wonderful children. GOD IS WONDERFUL! Beloved, remember us in our prayers, we also remember about you in our daily prayers. Best regards, Joanna and Piotr


My name is Andrzej and this is my wife Ewa. We would like to experience with you our experience of the grace of God’s offspring. It will be some very personal thoughts. In September this year, we had the 19th anniversary of our marriage. Our daughter Dominika turned 3 months ago. How can you count on 18 years of marriage, the Lord has given us offspring. Although we’ve been trying to get them for about 15 years. And, perversely, I think we needed to mature to become an adult. Those years, it was a struggle for me to deal with emotions when we met friends with children. Was it a time to run away into solitude, a time to ask God if he had forgotten us? Time to lose hope. It was also difficult for me to agree that we do not have children. There was a lot of rebellion in me and such earnestly asking God for children. Such stubbornness in this request. It was many years, but most of all, but most importantly, it was the treatment that ended 7 years ago, we adopted it in the later years in which we reached, and we also had more years and children. At that time, I was going to ask God for joy in the life they gave me, without children, about the fact that I have no children, about agreeing that I do not have children, for accepting that there are no children once. I would like to add that we have already turned 40, so we would have to download it, that we are without children, but now we receive the Lord’s prayer for and I am more and more ready to say that “if there is our Will”. I will say because of this time this time, just such maturation in faith God gave, which touches, such data gave to keep, e.g.a soothing experience of silence, the beauty of nature, music, going skiing, cycling, mountains, traveling and many, many moments with our nephews and godchildren, when we could taste parenthood, taking care of them, accepting their love and giving them ours. The year 2021, despite external circumstances, just like we all experienced covid, turned out to be a year of grace for us, in which we managed to visit Mary Częstochowa twice, we went south and went one way and the other. Additionally, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and Róża Czacka were blessed. The beatification mass was a special time for me to ask for a miracle. I have always had words in the back of my head that the time of beatification is a time of special grace. And during this Mass, I also asked for intercession for us, and I believe that Cardinal Wyszyński helped us. As for Róża Czacka, I would like to add that I was very touched by the fact that despite the fact that she lost her eyesight and later lost it, she had joy and was happy to help others, so I also asked for such joy in our not having offspring. On November 8, here in Matemblewo, during our prayer meeting, Fr. Andrzej said: “I am asking you to touch those people who lost hope, who, by waiting for the desirable offspring, fell into depression, emotional difficulties, I am asking you to touch all these marriages with your healing.” there is no hope in me. On November 10, 2021, two days later, my wife did the test and there were two lines. I thought it’s not possible, the test is probably out of date. Many thoughts were still running through my mind then, but I remember that I also cried. And they were tears of joy. As you can see, I am a very sensitive person, I worry about many things. During my pregnancy, God said to me many times, “Andrzej, trust me! I look after you. ” When I found out that I was pregnant, I enjoyed it very much today, now without looking into the future, what will happen and after giving birth, after she was bornour daughter, I can see that God has given us grace despite the enormous medicine that was in us. Which we may have even realized later and our obvious weaknesses. Many times I entrusted this matter to God saying “Jesus, take care of it!”. In our difficulties, we asked for the intercession of the saints. I had such saints of mine that I asked for and that really strengthened us on our way. Yes, maybe in short, because it could be said for a long time, but we are glad that God has given us children. Praise God! Two more thoughts from me, what I want to share, is that God was also present through pregnancy through our deceased relatives who recently passed away, such priest Kazimierz Kubacki, who gave us the wedding, and our close person Agata, who just died in 2021 . We also felt their support. And I would like to add that our parish priest Andrzej from Matemblewo, because we are parishioners, has not lost hope and I think that his Faith and prayer as well as the prayers of many other people, because we also experienced this, we just found out during pregnancy how many people also prayed for us, whom in We did not know at all that these prayers were answered, so also were people with rosary roses. And our parish priest often repeats. It is up to Mary to have the last sentence. Praise the Lord!


God bless. I promised myself and God, so I would like to share with you the testimony of how God made us parents once again. I gave birth to my first son in 2011. I had no problems getting pregnant. He is a very sensitive, beloved young boy who really wanted to have siblings.When a child appeared among family or friends, he would always ask us when he would have a brother or sister. We started our efforts for another offspring about 7 years ago. At the beginning, I ran to the pharmacy every now and then for a pregnancy test, hoping that it was definitely successful this time. Unfortunately, weeks, months, and then years passed, and still nothing … until 2018. February – we were supposed to go on vacation then, my period was late, so I did the test, 2 lines came out, joy mixed with fear and anxiety. On the day of going on vacation, I wanted to make sure with the doctor that it was true, unfortunately I left the office crying because the doctor did not find anything on the ultrasound and said it was an ectopic pregnancy. Tests, subsequent visits to another doctor, unfortunately in the 6th week, it turned out that the fetus was there, but the heart was not beating. The doctor said that only prayer and a miracle were left, unfortunately … I had a miscarriage. Despair … More months passed, more efforts. When our son asked about siblings, we explained to him that we would like to, but that we cannot always have and must be prepared for it. He claimed to understand. In 2020, my husband began to feel very bad, in June we received terrible news – type 1 diabetes, hospital stay, insulin, stinging several times a day. The chances of having another child decreased. We both came to the conclusion that it is difficult, if God wants, we will have children, if not, then this is His Will. I remember when I asked my husband that maybe we would adopt a child, his reaction pleased me very much because he asked if I really thought about it, that he also thought about it. We decided to give ourselves one more year. 2021 has come and, like every year, I went to the gynecologist for a checkup. I remember that during the ultrasound I was soaked with the thought that maybe soon your gynecologist would tell me that I was pregnant, but nothing like that happened, the doctor said that I was in the ovulation cycle. After researching and listening to my story, she decided that my husband and I needed research. She commissioned me to start with 14 different hormonal tests. I returned home and decided that I would not go for tests right away, but I would give myself a month and it turned out that my period was late again, I did the test – I showed my husband 2 beautiful clear lines, he was disbelieving, he bought another and another 2 clear lines, he said that he would believe visiting a doctor. When I was on the visit, I immediately heard my heartbeat … from the very beginning, however, I had such an inner peace of mind that everything would be fine, that I should not worry, God assured me at every step that I should be calm that I would give birth … The date was set for December 26 … the child was positioned in the buttocks, tried to rotate but unfortunately to no avail, the emperor was appointed on December 17. On December 8, on the day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I felt sick, I got a CTG for examination at 11:30, and at 12:00 at the Hour of Grace I started praying the Rosary, I was in the hospital and my mother was in the car waiting for me, I was lying for an hour hooked up to the CTG and on the ultrasound it turned out that the baby was there, according to the doctors it would be impossible. I know a miracle has happened. The holidays passed quietly, God had His plan and on my mother’s birthday, January 2, 2022, our second son came quickly and happily into the world. Lord God, I thank You for everything You have done for us. Małgorzata


God bless.The year has just passed since our little, great miracle happened. A year ago, at this time, my big dream came true, or I feel like I’m on removal. For me, it was not such an ordinary pregnancy, it was a gift from God. On March 22 this year, a beautiful boy, Pawełek, was born. Paweł has a brother, Mateusz, who is 12 years older than him. For many years my husband and I tried for a second child. Twelve years were wrestling when there were falls. Why so many tears and prayers? And it happened, in the meantime I managed to get pregnant. Joy, disbelief, you wanted to shout to the whole world “it worked”! Unfortunately, tears, in the first time our little heart stopped beating, a miscarriage. We suffered great loss in our heart to this day, let us hear this little heart, which, although it lived so shortly, would steal our exclusive love. So we have three children but one is waiting for us in Heaven.
Years passed, Mateusz became a teenager, and still nothing here. Treatments, tests and nothing breaks. However, my husband and I did not break down, we made more attempts and prayed earnestly. With the impulse of our hearts, we directed our prayers to John Paul II and to Blessed Alicja Kotowska, who is so irreplaceable in our family. Today I also know that St. Józef was also our solid support. An unforgettable point of transition for us was also the state in Matemblewo during adoration for married couples who want children. Then I went to the hospital. I was diagnosed with an obstruction in the left fallopian tube. I am asking God why? Is this the end? I picked up the gauntlet and fought, telling to myself this one last time, last chance, and I give up. A month after the surgery to open the fallopian tube, I got pregnant. The same love that bound us together as a marriage for better and for worse. After all, the pregnancy itself was quite a challenge for me, from the very beginning I had to be very careful, at a very fast pace. In the removal surgery I underwent a circular procedure, later covid, but Paweł endured it all and grew in defiance of the world. He was born on time, a healthy, big, strong boy. All this thanks to the constant flow of prayers that we poured out to Heaven.
In honor of St. John Paul II, we chose the name of our son Paweł, and the other name Józef, who watched over us discreetly, but effectively supported us. Thank you, Holy Mother, John Paul, Józef, Alicja and all the saints whom we flooded with prayers. Today I am a happy, fulfilled mother queen! Love, Magdalena


I wanted to share my testimony. We have tried for a child for a long time, we have been married for almost seven years. No medical examinations or results have given a definite answer as to what the cause was not to conceive a baby. Children were born all over the place and I suffered more and more every month, even though it seemed to me that I had accepted that I would not be a mother. And a year ago, I accidentally had to stay home longer (accident at work). It was then that I heard about the prayer in the Rosary about Our Lady of Matemblewo and about the miracles that work there. I signed up for the Rose and participated in the online prayer every month. Half a year has passed, only half a year in a patient prayer and a miracle happened, which today is 14 days old. It is a healthy, beautiful girl and is a prayed-for and a longed-for child. I believed until the end and my faith helped me. Faith and prayer work miracles, you just have to believe it. I will pray for all couples who are struggling with the problem of infertility. Aldona


Hello, I would like to share my testimony with you, thank God and my beloved Mother and the intercession of All Saints – our son has been with us for seven months. It all started in 2020, where on 27/12/ 20 I saw a wonderful second line on the test. My first visit to the doctor showed something amazing: two wonderful hearts! I started to think about the future how it would, it was a huge happiness- two treasures. The second visit did not last long, very quiet and the tears in the eyes of the doctor saying “the heart did not beat”. It is indescribable what was inside me … the worst two weeks. Waiting at home for a spontaneous abortion recommended by a doctor … The feeling that you have for your beloved two dead hearts in your belly and all the time a little hope that they would start beating. It did not happen, the hospital began surgery. Immediately after the operation complications arose when I wanted to return to work I got a haemorrhage. Again to hospital. Histopathological diagnosis results. Image of the initial phase of the angular moles … Immediately the doctor explained to me that it was the stage of pregnancy cancer. The world collapsed, measuring bthcg every week checking whether it was decreasing or normalizing, begging God for life . Beta decreased, after half a year I stopped examining but a fierce struggle for my psyche started, total chaos in my head, hormones, fear of other diseases, going to doctors all the time other ailments, various prayers, novena, lying cross and praying . Here it got worse and worse, so almost a year has passed in October. I went with my husband and mother to Częstochowa, there we gave ourselves to our beloved Mother of God. In November I went to a therapist, total dedication to God – I repeated myself every day I was all God’s, they were good months full of life, hope and joy. In March 2021 the 2-line test !!! BLESS THE LORD, I knew then that this time I would succeed because it would be as God wanted it to be, moreover, I did not think about a miscarriage. I was thinking about the new life in me. The pregnancy was going wonderfully, the baby was healthy, the delivery was approaching planned for December 4-7. November 4 I had a visit where everything was going super- little 2600 weighed everything well. After the visit my husband went shopping, I stayed when suddenly I saw water with a huge amount of blood. I was saying ” Jesus, you take care of it, please, I trust you with all my heart”. I went quickly to the hospital for the examination. I felt my little son’s movements and I spoke to God,” if you want him for yourself, let it be done, but if it is possible, I beg for his life”. I heard a heartbeat, there was a pulse, quickly in a wheelchair, straight to the Caesarean section. Our Beloved Miracle Emilek appeared in 9 minutes. The doctors said that if we were not close to the hospital then it would be too late for my son and me. Our premature baby was brave and strong, despite his temporary stay in the ward. I was allowed to see him only 1h a day, they were hard three days. After 8 days we returned home and thanks God and our Beloved Mother, our life was filled with love of our little Emilek who today is 7 months old. GLORY TO THE LORD


We got married with the intention of enlarging the family. Nothing happened for six months. In May, I went to the doctor. He examined the cysts and said that it would not be easy to get pregnant. After some time I went again but in a private visit, it turned out that it was not the cysts, but the lack of ovulation, which made it impossible for me to get pregnant. 3-month treatment with drugs for ovarian patency, then drugs for ovulation. In October it was successful – two lines on the test. Unearthly joy and prayers. The whole pregnancy was carried out perfectly- little Franek grew up in my belly until the 38th week. On June 17 in the morning my stomach was hard, I went to the doctor quickly. The heart did not beat. I thought I was dreaming. I couldn’t believe it. In the hospital it was confirmed that the little one was dead, the heart was not beating. I had to give birth naturally on June 18. Breakdown, postpartum depression lasted two weeks. The worst thing when a mother has to watch a child being put in a grave in an elegant white coffin – it was not meant to be like that … I recovered. Check-up by a doctor after 6 weeks. He ordered to wait for pregnancy up to 3 months after giving birth. It was successful 2.5 months after. Two dashes. Prayers. Masses for God’s blessing for the whole family. The head of the hospital was in charge of the pregnancy. We were happy when the baby was kicking, and we measured the heart’s beating with the detector. When something was worrying, he referred me to a specialist hospital for checkups. From 35th week of KTG every three days. In 37th week, the pressure at night jumped to 140 /100 quickly, and the hospital there was diagnosed with gestational hypertension. One week in hospital and at week 38th on 13th our little girl LENKA was born. We thank God with all our hearts for giving us children and we can rejoice every day of our consolation. Such a tiny miracle is rewarding for everything. It is worth fighting and not breaking down


I wanted to share our testimony: Both my husband and I have been trying for a child since 2018. I got pregnant quite quickly, but unfortunately in 8th week during the visit I found out that the baby’s heart does not beat. It shocked us, but we did not break down, I did not stop praying. I got pregnant again, but the story ended the same, in 10th week. I felt a lot of regret, sadness, but I knew that Jesus is next to us, He supports us and He just has His own plans for us. We really wanted to find out why these miscarriages were happening and implement the treatment. While waiting for an appointment with specialists, God decided otherwise. I found a wonderful confessor who told me that I should trust God with all my heart in this matter. It just happened. I didn’t go to see the doctor, where two lines appeared on the test. I felt a great peace in my heart, I trusted the Lord completely. In the meantime, I learned about the Sunday service at Our Lady of Pregnancy in Gdańsk Matemblewo, where I entrusted this little Baby to Her. Throughout my pregnancy, we went to these services every Sunday. I know that God uses people, the doctor with whom I treated my pregnancies immediately chose the correct medicines. The night before giving birth, I dreamed of St. Padre Pio, so that on September 23 ( the day of his memory) our little miracle Leon was born. I believe that he will be his patron throughout his life. Sandra


We have been trying to get a second child for almost 5 years. All the tests were fine so we asked Mary for Her intercession in the Pompeian Novena. A year ago, in May, we prayed for the enlargement of our family. We wanted a sibling for our older son. In June I was participating for the first time in the prayer for children in Matemblewo. It was online transmission. In the second meeting personalny, during a prayer, I heard the words of the priest saying “There is a woman with us, who does not know yet that she is expecting a baby”. I thought that the next couple would be happy to have a child, although in my heart, I believed that it could be me. Then 4 days later it turned out that I was pregnant ! We are still grateful to God for the grace that He sent us. The older son
(7 years old) loves his little brother, who will be 4 months on July 12,very much. We are so grateful to God for our family and I believe that in a moment another couple will be happy to enlarge the family. God bless you for the prayers in that intention.


My story is drawn like this: in 2019 I started praying the Pompeian Novena, for the gift of children. After 4 weeks it turned out that I had become pregnant after many attempts. In 5th week I had a miscarriage, then the attempts to have the pregnancy went out. I went to the doctors and they said that it would be ok, but 3 years and nothing. Finally, a year ago I came to Poland on vacation and went to the clinic for tests with my husband and myself, the doctor said that I had polycystic ovaries. We waited for the husband’s tests … It turned out that the husband had a negligible amount of sperm, possibility to have offsprings -only invitro. We went back to Poland with my husband, another holiday, I prayed the Pompeian Novena and every 8th day of the month I tried to be in prayer. We went to Białka Tatrzańska, it was ugly weather, I thought that we would go to the trampolines, my husband, skeptical about the weather, said he wanted to stay in. I was a bit angry so he agreed to go out. The road led us to the Holy Mother in Ludźmierz, I knelt in front of the painting and asked for the gift of a child. I looked at Mother and saw a smile, I heard “be calm” inside. At the end of August, we returned to Germany, where we live, I did the test, 2 lines came out … I was afraid, I went to the doctor who said that I conceived on August 15! On April 26, our daughter Anastasia Maria was born for the Glory of the Lord and Mary. I am praying for you for the gift of children. Lukrecja


Praised be Jesus Christ! We want to introduce Krzyś to you. Krzyś is 8 and a half months old now. We have a beautiful, healthy, strong and cheerful son.
He doesn’t cry when he doesn’t have to – I hope he will never have to. This is my husband Rafał and my name is Ania. Rafał is 48 years old and I am 47 years old. God has given us a great grace. We got married 8 years ago, we started trying for a child 2.5 years later. We lost our youth for various reasons mainly because of concentrating on our professional matters to gain everything in life. Finally, when we dreamed about a family with children, it turned out that it was not easy. We started using naprotechnology shortly after our daughter Krysia was conceived. Unfortunately, she died before she was born. She has a grave, as each child can be buried- you can even give him/her a name. We found out all about it from our doctor, a wonderful man who never told us it was too late and never sent us back, but tried to help a lot. After the miscarriage, it was getting worse. My results were tragic, it was very difficult for us, and the doctors began to offer us more and more aggressive treatment and tests which could have negative consequences on our health. In the meantime, a pandemic broke out, many centres were closed and we were not happy about walking around hospitals. We slowly began to lose hope. This aggressive treatment did not appeal to us either,so we did not undertake it. It was very hard for us.
One morning in the church, I told God that it was already beyond my strength, that it was already a matter for Him, that what a man could do, we did. I also told God that if I am not to be a mother, I am asking for the strength to accept this situation.
It was also a time when I had a very difficult time at work, I slept 4-5 hours a day. And then Krzyś was conceived, in human’s point of view- impossible. The pregnancy was great, without any complications, we did not do any prenatal tests, because you cannot choose in God’s gifts, we would accept any child God would give us, whether healthy or sick, and we would love him/her the same.In addition to that, God gave us a wonderful doctor, a retired experienced gynecologist who welcomed us very warmly and ran the entire pregnancy. Krzyś was born in the 40th week. This doctor voluntarily went to the hospital and talked to the doctors working there about my situation. He took care of my pregnancy, the whole thing, in fact, he didn’t have to do it. By a strange coincidence, I got CTG connected later than usual- but coincidence is God’s middle name. Suddenly Krzyś’s pulse began to weaken, it was necessary to give birth immediately. God saved this child, otherwise Krzyś might not have survived. After Krzyś was born, a nurse brought him to me. The nurse and I started talking, it turned out that she was our neighbour who lived a few houses away. It was a woman from my dream, when it was not known yet whether there would be a boy or a girl, I had such a dream: a dark-haired nurse brings me a baby and in this dream I ask her who it is? And she says: “This is Krzyś” and here- there is Krzyś! God chose his name. Krzyś means “bringing God” and we hope that in his life Krzyś will bring God to many people. Moreover, God gave me the grace that after giving birth I could ,and still can, feed in a natural way, it does not happen at my age, young mothers often have a problem with it. During pregnancy, during childbirth and during miscarriage, God has surrounded us with the people who really love us, especially my mother and sister, whom I want to thank very much for their care and love. Many people prayed for a child for us: families but also strangers and consecrated people. Many people prayed, even when strangers saw me during pregnancy, they prayed for me, they prayed for Krzyś and they do it until now.
The power of intercessory prayer is tremendous!
Our adventure with Matemblewo began 3 years ago, in May. We were here for the first time after a miscarriage and we came back several times. We also participated in prayers for the gift of children. When we could not do it personally, we tried to follow the reports on the Internet as much as possible. It is here in Matemblewo, at the feet of Our Lady of Pregnancy, under her miraculous statue, that I entrusted my unborn child to God through the hands of Our Lady.
I think that our whole story shows that for God everything is possible, that God forgives and hugs people who missed the best opportunities in their youth. God’s love is infinite, His gifts are abundant and the experience of His miracle throw us on our knees. God always leads us, you just need to give Him your hand.



God bless, I want to share with you the testimony of the miracle which happened in our life thanks to Our Lady and St. Joseph. We have been married for almost 8 years. 1.5 years after the wedding, I was diagnosed with my genetic disease, suddenly I became ill due to the severity of the disease,. I had to have an experimental treatment, which had the opposite effect than expected. The disease began to get worse, leading also to psychological disorders . After a few years, it began to withdraw, so we came back to our dreams – the desire of the awaited child. In March 2020, it was necessary to check the possibility to be a mother. I also started the spirital adoption in March, which I finished on December 24 of the same year. Due to the covid, the visit to the doctor was moved to July. What we heard was so shocking, full of hope! It was for first first time to hear we had a chance for a child! We could slowly start trying for the baby, being under the doctor’s care!All the time, however, we were afraid that the disease might come back, due to the withdrawal of certain medications, and our dream of having a child would once again fall into ruin. The efforts were prolonged. One day, while sitting in front of the image of the Mother of God, tears began to fall from me and there was such a great desire – I started the Pompeian Novena, asking Her to conceive a child, if it was God’s will . At the moment of the Novena, “by accident” I came across the PRAYER FOR THE OFFSPRINGS. Experiencing every Adoration and Holy Mass, I was filled with peace, hope and faith that God takes care of everything and He would give us this gift! I also finished the prayer on December 24. A few days after the end of my talking to God, shedding tears, I got the word opening the Book of 1 Samuel, it was a fragment titled “A Child Asked From God”. It was clear to me – I remained with the Lord, trusting Him.

With the New Year, I began a 33-day Novena to St. Joseph (we owe Him many favours for us). It was a very difficult, turbulent and sad month. I continued to pray, but due to the harder time, I did not expect that on the day of the end of the Novena, waiting for the period, it would be the longed for moment. I thought to take a test .. After the Holy Mass, giving everything to God, I saw two lines on the test! My son is currently over 3 months old! The disease has not returned, I am constantly under the care of a doctor who is waiting with great joy for more Treasures – miracles from Heaven. Glory be to God and the Holy Family! I thank God for the people we met on our way, doctors, people who prayed, friends and family. Thank you for praying in Mateblewo! The 2020 Christmas was one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced! I keep in my heart the spouses who are waiting for the miracle of their offspring – PLEASE STAY WITH ALMIGHTY GOD!


My offspring history is very difficult. Immediately after the wedding, my husband and I decided that we wanted offspring, we succeeded quickly, already in the first cycle of efforts. What a joy it was! Each ultrasound was a huge happiness, after the examination in 20th week we started to complete the baby’s items … unfortunately the second prenatal examination in 24th week: our daughter was dead, it was not known what happened … the child was born dead. What I experienced was such a shock for me that I did not believe it was really happening. Cry, despair, tears, but also hope … the doctors said that sometimes it happened and that we had to keep on fighting. Half a year after the death of the little one, I managed to get another pregnancy … fear, distancing … everything was fine until 23rd week … blood pressure, proteinuria, gestosis … together with my husband again we had to say goodbye to our next little miracle. I lost faith and hope … I blamed God for allowing this neglect, I also blamed myself for not staying longer in the hospital … I had to be treated psychiatrically.When I got better, we made another effort … unfortunately the biochemical pregnancy left us … we were still struggling … after some time we were pregnant for the 4th time … fear, helplessness paralyzed us every day … unfortunately from 17th week another fight for a little daughter … we travelled all over Poland to save her, but the doctors did not give a chance … at one point I said, “Lord, let your will be done, if our little baby is happier with you, let it be like that” our little daughter passed away at night after these words. Another dead born child at 24th week. After this death, I did not have the strength to be alive, but the only thing that changed was that I came closer to God. There was a lot of prayers, I prayed mainly that I would have the strength to just live, because at one point I had thoughts of suicide, I couldn’t cope with it. I prayed often and very earnestly, while praying I often heard a voice in my head, so that I would not give up, that I would have soon a child. It gave me strength, my husband and I started looking for doctors, help … we succeeded. After immunological treatment,there was another pregnancy -the 5th, but miscarried in 9th .. the doctors explained to us that I had a problem with correct placement of the placenta, I prayed constantly, 2 months after the last miscarriage, another pregnancy. I gave this pregnancy completely to God and the Holy Mother … now 28th of pregnancy in which miracles happen. At the beginning, the doctors did not give a chance, because the child was developing too slowly, the tests were performed every week, but at some point the little one made up for more than 2 weeks in 1 week, the doctors did not believe their eyes.Due to the fact that I had a problem with the flows in the uterine arteries, the doctors were skeptical about us. However, I prayed every day, I trust in the Lord. At the last visit, we agreed that the child would be born after the 1st May weekend. My son weighs over 1 kg. This pregnancy is a miracle, no doubt. I believe that at the beginning of May our life changes and that God will reward us for everything. You can’t give up. We should believe and trust, and the Lord knows what is the best for us. Milena


We came to the Sanctuary in Matemblewo a bit by accident. Wasn’t it the action of the Holy Spirit? We live in Warsaw, but we have a family in Gdańsk, so we come here several times a year. For the first time, we the chance to visit the Sanctuary when we became Godparents to our cousin’s chid. We were charmed by the place. In this way the Sanctuary started to be the main point during our visiting Gdańsk. We have been a married couple with almost four years of experience. During this time, we experienced four losses. During the treatment at the naprotechnologist ward, we came to the Sancturary and, traditionally, we went to the statue of Our Lady praying that “it would be nice to come here next year with a pram” and become not only godparents but just parents. A few days after making the test, my wife found out she was pregnant. Praying through the intercession of Our Lady in Matemblewo, we waited for the next medical tests. As with each month of pregnancy, the other results made sure everything was fine. Our son was born in January. For us it is a Miracle, long awaited, prayed for. Thanks be to God and Mary!


It’s been two years of our common prayer now and who would have thought! I would like to share with you my testimony. I took up the prayer for parents who long for children because my husband and I couldn’t have offsprings. I will not describe what we felt every month without any success in trying to have a baby, especially when the tests proved that my husband was not fertile. After several years we decided to start adopting procedure. In May, we received acceptance. In December I had the third Part of the Holy Rosary: Joyful Mysteries-The Nativity of Jesus Christ.While saying the intention on the 8th day of the month I thought;” Maybe someone will appear in our family”. On December 14, I asked for a perpetual Holy Mass for a person I once hurt in the past, as a form of my penance and redress. I also listened to a sermon by Father Dominik Chmielewski, in which he said to be thankful for everything, even if it seems absurd to us.
At the Mass on 15th December I thanked God sincerely for the first time and asked for a sign so that I would not doubt. I was surprised when, after leaving the church, I saw a missed call on my mobile phone from the adoption centre … My son has been with us since December 30, due to covid we had to wait two weeks for him (because the plan was that he would be with us for Christmas 🙂. He is a beautiful, happy and a healthy boy. When he came to us, he was just over a year old. We took him from the centre exactly at the hour of Mercy. He does not cause any problems – he sleeps well, has an appetite, he can be hugged and kissed. In addition, everyone claims that he is similar to my husband. It is our miracle that we have received from God. Praise the Lord!



Praise The Lord! For some time I have wanted to share my testimony of God’s help and Mary’s protection in my life. I met my husband while praying the Pompeian Novena for a “good husband”. We got married in June 2019.Three months later I got pregnant for the first time. At the end of November 2019, I had to say goodbye to my unborn child, who I named Anielka. Exactly 3 months after my loss, I went to hospital ward with an ovarian cyst. Before the surgery, I begged the doctors that I could still have children. The operation “succeeded”, however the doctor explained he had to cut out the ovary (I was told that a few weeks later). At the beginning of January 2020, I joined The Rosary Rose and persisted in prayer, I also prayed the new Pompeian Novena. In the meantime, I had a treatment by the method of naprotechnology with a wonderful doctor and, moreover I met an amazing exorcist priest, who deepened my faith. During the treatment, I got pregnant for the second time, but after a while I had to say goodbye to my child again. I asked Holy Mary to show me my unborn children. Not long after I had a dream in which I saw a laughing girl and a younger boy. I knew they were my babies – they were saved and they were in Heaven with God. I named the second unborn child Tomasz. I was praying by online broadcasts of Holy Mass from Matemblewo. When death marches began in Poland (women for abortion), I also prayed for these women. I did not know then that a new life was developing under my heart. I did the pregnancy test on December 8 and I already knew that Holy Mary took the child under Her protection. During the difficult pregnancy (I was taking a lot of medicines to support the life of the child), I anointed the child with St. Charbel’s oil, I prayed for a good birth to St. Loyola. On August 18, 2021, I gave birth to a daughter – Maria. Today I know that nothing is impossible for God. I thank Him for everything we received from Him


Soon in the world, on May 8, on the feast of Our Lady of Pompeii, our daughter Maria will appear in the world. The history of this pregnancy and efforts from the very beginning is very difficult and you could say that it was a miracle … this testimony can be divided into three parts what has happened from the beginning of the efforts, but I will focus on what is it now If it weren’t for prayer and our faith, I don’t know if I would be carrying Mary under my heart now. Everything indicated that the cycle would be unsuccessful. Negative test, and on the following day, menstruation for 7 days. Bleeding again in a week. I called my doctor, who deals with naprotechnology, and he ordered me to come to the appointment right away, because maybe some cyst burst, since pregnancy was not possible as the menstruation ended a week ago. I arrived and after a while he said that there was a baby in the very corner of the uterus. We were both surprised .. because how did this pregnancy survived such long and heavy bleeding? The heart wasn’t beating yet, but he said everything looked fine. He sent me for observation to the hospital to see if the baby was actually developing properly. But there were doubts as to whether life was still there. The bleeding continued but my faith that this baby would grow beautifully, I went to the hospital, where I spent a week. I came to the ward, where immediately my pregnancy was crossed off. He said that when it was bleeding, it was for sure nothing …” that if it is like this until tomorrow, he will take me for cleaning not to infect my body by the dead baby … I was terribly afraid. But all the time, despite my fear, I believed that this baby would be alive. I have already started another Pompeian Novena. The next day the bleeding stopped a bit. But the doctor kept saying that there was nothing to wait for .. good that he was not to make decisions, because he would probably take me to the operation theatre right away. The head physician made the decision, but the greatest decision was made by God.The pregnancy result went down … which always looks like a miscarriage. But on the 4th day in the hospital, the doctor who wanted to clean me saw a beating heart. His surprise was great, and each time when he examined me, I only mentally prayed to Holy Mary . They let us go home. Unfortunately, the bleeding appeared constantly and constantly … so strong that I just said on the way to the hospital “let Your will be done”. In the Novena, I started to pray that the bleeding would finally stop, because I could not stand it anymore. It stopped in a while. In addition, it turned out that there were to be twins and hence the decrease in the pregnancy hormone and these bleeding, as the second pregnancy wanted to get out. But with such profuse bleeding, the doctor said it was a miracle .. that it was not possible that Marysia was alive and we still could hear her heart. Thanks to prayer, the bad time is over. Our hearts are full of gratitude for what we have gone through, that we had the strength to bear it and that Maria is a healthy girl under my heart. I know one thing for sure. It is worth fighting to the very end, not giving up in prayer despite the difficulties and adversities. You will found out that at the end there is a reward, the only and unique one made out of Love. Life is a gift and it depends only on God.


We have been trying to have a child for about 7 years. God led us through a very difficult path, which I think, despite a sorrow, brought us closer to each other. Unfortunately, we wanted a child so much that we underwent an invitro procedure, insemination that failed. I would like to mention that I was a religious person, but I don’t think I fully felt it. However, something happened that changed my whole life, it was my faith. The day I found out that the invitro procedure failed, I had an accident,unfortunately a man died. I couldn’t cope with it, I only stand up thanks to God, my grandmother’s prayer and her words that God gave this man on my way to pray for him here on the earth till the end of my life. It all changed my soul, my relationship with God, and in a special way also with Holy Mary, who became my protector, my friend, my beloved Mum. I handed Her everything. We rejected medical treatments. We found our parentage in adoption. It is something beautiful and wonderful. After this event, I prayed a Pompeian Novena, a Novena to Saint Joseph, I went to services to Saint Rita. Many hours of prayers and adoption was surprisingly quick, which is unbelievable in these times, but I know it is thanks to Holy Mary. Three months after my adoption, I found out that I was pregnant. MIRACLE. Another Miracle. This is something incredible. So many years of effort, a lot of doctors saying your pregnancy is not possible, and Mary changed everything in the blink of an eye. You must never lose hope, everything must be entrusted to God. Today we have our two children and this is a real Miracle from Heaven.


A year ago, I found out that I was pregnant. We had tried for the first pregnancy for a long time, for the second one even longer. A year ago, in January, I came across the Prayer for Offspring on Facebook and I stayed here, prayed for a second child. Then for a happy delivery and health for us, now I pray for other couples. Franciszek is 4 months old today. My friends laughed that I was so organized that I wrote the exact date of my childbirth in my calendar. Well, I just knew that my baby would be born on the 8th of the month ! Praise the Lord!


No children in a family means immense suffering. However, it is getting better and better to see hope every year. The number of pregnancy tests those negative ones just countless. I have had 7 years of trying and suffering. 7 years of anger at people, family, husband and God! 7 years of marital failures, hurting each other. My prayer was similar to Jesus prayer before His death – “Lord God, I am asking you for the gift of my motherhood, I am begging you, but not mine but Your will be done”. My throat tightened on these words and tears were in my eyes. Now, from the retrospection, when the feet of two little babies are walking next to me, I know that God’s plan is perfect. It’s not easy in human life, but it’s better for us! The Lord was preparing me for the toil of upbringing precisely through the suffering of 7 years of childlessness. I wish you to establish a relationship with God, based on the answers to the most frequently asked question: why me?


12 years of efforts, 8 losses around the 9th week … All during the visits to the best specialists … We finally knew that the problem was immunology, but the therapies also did not bring any effect … In March 2020, I joined the Rosary Rose .. In July it turned out that I was pregnant again, I was asking everybody for prayer … I mostly felt fear, but when in the 10th week on the ultrasound the doctor said that the pregnancy was going well and the baby was alive, I knew that it was a miracle for us and it is still a miracle … I wish all of you longing for a child such miracles in the New Year.


We would like to share with you the history and the miracle that happened in my life. From the very beginning of our marriage, we wanted to enlarge our family. Unfortunately, as time was passing by we were told that being a mum and a dad was not possible in our case. The following years passed, all of our friends had children, I could see pregnancies of other women and feel the pain that we could not experience this joy. Hundreds of kilometres travelled, many, many, tons of drugs, months of hard work on diets and prayers without any results. We prayed to the Saints, begging for help. Silence. Just two of us me and my husband desiring for a baby. Earlier this year, following very invasive naprotechnology terms, I came across an article that featured Saint Joseph and the 30-day Novenna to His Honour..It was said:”when everything fails and even the Pompeian Novenna does not help – turn to Saint Joseph because He will find the way if it is GOD’s will”. I found that I was not losing anything and from February 1 to March 3, I conscientiously prayed the Novenna. Something changed during that time, I didn’t feel any tense , just inexplicable peace. My husband and I decided on the adoption procedure. On March 3, which is the last day of the Novenna, I got my period and for the first time I did not cry that I had failed again. I did not know that the menstruation begins the cycle in which, I got pregnant. Due to the fact that I kept a protechnological fashion card, the conception took place on March 19, on the feast of Saint Joseph. Success on my results was unbelievable for my doctors. The entire pregnancy was not book-like. I had a hematoma and I had to lie down. In 28th week I started to feel baby movements less. I went to the hospital in Siedlce. The diagnosis knocked us off our feet. Severe hypotrophy and poor flows. Every day in my belly mattered for the baby. I was taken to the hospital in Bielany in Warsaw. Daily ktg and ultrasound. Fight for each day for our child. It was only possible to survive the pregnancy for over a week. On Wednesday (Wednesday is the day of the week dedicated to Saint Joseph), on October 6th, 29th week + 6, Józio Staś was born with a weight of only 750g. The fight for his life and health began. A prayer was stormed to heaven for our family . We begged for prayer all the convents of Saint Joseph. We thanked for every breath of Józio, for every millilitre of milk drunk and ingested by the intestines, for every gram of weight gain, for the moment of disconnecting from the probe, for leaving the incubator and for returning home. We spent 2 months in the hospital. Almost every important event in Józio’s life took place on Wednesday, which is the day dedicated to Saint Joseph. Currently, Józio is very well, weighs over 2 kg, is already at home with us and is a real proof that nothing is impossible for God and that Saint Joseph gives more than we ask for. With this testimony, we thank you Saint Joseph.


Praised be Jesus Christ! After 3 years of trying for a second baby, examinations, treatment with naprotechnology methods, many prayers, shortly after entrusting our family to the Mother of God, we were blessed with grace and I got a longed-for and awaited pregnancy. Unfortunately, in the 14th week of pregnancy, the baby died, and the cause has not been found. I found myself in the hospital on Ash Wednesday, and the time of Lent was the most difficult for us in our entire life. We had the “way of the cross”, together with Our Lady and Jesus. We gave this suffering to God as His mystery. The only way to survive was to pray and try to live in such a way as to please God. The Resurrection of the Lord on Easter Sunday was hope for us. On May 1, during the May service, the priest said that this month you can ask for many favours. On May 2, I had a dream about the Risen Lord Jesus, I saw Him like in the picture:” Jesus, I trust in You”, He was floating over the green spring forest and said: “You will be heard”. Next week we went with our 6-year-old daughter to Holy Mary. I felt that after these difficult events I had to go there, just like a child comes to his mother’s house when he wants to talk about difficult matters. We ordered a Holy Mass with the intention of conceiving a child and the happy time of the pregnancy and termination – it turned out that the first available date would be May 13. I strongly believed that the date of the apparitions in Fatima and the attack on the beloved John Paul II, when the Mother of God was leading the bullet, was not accidental and perhaps the Mother of God will also lead our case. Two months earlier, in March, when I was experiencing these very difficult moments, with a pencil, I marked a fragment of the Holy Bible about the bush and the vine that gave me a light of hope I should abide in Christ. During our Mass, just this fragment was read on May 13. Soon after, I dreamed of John Paul II, praying the Rosary for us, and I felt warm; I woke up for a moment. Dreams were very unusual for me because I had never had such dreams before. On May 26, Mother’s Day, I assumed that conception had taken place. It happened about two weeks earlier, that is, exactly on May 13. The tears of emotion appeared when it turned out that the Lord of God had consoled us. We persevered in prayer, thanked every day for the favours received and tried to follow the paths leading to the Lord. We have entrusted our prayers to the intercession of the Saints. We went to Holy Mary to thank and ask for Her care . On February 9, 2021, our son was happily born. We want to thank for the gifts we have received with all our lives, we trust in the intercession of the Mother of God and we praise the majesty of our Lord.


God bless + I wanted to write so many times and I think it is the perfect time. We are with my husband 2.5 years after the wedding. We’ve been trying to have a baby for about two years. It was hard: crying, constant examinations and visits to more and more doctors. A lot of common prayer and often inner regret on my part and a feeling of emptiness in myself. I dreamed about these two magic lines on the pregnancy test, and unfortunately there was no such thing … Continuous examinations, diseases and weaker hope for offspring. Under the pillow I had an envelope with prayers for the intercession of many Saints. We joined the Rosary Rose, I took up the Pompeian Novena (the evil one mixed up a lot and it was a really hard time in life and work, but we managed to finish the novena), we were in Częstochowa and many holy places asking for the gift of children. In March, I undertook the Novena to St. Joseph. Internally, I was quiet, but at the thought of the upcoming holidays, I felt sad that it would be another “empty” holiday for us. My husband has always supported me and was a friend who made me happy. Evening prayer together and various trials that happened to us also strengthened our marriage. In April, I was supposed to have a procedure combined with a biopsy at the clinic. I did not arrive for the procedure, as it turned out, under my heart, there was already a tiny Being .We were accompanied by great joy combined with disbelief and fear for the Little Baby, but we gave everything into the hands of our Heavenly Mother. Earlier, my mother undertook a spiritual adoption praying for a child in danger. it turned out that her “little daughter” was to come into the world after my whole pregnancy was difficult and I had to lie down for a long time. I was in the hospital because the delivery began too early, but the doctors stopped this birth in order to my baby could sit in her mummy’s tummy for a while. Zuzanna was born on December 13, 2021.


My name is Danusia. My husband and I started trying to have a baby 6 years ago. It was a difficult time for us, especially for me. We took it easy at first. After a year of fruitless efforts, we came to the infertility clinic, we saw 2 doctors who initially stimulated me with pills. I had a problem with ovulation and I had Hashimoto’s. My husband’s results were good. Despite the stimulation of pregnancy, it was not. We quit. We found a naprotechnologist. The doctor said I had insulin resistance in addition to Hashimoto’s and PCOS. All of this together made it difficult to get pregnant. We spent over 2 years with him, with no result. During this time, my mental state worsened and I lost contact with my husband. His quick reaction was to find a good psychiatrist who led me to normal life. However, we didn’t give up, although I was getting tired of it . Over 6 years of our life has revolved around doctors. In 2020 my dad passed away unexpectedly. It was a shock to me. I don’t know how to describe it, but I decided that I want to start living and enjoy life. As I decided, I did so. I stopped thinking about getting pregnant, and my husband and I even mentioned adoption. I was not stimulated by anything. The doctor I visited for the last time gave us a 2-3% chance of getting pregnant naturally, he suggested in vitro. And then, on March 23, 2021, I did a pregnancy test. When I saw 2 lines, I was completely shocked . My husband believed it after the doctor confirmed the pregnancy During our efforts we went to Matemblewo, we went on pilgrimages. I prayed the Pompeian Novena for this intention. Nothing is impossible for God and Holy Mary. On November 25, 2021 our son Jakub Piotr was born. Our little”Big Miracle”


Praise the Lord! I have always dreamed that one day I would also perform with my testimony. I know how important are encouragement words for married couples who try for a child, because I read myself the testimonies without losing my hope. My husband and I went through a lot of sorrows, including the loss of our child and the period of not hoping for another baby. We also struggled with health problems that made it difficult to get pregnant. Doctors gave us little chance of success. We entrusted God, we were online with Matemblewo every month, we asked the community and the sisters for prayer support. Soon after, we saw two lines on the test. We were full of joy but also fear because of the fist loss. I went to hospital to maintain the pregnancy because there could be early delivery . We did not give up, we felt in our heart that since so many people supported us and “storm Heaven” in our intention that this time we would see a successful conclusion. On September 30, our long-awaited and prayed-for wonder, Dominik, was born. It worked and our requests were answered. We wholeheartedly support all couples trying to conceive, we remember about you in our prayers. God has a plan for each of us


We are the parents of four children: three angels in heaven and Krzys, who decided to stay with us. We pray the in Matemblewo almost each 8th day of the month. We came here after our first miscarriage and knew right away that we would be here every month. Only in this Sancturay did we find peace in our hearts. It was the very best time for me. I was looking for help, but no one could understand our problem. I tried to trust doctors, relatives and finally rely on myself, forgetting about God. Fortunately, He remembered us every day. After the second loss, we went to the recollections for parens after the loss of a child. There, I understood that our children were alive in heaven and were happy, and we must do everything to join them. Here at the Sanctuary I received three words of knowledge. Jesus assured me of His great love for me and asked me to trust Him, to give my life to Him. I fully understood this request only after the third loss. With the help of Holy Mary, I slowly gave more and more of my life. I accepted that we would never be parents. It brought me relief, I felt free and happy. It was a beautiful time for our marriage without counting the days on the calendar. After a few weeks, I was pregnant again. This time, I was calm from the beginning, ready for another loss. I was even convinced that I was losing my next child, but soon it was revealed that the heart was beating and that this little one wanted to live very much. God changed my life. Today I don’t worry as I used to, I give my every concern to Him and I trust that He will take care of every matter I recommend to Him. Ania


We have 6 children-among them 3 Angels. There were no problems with the first two, I had my first angel miscarried three years ago. I was sorry, from the moment of the conception I felt that it was under my heart, I blessed it every day, but it went to Heaven before I heard his heartbeat. It was the so-called empty fetal egg. Less than a year later, happy news again, the test came out positive, great joy, now everything should be fine for sure, in the meantime I saw a tiny, vibrant heart on ultrasound. On the next one it didn’t beat … It was a big blow for me, I experienced it a lot, I couldn’t understand for a long time why? At that time, my husband and I began to come to the Sanctuary on Holy Mass praying for children. I gave it to God, hoping that I will be a mother again.
In the meantime, a pandemic has broken out. I experienced Holy Masses online very spiritually. During some spiritual Communion I prayed fervently and said to The Lord, “You know my thoughts,You know what I want” and I saw Jesus with such a smile saying -“Please wait, you will have a child again”. The words were imprinted on my heart. The next efforts did not bring good results. In the meantime, I had psychotherapy after my second loss and I think it was blocking me. But in the end it worked again! Unfortunately, the first ultrasound did not show a beating heart again, there was no hope anymore. There was a women’s strike in the city, the second wave of the pandemic, and I had to go to the hospital to say goodbye to the third angel. I lost my faith and hope that I would succeed. In the meantime, it turned out that my friends’ son was seriously ill. It touched me a lot. I suffered a lot because of this fact and asked God why?But I saw his parents calm and full of faith. It was a shock to me. I did not feel like trying to have next child, I was rebellious against God. Every day I read the Bible At the beginning of the Lent the Readings began to touch me tightly, as if the Holy Spirit was piercing my heart with His finger. e.g. 1 Gen. the text everyone knows. When I read it for the first time, I had in my mind the rise of life in the womb. How life develops, every cell, organ, and eyes. There are so many changes every day- similar to pregnancy. The other day when Adam and Eve are led into temptation, it reminded me of a good relationship in my marriage. That we must go through everything together although Satan wants to separate us. Then I come to the Flood and one Sunday at Holy Mass I read the Lord said to Noah: Behold, I am making a covenant with you and with your descendants who will be after you; with every living creature that is with you: with birds, with the domestic and wild animals with you, with all who come out of the ark, with every animal on the earth. I make a covenant with you so that no living creature will ever again be destroyed by the waters of the flood, and there will never again be a flood that destroys the earth. Then God added: “This is a sign of the covenant that I make with you and with every living creature that is with you for eternity: I put my bow on the clouds so that it may be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. And when I stretch the clouds over the earth, and this bow appears in the clouds, then I will remember my covenant which I have made with you and with every living creature, with every human being; and there will never be more flood waters to destroy all existence. So when this bow is in the clouds, I will look at it and remember the everlasting covenant between me and all flesh on earth ”.
It struck me like the fire of the Holy Spirit! I immediately had in mind that God was promising me that I would never have a miscarriage, He would not destroy any living creature, i.e. my child! That day I did the test and although it was only the 25th day of the cycle and I had a longer one, it turned out to be very positive.I felt a shiver and euphoria. And in fact, it was only then that I understood the whole meaning of these Readings 2 weeks ago when the Holy Spirit was working so hard. It was only then that I looked at the calendar and realized that although I thought that ovulation was far away, it happened when 1 Gen.was read by me on the night of conception !!! It was like a thunderbolt. I wasn’t scared anymore. I was at peace because the Lord made promises to me. This pregnancy, this child will surely survive! It was a brief moment of doubt that I would probably have a miscarriage again, I felt a shudder before my first ultrasound visit and I fell ill. Covid got me. Two weeks at home in bed taught me humility again, gave me time to calm down and when moments of doubt came, I heard a voice in my heart: child, do you trust me? After my illness, I got an ultrasound. It’s been almost 10th weeks now. The heart was beating beautifully and the child grew!Our child was alive and well !!! I believed the Lord kept his word and I kept repeating it to myself and even hung it on the refrigerator. Currently, our daughter will soon be born. The situation at present also requires humility because I ended up on the ward of the pathology of pregnancy but deep down I know that nothing bad would happen. Because of my history, doctors are also cautious. We are waiting for the baby to be born and I know that it is a real gift from God. I have already told many people about this testimony. I hope people will “breathe” the Holy Spirit like me! Recently, I also understood what these 3 losses were for. I have 3 wonderful Angels in Heaven. I miss them so much and can’t wait to give them a hug. But … do I deserve Heaven? They are my motivation to live here, to deserve Heaven, to open the Gate for me. Klaudia was born on October 20th as I dreamed by the forces of nature in dignified and peaceful conditions. Praise the Lord! Aleksandra


Dominik was born on August 6. Our son is a child born after the loss of a conceived child. We are both middle-aged (my husband is 41 and I am 39). We knew the risks of late pregnancy, but we trusted God. The pregnancy was book-like. All the tests went well. Although the childbirth was difficult and long , my son got 9 out of 10 points on the Apgar scale. The son was born on the first Friday of the month, the feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration. Here is our testimony. Do not let other parents lose hope! Thank you and best regards to all those praying and longing for their children.
Ewelina and Krzysztof


I am writing this testimony with great joy in my heart, after our prayers and an awaited miracle! Long before the wedding, my husband and I knew that our path to parenthood would be difficult, yet, we did not think that it would be so hard. 2 years before the wedding (after 5 years of continuous visits to various doctors due to constant abdominal and spine pain), a doctor in Warsaw (our guardian angel who accompanies us till this day) stated that I had endometriosis. It was difficult to diagnose the disease due to the fact that we decided to live without sexual contact until the wedding, so for obvious reasons, the research was difficult. The doctor prescribed hormones which task was to stop the disease and he suggested an operation that was to be just after the wedding. Unfortunately, due to random reasons, it was shifted and took place in September 2017. The operation was difficult, I had infiltrates on the spinal cord, the entire left ovary was stuck to it, and it was additionally stuck to the intestine. There was a great risk of bowel damage from the procedure, but thank God and the prayers everything went according to the plan. How lucky we were when I saw two lines on the test in December. Of course, all the examinations at once,leave from work (I teach at school and in the educational and revalidation centre, so I had to go on sick leave to avoid possible infections), everything was book-like. Amazing feeling when I heard our baby’s heart for the first time. I waited impatiently for each visit, especially the one after 4 th month (then the worst was supposed to pass).Unfortunately, during the control in the fourth month, the doctor stated that our baby’s heart had stopped beating. At first I was shocked, I didn’t understand what I had just heard. When I was leaving the surgery, I saw my husband, who with horror in his eyes asked if everything was okay. We cried all the way home. Our treasure left us, it was still inside me but it was already dead. I felt like a living coffin. I was to go to the hospital, but they kept saying there were no places so I went there for another week, knowing that I had our dead child inside me. In the hospital, they tried to induce a miscarriage . Eventually it ended with a curettage treatment. After all, I felt okay, I wanted to go home, the doctors said “it happens you can try again”. Unfortunately, after a month I applied for the histopathological result, which was written for partial mycosis. The doctor only said that I should be tested every week to see if the hcg was dropping and sent me home. In the meantime, we wanted to take our baby and bury it. However, it was too early to test its sex and we had to do genetic tests. A terrible time, full of uncertainty and sadness. We buried our beloved Zosia close to us, we visited her every day. We talked to her, while feeling like some of us were gone forever. Unfortunately, for a year we had to wait with our efforts, the hcg was not falling as it should. I had to do an x-ray of the lungs and a head CT scan to exclude metastases. The doctor said he would give me two more examines if for oncology. We started praying even more, and thanks to Holy Mary, the results began to decline. After a year of fruitless efforts, we started looking for the cause. Insulin resistance and PCOS. Another disease began. Diet drugs, exercises. Chemicals for ovulation induction, injections for bubble bursting. Finally, after six months, a positive test. I couldn’t believe my eyes, we wanted a baby so much, but I was afraid of every day. Of course, we were constantly praying to Our Lady of Matemblewo all the time. First with a request for the gift of offspring, then for care for him.It was last May. I began to pray the Pompeian Novena in the instance of our buckthorn. Unfortunately, after 6 weeks, severe abdominal pain, bleeding. I felt that we were losing the baby again. We went to an appointment where the doctor said I had a miscarriage. Another blow straight to the heart. I didn’t even feel it was there. The second time it was too much. We prayed even more and more. I felt regret, sadness and emptiness. I wanted to stop praying, but my husband gave me strength. We started looking for the cause. Genetic testing revealed hereditary thrombophilia. Still reciting the novena which had begun earlier. We started taking care of each other, we spent a lot of time together. I stopped taking all my medications and obsessing over fertile days. We started living just like that. We walked in the mountains (my husband and I love mountain hiking). Imagine the surprise when on the day of the end of the novena I did the test and it came out positive. We went through our entire pregnancy with a breath hold. From the beginning, heparin injections and blood thinners. Each visit was filled with joy together with fear. From the beginning, however, I entrusted the pregnancy to Holy Mary in 100%. I was already tired of this constant stress and the fight to make it good. We entrusted Holy Mary and from the beginning to the end of my pregnancy I prayed the Pompeian novena (I did 5 in total). It is amazing that the end of the Novena fell on the day of childbirth.Holy Mary gave us incredible strength and peace in our hearts. Our daughter Antonina knows very well who looked after her during the whole pregnancy and from the very beginning she folds her hands as we say Amen in prayer. Every day we give thanks in the Rosary for this miracle and a huge gift and for the fact that our daughter is healthy (the birth was hard). We met wonderful people who were sent from God Himself throughout our pregnancy, we have no doubts about it. I am writing this testimony especially for all those who are already losing hope, that they should NEVER give up in the struggle for parenthood ❤️ God is good and his Mother has the strength and power to ask for miracles for us Praise the Lord!


In 2017, our first child, Ananias, was born dead. Our pain and sadness were enormous for the longed-for child who died. However, in all this sorrow we remained faithful to God in the Most Holy Trinity and to Holy Mary. Every day we prayed for the gift of conception for us, that God would give us this great grace – the gift of birth. After the time of mourning, we started trying to have another child. Soon, what wonderful news, I was pregnant again. But our joy did not last long. About 7 weeks after visiting the gynecologist, it turned out that it was miscarriage. Pain, sadness and disappointment. However, we still remained with God and His will. Unfortunately there was third miscarriage in a few months. It wasn’t able to hold pregnancy without taking drugs. I visited the gynecologist to make tests for hypertension and diabetes. He prescribed a special diet but gave only a little hope for a child.
In one of the most difficult times for us, when a human being practically had no hope, we received the information about prayers for married couples longing for children in Matemblewo at the Sanctuary of Maternal Mother of God. We started our prayer regularly every month, always on the 8th day of the month. We went to the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Every day and every month in front of Christ hidden in a piece of Bread and His Mother Mary, we asked for the gift of a child for us. After less than a year of attending adoration for the gift of healing married couples without children at the Matemblewo Sanctuary, we learned about my another conception. What our joy and adoration towards God and Holy Mary was! After a visit to the gynecologist, the pregnancy was confirmed. I resigned of certain medications that could endanger the child and I had to have insulin injections four times a day, according to the recommendations of the diabetologist, who also watched over a strict diet and sugar level so that it was not too high. In church, we gave our intentions for the Holy Mass: “Thanking for the gift of conception and asking for a happy birth of our child”. Every day, for our intention, my husband participated in the Holy Mass and took Holy Communion. Next months-frequent visits to the gynecologist, constant contact with the diabetologist, prayers and monthly meetings with God and Holy Mary in Matemblewo. The planned date of delivery was on July 14, 2021. Before the childbirth ,I started to have deteriorating results, the risk of pre-eclampsia and I had to spend three weeks in hospital. Then I went home, but after a week I returned to the ward again due to bad results. The doctor wanted to operate immediately. However, he postponed the operation -the Caesarean section to the following days. And surprisingly, our greatest happiness, a little girl named Rozalka, came into the world as a premature baby, a month before the planned date. What was the surprise, and above all, a great joy, that this day was June 8, 2021, i.e. the day on which for over a year every month, on the 8th of each month, we had been attending adoration for the gift of healing and birth in the Matemblewo Sanctuary in front of the altar of God and Our Lady of Pregnancy. Praise the Lord ! Praise the Lord’s Name! Praise Holy Mary! Glory to Jesus and the Holy Spirit for all the deeds and care for us during all the days of our lives. Great is the Lord and worth of praise, His greatness is unfathomable!



We waited 5 years for the Baby, a lot of researches, doctors, various complications, but I always believed that God remembered about us and would make us happy. I prayed on the 8th day of the month in Matemblewo, at home and in my church. I was under the supervision of a doctor all the time. The treatment continued but was unsuccessful. I was looking for help. Through my friends and our priest, I found myself in Matemblewo. I prayed there, cried and laughed. Sometimes more zealously, sometimes less, and eventually, after some adoration, I decided to change my doctor and clinic. This change gave me a lot of hope and I knew that the Lord was behind this change, He led my path there, I felt it. My family supported me in my prayers. My husband had a slightly different attitude to it. Unfortunately, frequent arguments and blaming did not help. Once, during an adoration, the priest came to me , said a prayer, a moment of conversation and then he said to me that the Lord would fulfill my desires and I should not doubt it. Then I knew that the time would come for me. In October, we moved into our apartment, everything calmed down, I was taking medications, and suddenly in January I had an impulse that I had to take a test. Hooray! The test was positive. My joy was enormous and I thanked God loudly and crying. Unfortunately, the first weeks of pregnancy and I was diagnosed with a hematoma, it could end up differently and I have to be ready for any eventual miscarriage.
I didn’t cry but I kept saying “God, I’ve been waiting for so many years, I have succeeded and for sure there can be nothing wrong, everything will work out”. I prayed to the Mother of God, I prayed the Rosary every day, or at least one part of it. And finally the bad time passed, the hematoma was gone. The rest of the pregnancy was normal. We have been happy parents for a week now. She is a perfect Child and I know that I had to go through this hard road to look at the greatest miracle now. I thank God for it every day. Nothing happens without His will.


God bless! We would like to share our testimony. A year has recently passed since our son was born. We have been married since 2015. From the very beginning, I was concerned that my hormonal problems might make us have a problem with the offspring. Nevertheless, we strongly believed that God would bless us and we would quickly become parents. However, God’s view of our parentage was different. Months and years passed and I was unable to get pregnant. The couples around us were happy about the birth of their children. On the one hand, we were happy with them, but on the other hand, it made us feel more and more sorry and bitter. We tried to persevere in prayer and give it all to God, although it was not easy for us. At some point I started to get chronically ill, which turned out to be an additional obstacle in trying to get children. This disease was also associated with a lot of physical suffering for me. The husband’s results were also not good. We consulted many doctors who unfortunately did not give us a chance of parenthood. Of course there were tears, helplessness and the questions “why can’t we have children”? We did everything we could, we used the help of doctors from all over Poland, in particular, specialists in the field of naprotechnology. We tried to accept God’s will and trust that God had a plan for us and that He wanted our happiness.
We learned about the monthly services in Matemblewo for people longing for children. So we tried to come to Matemblewo every eighth day of the month and pray for the miracle of conception. We gave everything into the hands of Our Lady of Matemblewo. A certain person recommended a doctor who runs the Naprotechnology Centre in Białystok. We were already very discouraged, especially my husband. However, we made the decision that we would try it for the last time. The day in Białystok was very hard and stressful – full of various examinations and consultations. In the evening, during the final consultation with the doctor, we learned that we were expecting a baby. It is difficult for us to describe those emotions now – great joy and surprise. The period of pregnancy was also not an easy time for us. We learned from the very beginning that the pregnancy was at risk. Then the coronavirus epidemic started. However, everything ended well, our son was born healthy. Today we are very grateful to God and Our Lady of Matemblewo. We found out that I was pregnant … on the first day of Advent. Our son was born on the eighth day of the month. Someone will say it’s a coincidence but we exactly know that we have received the grace of a miracle. We are grateful to all those who prayed for our intention. Anna and Tomasz


I would like to share my little testimony. About 1.5 years ago I asked you to pray for me and my husband. I was then in the hospital with pathology of pregnancy, where for the second time in my life I had an induced miscarriage. The reason was the same: pregnancy without an embryo. We did researches and treatments but nothing worked. I decided to pray the Pompeian Novena once again and ask Mary for help. I finished the Novena on May 28, and on May 26, I got my last menstruation. About 2 weeks later, I was attending Holy Mass, but I was very distracted, not listening to the readings, and my thoughts were wandering. Suddenly, I was torn from my thoughts by a fragment of the Holy Scriptures “at this time in a year you will caress your son”. It really happened, my little son is now almost 5 months old. He is healthy, polite, cheerful, I am extremely grateful to Holy Mary for helping me once again. I also thank you for your prayers and I will also remember you in mine. Joanna


Hello everyone, my husband and I would like to share with you our testimony, we hope that it will be edifying especially for couples trying for a child My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about a year. After unsuccessful attempts we decided to do some examinations, it turned out that it would not be easy. After receiving the results, the world suddenly “collapsed”. We received a diagnosis from the doctor that at the moment it would be hard for the baby , but he assured us that if the treatment failed, there were still many modern methods, including in vitro. Of course, it was out of the question for us. We entrusted our affairs to Holy Mary, trusting that She would bring our prayers to the Throne of Almighty God. We started to pray even more earnestly, at the same time asking our relatives and friends for prayer support. My husband and I signed up for the Rosary Rose, praying every day the tenth Rosary for marriages trying to have children. I also began to pray the Pompeian Novena for the intention of conceiving the longed-for child, if it was, of course, the will of Our Lord. I also often sat down in front of Holy Mary with tears in my eyes, asking her “Mummy, will I be able to be mom?”, I often resorted to Her, asking Her to hide me under Her coat, to be with me in these difficult times. After some time I realized that Holy Mary, in Her goodness, was in haste with the answer … I often prayed the Novena on the way to work, on the train, bus or walking. Very often, when I started to say the Novena, a pregnant woman would catch my eye, e.g. I started to say a prayer on the train, I looked at the window and the first person I saw was a pregnant woman. Moreover, going for a walk and praying the Rosary, I often saw a pregnant woman, or with a newborn child, it happened so often that I thought “it can’t be a coincidence!”
One day I called my mother and said “you know what mom, I know that I will be a mother, but I probably have to wait, but I know it will happen”. And it happened faster than we expected! On July 5, I finished praying the 54-day Pompeian Novena, and on the second day – July 6, I received a positive Beta h-CG blood test (it was the 5th week of pregnancy and the third month after receiving the sad results, which showed that we would not be parents ). My dear friends, it is a miracle for us and many of our relatives, knowing our situation, think so. We also learned that, for our intention, the Pompeian Novena was recited by 4 other members of the family. We are currently happy parents of 5-month-old Laura. Every day I thank Holy Mary for her intercession, for being with me and I know that I can always count on Her. We encourage you, dear ones, to turn to Holy Mary, to entrust Her with your affairs and your everyday life. She intercedes for us and asks God for favors for us. K & K ❤️



We want to share our testimony with you. We have been praying with you for offspring from March 2020. We have been married since August 25, 2018. From the very beginning, we were open to children and we waited eagerly for the offspring.
Discouraged that the pregnancy test was still showing one line, we looked for help from doctorswho said that we had a chance of having children, but we had to work on our fertility. Kamila had PCOS and insulin resistance and no visible signs of ovulation, my semen tests came out at least poorly, which was probably the result of a sedentary lifestyle and too much stress at work. We were slowly losing hope. We knew that the medical recommendations were not successful. In February this year, our attending physician decided that we would try to hormonally induce ovulation, which gave us some hope. In early March, we were told that ovulation was gone, so he prescribed hormone medications to induce menstruation, and after menstruation, medications that would cause ovulation. Following the medical recommendations, we took the first batch of drugs, but they did not give the expected effect. Period did not come. Our hope diminished again, but we continued to pray. At this point, we let the doctors go, hoping that the menstrual period would eventually come. In June this year, there was still no menstruation. It was nothing new for us. Earlier, menstruation that occurs after the middle of the year was a standard for us. However, we felt that a pregnancy test needed to be done. Though biologically the chances a very weak, the remaining hope allowed us to believe and do this test. On July 1, 2021, we performed the test. It really showed two lines. The whole storm of strong but pleasant emotions put us in a state of waiting. The next day we repeated the test. Two lines again. Well, it’s just a pregnancy test (that’s what we said then). The test could be wrong, a positive test could be just caused by some medical conditions, and the chances of having a baby were very small ( we kept repeating to ourselves). We made an appointment with our doctor to confirm the possible pregnancy. Unfortunately, due to the considerable distance, we had the opportunity to make an appointment with him two weeks after we found out about the pregnancy. We waited. The tension grew steadily. But finally the day of the visit came. During the visit, the doctor told us that we had a lively son and he was already 22 weeks old. From that moment on, the joy and gratitude were immense. Every day we thanked God for our son and now, together with you we are asking for offspring for other couples who want to have a baby so much. This miracle surprised not only us, but also the doctor and the entire clinic. We were told it was the first such case in this clinic. Until now, the doctors can’t explain how the miracle of the creation of the new life took place. Our little John ( that is what we want to name him, because “God is gracious”) is now 24 weeks old, which means that he began to develop somewhere in the middle of February. However, in March we saw a doctor who said that ovulation was gone and my results were tragic. So it was a real Miracle!
We look forward to every new day with John. We talk to him, we read fairy tales to him. It is a wonderful gift. We thank you all for your prayers, and God for our son. Kamila and Konrad.


On February 3, I became the mother of Hubert’s son after several years of hope and expectation. I would just like to briefly write that any therapy, treatment can only work if you open your door to God and let Him come into your heart. Listen to the Voice of the Lord with prayer and silence – MIRACLES happen. Now I have this MIRACLE on my laps, over 4 kilograms of happiness! Once I read testimonies and tears were in my eyes, sometimes there was no hope anymore, and today I look at my son and I think it is like a dream … TRUST THE LORD !! Even when it is hard, never stop praying, never let the Rosary go out of your hands !!!


Hello everyone. I would like to share with you the Testimony I experienced. I would like to raise hope in many couples trying to conceive. I have been praying for my grandchildren for 7 years. There were many problems, the pregnancy was at risk, and the child’s health was at risk. We never stopped praying. For the last 2-3 years, everyone in the Prayer for Offspring group has been praying. After so many years, God heard our prayers. A healthy baby boy was born, and in a month’s time a healthy baby girl was born. I express great gratitude to God for these children, Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I once read that the Lord Jesus said from the Cross to people who prayed to His Wounds, “why don’t you go to the Mother?” From that time on, I began to pray the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which I know from my youth. I have received an ocean of ​​Graces. I want to express my Great Gratitude for my healthy grandchildren. Remember: Never stop praying, never get discouraged, as Pope John Paul II said:” God is great! Let him be glorified!”. Alicja


I know that the success of others waiting for the baby for years in our situation may not seem extraordinary. We were trying to have a baby a year after we were married, with each month there was a new hope, followed by a delay and sadness that I was not pregnant. Due to the fact that I work in a hospital and have to work on shifts, I blamed myself that by working at night my body is not able to live a normal life. I even started taking to various gynecologists and doing tests for infertility, but it turned out it was ok. Here, there was turn for my husband who had a moral obstacle: how to collect semen, so that not to commit a sin. In your website and there was the initiative of praying the Rosary, we took it with my husband right away in the implementation of the year. We went together to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pregnancy, where the priest celebrated Holy Mass for us, praying with us for the longed-for child. After the second Mass, the monk brought us a small box with a figurine of the Pregnant Mother of God, and a Rosary with the image of a tiny baby and the Mother of God on the side, and two prayers, one for those praying for a child and the other for a happy childbirth. The tears were then in my eyes. We have included this prayer among our other prayers. July was over and my husband still hadn’t done the examination. August came and with it the Pilgrimage on foot to Jasna Góra Monastery, this time in the form of a relay race. As we had already taken part in such a pilgrimage a few times and actually we had met there on one of them, we decided to go for the known intention without hesitation. I have always wanted to start reading the Holy Scriptures by voting every day for my child, but, because I waited for the birth of my child I just started reading it loudly for myself.I shared this thought with my husband – you do not read the Holy Bible for yourself, what are you waiting for ? And if the child never shows up, you will never reach for God’s Word? And from that evening on, I began to read the day readings and the Gospel aloud. How great was our joy and surprise when it turned out in September that I was pregnant! We believe that it was God who made it, He only needed our humility and cooperation. And on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, on May 13, 2021, our son was born, thank You God! And thus I started reading the Holy Bible to our son since the conception 🙂
We are still praying for other married couples that experience the same as we did. Although the pain lasted for a short time in our case, it does not mean that it hurt less. So please do not give up and stay with God!


Hello! I would like to tell you how God works with me in my life. My name is Luiza and I am a member of the United in Spirit Community. From the beginning of the meetings in Matemblewo, I prayed with all my heart every month with my brothers and sisters for offspring for all who wish to have them. I often look up the hill to simply be with my Holy Mom. In Her Sanctuary I leave all my requests, matters and desires. They are not for me, although I know perfectly the years of longing for the baby. After the birth of my first son, I lost ending pregnancies and one in the second stage. Szymuś in the 19th week and then Klara in 24 th … after 8 years. After that the words of the sentence … you cannot be a mom anymore. I asked God to take away from me my desire to be a mother. That time it was difficult for me to pray for others. The Lord did not take the thirst of having a child. Nevertheless, I managed to pray now. I felt that I was to do this prayer, or maybe invited, and only thanks to God’s grace can I continue in it. It was for me to believe that the Lord blesses others. The old testimonies given by others made my heart happy. There was no jealousy, maybe only missing for a child. Sometimes I felt it was hard for me to believe that the words I heard of promising an offspring from God were about me, too. Then I realized that I couldn’t believe that I would become a mother. I forgot that everything is possible for God. It was the moment when I once again gave what I was experiencing and feeling to the Lord Jesus. Through the hands of Holy Mary and Blessed Martha, I asked the Lord to remedy my unbelief and distrust and to lead me along the path that He Himself wants to lead me. Because His ways are ways of love that sometimes I do not have to understand. From that moment on, I began to notice that the events in my life were simply necessary. The Lord has made my paths straight. I saw how He cares about my spiritual, mental and physical health. How much He cares about my happiness and that I trust in Him. During those few years where there were many tears and sorrow, I was also accompanied by joy and hope. It was the Lord who accompanied me in such a way in other people. Our relationship was deepening day by day, although I was not fully aware of it. Finally, the thought poured into my heart very clearly that no matter what happened in life, God would be right here. Because my everything is in Him.
A month later I was pregnant. Not as healthy as I would like. Through all these months, God was gradually pouring trust into my heart as much as I let Him. There were times when it was humanly difficult to explain why I am still pregnant. Hospital, surgery … four months lying down. There were a lot of ups and downs. My community and many other people accompanied us in prayer. We counted each subsequent day, week and month together in the hope that we would make it. I had great support in all of them. This time was difficult, but it taught me confidence. I gained so much that today I can say that I am very grateful for that time. There are cases where we cannot help with our own efforts. Sometimes reaching this proverbial wall is needed for a man, because he can realize that only God can do EVERYTHING. The heart that is close to the Lord’s heart lives in hope, trusts and believes that whatever happens it is good. Such a heart is ready to accept everything, although it knows that it does not have to. A close relationship with the Lord is the most beautiful gift of love from which new life is born. On June 9, 2021 our God’s pearl Natalia was born. For all His Miracles thank You God!


God bless, we would like to share our testimony. We have been married for almost 4 years. When we got married, we knew that we wanted to have children. However, some time earlier, during routine examinations, it turned out that I am struggling with PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome, plus insulin resistance and obesity, which I had been struggling with since I was a child. Apparently, it is not the end of the world, everything can be cured, but as in a woman a seed of doubt has been sown as to whether I would ever be able to have children. Everything happened at its own pace. My husband and I assumed that whether we would be given a child, it was up to God. I remember exactly the day of December 8, 2017. Being at work, in all the working confusion, I looked at the clock and saw 12.35. I thought “hmm, I made it” and sighed at this Hour of Grace how much I wanted a child. I resumed my duties and life went on. At the beginning of 2018, I did the test – it turned out positive – I was pregnant. How great was our joy. But soon there was blood spotting, of course the hospital – beginning of pregnancy 4th week – medications for support, ultrasound and the doctor’s voice saying that it is an empty embryo, that the heart does not beat, you have to wait for a spontaneous miscarriage .. Sadness, regret, terrible crying .. Back to home and waiting for the end … But in all this we were accompanied all the time by the Rosary and constant prayer that gave us relief. A week after leaving the hospital, nothing happened, there was no miscarriage. The doctor ordered a beta hCG test – it turned out that the level of the hormone was increasing and the pregnancy was progressing, which was confirmed on a later USG examination – the heart was beating ! Since then, we have been constantly praying.
In addition, on the Feast of Our Lady on February 2nd, being in the church, praying fervently for Holy Mary’s support, I felt such an inner peace and such a voice saying “it will be fine”. And despite my anxiety and the anxiety of the doctors who, each time performing an ultrasound examination, sowed in us a greater and greater feeling that the child would be born sick, we entrusted ourselves to Mary.
At the end of pregnancy, at 34th week, I was taken to the hospital – pathology of pregnancy – the baby is not growing well enough. We found wonderful doctors. The pregnancy was terminated at 35th week. On August 17, our little but so beautiful and healthy daughter Aniela Maria was born. We spent two more weeks in the ward, very difficult for us. Difficult for her connected to all these vital signs monitoring devices, and difficult for us parents looking at her little body lying in the incubator. Then our marriage, despite a short period of experience, was put to the test, but we survived and we continue to thank God and Holy Mary for the wonderful gift of parenthood. For nothing is impossible for God!


I would like to share my testimony and, at the same time, publicly thank you who are praying for our intention. We have been married for almost six years. During this time, we tried to have a child for five years. During these five years we have been to 16 gynecologists, because every next one said pregnancy was not possible for me. They feared my hemorrhagic diathesis. Now I can see it in retrospect. I also met a few who showed us a different method, and that was in vitro (we did not want it), and, moreover the doctors said if there was a disabled child, it was the best to abort him (contrary to our beliefs, because we were open to every life – in addition, I work alone with disabled children!) I couldn’t imagine that we could kill such a child so we did not have any more visits to these doctors. I underwent three hysterioscopes, including a traumatic one, where I was placed with a mother who was miscarrying a baby … during the second hysterioscopy it was found out that I had cervical cancer Fortunately at such an early stage it was removed without chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Then I found a gynecologist oncologist who referred me to his friend. Only through the hands of this doctor God gave us the grace of parenthood. It turned out that there were 32 polyps in my uterus that made it impossible to get pregnant. I had the surgery in May, and the day before St. Nicola’s feast I was pregnant, and in August I gave birth to a wonderful son. In addition, I had a dreamt delivery (one hour twenty minutes), with oxytocin drips (because my son was in no hurry to enter the world), and with drips with blood medications. The unbearable pain was not as bad as everyone told me it would be! I didn’t have a paid private midwife but it was in the ordinary district hospital. I met there doctors, midwives and staff who really deserve to be called the greatest on Earth! They sais there wasn’t such a short delivery in this hospital and what was their surprise when I told that I and my relatives prayed for such a birth, I got it from God.I also had a very mild puerperium, until I myself did not believe that it could be like that. And the son is perfect as we prayed with you! Our marriage was completed with happiness in the form of a new life! We thank you, and we wish those who read this testimony that the grace of God will touch them too and they will experience the miracle of a child in their lives! Magdalena


We have been trying to have baby since 2014. During these few years, I lost three ones ( ectopic pregnancy and two miscarriages). I was tired of those efforts and I promised myself it would be the last attempt. I got into another pregnancy in September. On the 15th of October, I found out that it was ectopic, the next day my second oviduct was removed. After that, we lost our chances and hope for parenthood. I accepted it, for the first time in my life I had no grudge against Good…. That’s what He wanted and I accepted it. It turned out that He had different plans for us. During the control visit to the gynecologist, two weeks after the terrible diagnosis, I saw a baby in the uterus on an ultrasound. The heart wasbeating. Shock and disbelief. I forgot to breathe for a while. The doctor said that it happened very rarely, it was a heterotropic pregnancy. For us, it was simply a miracle that we experienced personally. After so many years of effort and four losses, we were pregnant. And this child was alive, despite the operation that took place two weeks earlier. The date of delivery was scheduled for June 21st, 2021. When we got to know the sex, we chose the name for our daughter: Łucja. Due to the threat to her life, she was born on the 13th of May 2021 in the 34th week of pregnancy. Today, she is going leave the hospital in a few days. Despite the difficult pregnancy and premature birth, she is a healthy newborn. From the beginning of my pregnancy, I prayed to Mary and I believe that it wasn’t coincidental that Łucja was born on the anniversary of the revelations in Fatima. Lots of people surrounded us with their prayers, many of them I don’t know, but I am so grateful. It is a beautiful fulfillment of longed-for parenthood. Thank you for having surrounded us with prayers and for the e-mail I got after my last miscarriage, full of warmth and understanding. I remember in prayers and I cordially greet you. Sylwia.


My story differs from most here … Our first child was born a few days before the first wedding anniversary – you cannot imagine a more beautiful gift … My son was baptized in Matemblewo – actually, you can say that by accident, because it was our neighbouring parish. After two years, we wanted our son to have siblings – after half a year of efforts, we went to Matemblewo for a blessing. It was on December 8, the Holy Mass at the Hour of Grace. In the next month I was already pregnant, which without any disturbances ended with the happy birth of my second son … but a few days after giving birth, being at home with the baby, I had a bleeding. Ambulance, hospital, unconsciousness … it happens after childbirth. I returned home after two days.
After a few hours, another hemorrhage … again, unconsciousness in the hospital – pressure dropped to 60/20. Blood transfusion, doctors wringing their hands in helplessness … I begged them to save me, because at home there was a newborn baby under the care of my husband and my older son. They warned that to save life, it might be necessary to remove the uterus, which could end with my death … But I, wanting to live for the children, signed the consent, the doctors said that operation, we would not have any more children … Fortunately, there was no surgery. After a week, I left the hospital without diagnosis, with the indication for a hematology consultation. However, under great stress. After six months of research, it turned out that I had a congenital hemorrhagic diathesis. I could feel “safe”. And so we had a family life next 5 years. We found ourselves again in Matemblewo. Going there every Sunday, we began to think how wonderful it would be to have a daughter … Yet those dreams were as strong as the fear of losing me and the baby. My doctor strongly advised me to think carefully about whether I wanted to take this risk. However, we gave everything into the hands of Our Lady of Pregnancy in Matemblewo … I even joined the parish Rosary Rose Praying for Offspring – I thought then that I would pray for offspring for people from my family. However, the day before the first Rose members met, we found out that I was pregnant! From the beginning, we were accompanied by great joy and gratitude and some extraordinary certainty that everything would be fine this time … we were very lucky that throughout our pregnancy we were present at the Sunday blessing in Matemblewo. We entrusted our child’s life to the Mother of God from the very beginning. I know this is a Gift we have received from Her. And I must admit that from the very beginning I felt that the baby would be a little daughter … I felt in my heart that she was called in some way by Mary, therefore I chose her name Lucia … as once Lucy was called by Mary in Fatima. The pregnancy went smoothly, even though Covid caught me. Lucia was born healthy and strong, and the birth literally with a Rosary in my hand was only thanksgiving for the favors received. After no other birth I was in such great shape. Our Lucy is 3 months old today, she is a smiling girl and every Sunday she thanks with us in Matemblewo for the gift of life. And together with her mother, I want to tell you that Our Lady knows best what we need in our lives … The most important thing is to trust Her without limits! And we know it – whoever keeps with Holy Mary wins his life.


We would like to share with you our testimony – I must admit that we have been wondering for a long time whether to wait a little longer or now. We have been married since 08.2018. From the very beginning, we were open to life and wanted to have children. Half a year has passed and there was no pregnancy. I must admit that it was difficult for me to accept it as a woman. We have decided to start working towards checking our fertility. I started observing cycles, monitoring ovulation at the gynecologist, various activities, herbs and nothing. We came across a wonderful and very wise naprotechnologist – a very godly man. The results were surprising, it turned out that I had the bacterium ureoplasm, which can make it difficult to get pregnant. So my husband and I both had to take antibiotics to heal – we did. Then I had a fallopian tube patency test, which turned out to be patent. And so, six months after going to the naprotechnologist I managed to get pregnant. It was December 2019. There was a lot of joy, we told the family that we were expecting a baby and I felt some inner peace. At the beginning of March 2020, we routinely went to the gynecologist (it was 12th week). It turned out that our baby’s heart stopped beating. I have no words to describe what I felt then (sadness, regret, disbelief and grudge against God). We organized a burial for our Helenka. After all these difficult experiences, we got to the prayer group “Prayers for offspring”, it was a great help for us, especially in this difficult time for us. I think that it was no coincidence that the 8th day of the month was also remembered by us and our monthly meeting with God in Matemblewo (on-line, of course). At the same time, we joined the Rosary Rose, which additionally strengthened us in mutual marital relations. We quickly started to heal and find out where the cause of the loss of pregnancy lies. It turned out that I had a tendency to thrombosis. After pregnancy, I also had hypothyroidism. Meanwhile, insulin resistance came out, but the biggest problem and cause was immune issues. We planned our vacation so that we could go to Matemblewo and pray there for the grace and the gift of parenthood for us.Kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in the church on 08/08/2020. I entrusted our marriage to Our Lady and I promised that the three of us would come here every year. In October 2020, it turned out that I was pregnant. The fear was greater than I imagined. I also had the opportunity to take advantage of prenatal tests at the National Health Fund. Blood results of the so-called Papp’s test showed a high probability of genetic diseases in our Baby, so we had to do additional genetic tests, which showed an almost 100% probability of giving birth to a healthy baby. We were also referred for an additional echo of the fetal heart due to the high translucency of the nape. It turned out that the baby had a hole on his heart. We talked with God all the time about what else would happen to us in this pregnancy, but each time we gave Him the life of our child. On 2 echoes of the heart it turned out that the hole had disappeared – bless the Lord! Today, I think to myself that God is guiding our marriage and life properly. These difficult experiences for us were only a strengthening of our faith and relationship to each other. At all times, we felt our mutual support and help. Today we can enjoy our second happiness that is still growing in my belly. I am currently at 35th week and I have Franz Joseph under my heart. I believe that God will lead us to the moment when we can hold our son on our hands, and Helenka looks after us from Heaven and sends us the favors we need. Of course, every day we pray for you, beloved friends, for the gift of offspring for every couple who so much yearn to become parents. We hope that it is our testimony that will help one person in difficulties and struggle in this difficult time for the gift of a new life in your marriage. God bless you!


God bless ! My husband and I would like to share our testimony. We were trying to have a child around 2.5 years . After a year of efforts, we started to examine ourselves .. I had long cycles, even about 50 days, but the diet managed to shorten them. I started taking medications to improve ovulation, but the doctor suggested that my husband also should have a checkup. It turned out that my husband had a bigger problem. A diagnosis – without IVF no chance for a child. We resigned from this doctor because IVF was not according to our beliefs . Then I started going to Matemblewo for prayers. After talking to Father Andrzej, we tried naprotechnology. We entrusted our affairs to Holy Mary, trusting that She would bring our prayers to the Throne of Almighty God. We started to pray even more earnestly, at the same time asking our relatives and friends for prayer support. My husband and I signed up for the Rosary Rose, praying every day a decade of rosary to Our Lady of Matemblewo for the intention of conceiving a child and for marriages seeking children. I also began to pray the Pompeian Novena for the above-mentioned intention. Often I also sat in front of Mary with tears in my eyes, asking her: “Mummy, will I be able to be a mother?”. I often resorted to her, asking her to hide me under her coat, to be with me in these difficult times. After some time I realized that Mary, in her goodness, was in haste with the answer … I often prayed the Novena on the way to work, on the train, bus or on walks. Very often, when I started to say the Novena, a pregnant woman would catch my eye, e.g. I started to say a prayer on the train, I look through the window and the first person to leave is a pregnant woman, going for a walk and praying the rosary, I often saw a pregnant woman or with newborn, it happened so often that I thought “it can’t be a coincidence!”
One day I called my mother and I said “you know what mom, I know that I will become a mother, but I probably have to wait, but I know it will happen”. And it happened faster than we expected – on July 5, 2020, I finished praying the 54-day Pompeian Novena, and on the second day – July 6, I received a positive Beta h-CG blood test (it was the 5th week of pregnancy). The pregnancy went very well and without complications. Best of all, the husband checked his parameters and nothing improved and the child was on his way. So faith works miracles. Beloved, it is a miracle for us and many of our relatives, knowing our situation, think so. The due date was March 8 !!! (beginning of the rosary prayer for offspring) / Every day I thank Mary for her intercession, for being with me and I know that I can always count on her. We encourage you, dear ones, to turn to Mary, to entrust her with your affairs and your everyday life. She intercedes for us and asks for God’s favors for us. Greetings to everyone and thank you for praying together.


We have been married for 2.5 years. We have always wanted to start a family and have many children. Soon after we got married, our first child was conceived. Unfortunately, after only a few weeks it passed away to the Lord. It was very painful for us – the joy of the wedding, being together, the emergence of a new life, suddenly plunged us into great pain. We want to testify that in all this suffering we experienced the presence of the Lord who was still with us. Franio’s departure was a huge pain for us and left a wound for life, but the awareness that our son is in Heaven, a place that is the goal of life, that we will meet him someday, changes everything. We cannot imagine surviving loss without the perspective of faith and Heaven.
In this whole situation, God did a lot of good for us. Despite the complicated procedures, we managed to bury Franio – having a place to go and pray helps us a lot in surviving the loss. Before that, I often assessed other marriages, ie whether or not they have children, how many children they have, how they live, etc. Thanks to our experience, I began to look at others with mercy, not judgment. The time after the loss was very difficult, all my friends around us were happy to have offspring born, and we were stuck in the perspective that we might not get to see it at all. During this time, the Lord slowly taught me not to envy others, to find my worth not in what I had “achieved”, but in being a child of God, discovering the joy of being close to Him and giving everything to Him.
Thanks to our experience, we found ourselves in a Rosary Rose for which we are also very grateful. After the loss of the child, we lacked a place for such people in the Church. Being in the Rose – daily prayer, online adoration or retreat – gives you a great peace of heart. Thank you for this service. This experience opened us strongly to the suffering of married couples trying to conceive. When we made efforts to have a second baby, nothing happened at all for a long time. From a medical point of view, new difficulties arose and there was little hope in the treatment. Last year I had a cyst in the ovary, I hadn’t had a menstrual period for a long time, at that point I gave up, I found that I couldn’t do anything anymore and I didn’t want to do anything anymore. I totally gave up.
And then, in the next cycle, we unexpectedly found out that our second child had been conceived. Great joy, and even greater surprise !!! A light at the end of the tunnel that gave us great hope. We are currently in our 25th week of pregnancy – which is why I am amazed at the fact that this new life has already been going on for 25 weeks. We are happy with each next day together and we are grateful to the Lord for it. Every day we face great fears, learning at the same time to trust, to give everything to Jesus. We would love to be with our baby, but we give it to Him. Praise the Lord! For His Presence in our lives and in us, for the hope He gives us.


My husband and I got engaged 3 weeks after our first date in February 2015 and we got married in June. However, as it happens in life, great happiness is often mixed with suffering. Between the engagement and the wedding, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (at the moment it is still an incurable disease). We bought an insulin pump from wedding gifts to get better results and started trying for our first child. We were both 35 years old and we didn’t know what would happen. We dreamed of a large family. The first miracle happened – at the first attempt I got pregnant and in April 2016 I gave birth to our son. When he was just over a year old, we wanted to have a second child. The next time I tried, I got pregnant for a second time. Our daughter was born in August 2018. When she turned one year old, we decided, according to our original plan and our big dream, to try for a third baby. We were very confident, because the last two attempts were successful, and here’s a surprise – month after month passed and nothing. I started going to the doctor – all is well – I was healthy. The ultrasound showed ovulation in books, good results, no contraindications. Diabetes under control. In March 2020, I read about the Rosary Rose. We joined. Every day I prayed the mystery of the rosary given to me, at every possible opportunity with my husband. Each new cycle gave birth to hope, each menstruation was a huge disappointment, pain, a day full of questions about the reason – why can’t I get pregnant? I began to read about secondary infertility and the great misunderstanding it involves. Hardly anyone understands why it is possible to suffer from the lack of another pregnancy if you already have children. But I suffered and cried and gave my pain to God.
At the end of April, we packed the car and escaped from the pandemic in the city to our cabin in a forest in Masuria, where the four of us lived until the end of May. I had a lot of bleeding during this stay, but I thought it was just a strange period. After returning to the city, on June 1, I went to the gynecologist for an ultrasound. And shock. I heard: “You are pregnant, but the pregnancy is to be terminated because not only is it ectopic, but it is in a caesarean scar, and it can cause a hemorrhage at any moment.” I broke down. I came home with the children’s day gifts to my little ones and sat hypnotized. Do I have to terminate the pregnancy we have been trying for many months? Shall I kill the child I prayed for? I couldn’t sleep from the tears. The next day, I was seen by two gynecologists and both confirmed the pregnancy in the caesarean scar. But a miracle happened! They both stated that there is no life in the middle – the pregnancy is pathological and there is no embryo in it. 7 weeks, empty pregnancy. It has to be removed, but the baby is not inside. I went to the hospital where I lay for 2 weeks. I cried every day, because despite the joy of not having a baby inside the pregnancy vesicle, I was constantly scared that if I got a hemorrhage, they would have to have my uterus removed. The doctors couldn’t operate right away because of the risk, so I had to lie down and wait for the beta hcg to drop. Every day I prayed and begged God for mercy, for a miracle, to be able to leave the hospital with my uterus, with hope. After 2 weeks the beta had dropped and I was getting ready for surgery. Right before it I was told to sign a document that in case of complications, I consent to the removal of the uterus. I signed it with tears in my eyes and a rosary in my hand. The operation lasted 3 hours and as soon as I regained consciousness I asked: was it possible to save the uterus? Yes, that was the answer. Another miracle.
I had to wait 6 months before trying to get pregnant again. Since December we have Bern trying again and praying every day. 3 cycles have passed and so far nothing. I still have a hard time mentally, but I do not lose hope.
On my 41st birthday, my husband took all of us to Sopot for a short vacation. I remembered about the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pregnancy in Matemblewo. I wrote immediately asking if there was a Hoły Mass, because my birthday is on February 8 (and I remembered that it is the 8th Day of each month that there are Masses and vigils for married couples who want children). We went in a blizzard to the Sanctuary, we covered the last kilometer on a sled, because everything was covered with snow. After the Mass, we climbed up to pray before the Pregnant Mother. I will never forget that moment. The four of us stood there praying for a third baby for our family. I felt so much peace and trust. Our Lady looked so unearthly beautiful and huge snowflakes were falling all around. We came back with a smile on our face and joy in our hearts, and in the parking lot we met Agnieszka and Mirek, who organized this Rosary Rose. There are no coincidences in life. We do not give up and we trust that one day God will have mercy on us and give us our longed-for third child. Until then, we pray, trust and enjoy these miracles that good God has already bestowed on us. I would like to thank all the couples who pray for us in this Rosary Rose for their prayers. We also pray for you and we believe that miracles, small and large, will be performed.


We must tell you our story! As I was praying for offspring, I promised to share with you how God is working in our lives. That’s why I’m writing this testimony…
We have been married since 2012. From the beginning we were open for life at the beginning of each new year. Finally we decided to ask the Lord for the grace of children. We waited a long time, 7 years have passed since the wedding, during this time we did what was humanly possible. Several years of treatment, incl. naprotechnology, visits to doctors, hospitalization, swallowing drugs, injections, etc. It was accompanied by stress, despair, helplessness and resentment (why others have children, and yet we want so much …). But in spite of everything, we were accompanied all the time by trust in God’s Providence that it would be fine despite everything and God would give us offspring. I gave this time of sterility to the Lord as our cross and I prayed, asked, trusted … I also found the page Prayer for offspring. I have read testimonies of couples who are already enjoying parenthood. We learned that on February 8, 2020, near our city, in Chodel, a Holy Mass is being celebrated with a prayer for offspring. We were there then. Two days later I had my blood results. At the beginning, a time of joy came for us, and I must admit that we were a bit incredulous. Then I was very scared and begged the Lord to save this Life for us. I was given drugs, leam, I managed to wait until March 3, for another ultrasound, which was to confirm the pregnancy.
God gave us a great joy on this day. In treatment, the state doctors said there was a baby developed under my heart. God always gives abundantly. Not only what we ask for, but always much more. It never crossed our mind that we could have two children at the same time. And here is such a beautiful gift from the Highest . We were very happy. Further, the pregnancy progressed well, without complications, you know you have more control in difficult pregnancy and in addition to the twin one, it was is thrombocythemia. Preparations, repairs, purchases and medical tests were underway. Initially, we started thinking of two girls, as we expected later, we were expecting our daughters – the children developed healthy. August came, 7 months ago. We expected that the twin’s pregnancy might end in childbirth. Every day they grew worth their weight as gold. I felt a slight ache but we wanted to come back home. I don’t like hospitals, but it’s good that I was already under the supervision of issuing, just in case…. What bad could happen now? Pregnancy at 32 nd week. We just waited for the childbirth. Every day, of course, I entrusted us to God’s Mercy, I asked our Holy Intercessors and Guardian Angels for the children. Another day of hospitalization came, August 25. The morning CTG showed two beating hearts and slight contractions. The routine examination during the morning medical visit was also ok. I was sent for an ultrasound. The doctor examined my twin – everything was fine, we were accompanied by a casual chat, jokes that the girl eats a lot because she’s as big as’a woman’ (it surprised me a bit). The doctor ran the probe on the second twin. There was a silence. He left the office, returned with the entire group selected from the ward. They looked, nodded their heads. The head physician informed me: “Ma’am, One child is dead, the other must be saved” Everything happened very quickly after that. I just shouted that I wanted to have my husband with me. I managed to shout into his headset, “They’re taking me for a cesarean !!! Mateus is dead, you need to save Ania !!” My husband got in the car and rushed 40 km to us. I was already in the room, I was sobbing that “I want to see my children” and I was whispering “Jesus, I trust in You” …
Nurses woke me up asking if I had already been ready – They said they were giving me back my daughter and she was dead. During the ultrasound, the doctor did not check the sex of the children, so we were misled. I was holding our Anusia in my arms. She was lovely. Warm. Tiny looked like she was asleep. I asked these women – “but she is warm, maybe something else can be done” – They said” no. „. I asked about my son – “he is alive, everything is fine, he is being examined in the preterm ward”. Mateuś weighed 1640 g, Anusia 1375 g. Doctors said there was an embolism in the umbilical cord. It was a moment. There was nothing they could do. I prayed that God would not take Matthew from us: “Anusia is already with you, Lord, leave us Matthew, let him live for your glory.” That evening, I asked the midwives to baptize our son. They asked for a name – Matthew (Hebrew Matanjah – a gift from God).
Our son was in the hospital for the first 6 weeks of his life. Alone. During this time, my husband only saw him twice. I was able to visit him twice a week and spend an hour with him. The pandemic has introduced such cruel restrictions on children and parents. Separation from a newborn son, loss of a daughter – those were hard weeks for us, but at that time also many changes took place in us. We started praying together every day. First, crying out to the Lord for life and health for our son, and now we simply turn to everyday matters – we pray for two, as parents, as a family.
Our daughter’s “clothes”, on September 3 we placed witaj her body in the grave. That day, during the thanksgiving mass, we thanked for the gift of life of Ania and Mateusz, we asked for our family together with our relatives and friends. We know that many people prayed for us, both asking for the gift of children for us and entrusting our four to God while waiting for the birth or when little Mateusz was fighting for health. These prayers were also a beautiful fruit of this time. Today our son Mateusz is six months old, he is beautiful, he is developing healthily and may he grow for the glory of the Lord. It has also been 6 months since we have our intercessor in heaven, St. daughter Anusia. We believe that these beautiful and difficult experiences were a time of grace for us. It has just been published but it will certainly bring many more beautiful fruits. We thank God every day for our children that we can be parents. And we do not despair after the death of our daughter, although it is natural from the human point of view, because we trust that she is already holy in the glory of the Lord.


My name is Ania. 3 years ago I married a wonderful man. We both wanted children. The difference was that I wanted to do it as soon as possible, and my husband wanted to build a house first. I went to the gynecologist regularly. The doctor said I had too much testosterone and he prescribed hormones for me. During every period, I was depressed. I was crying. Each month, I hoped God would give us a baby. The beautiful time has come when we both said “yes” to God. One cycle and nothing. Second – nothing too. In mid-June, I was at the gynecologist’s ultrasound. It bothered me that I was staining in the last days of the cycle. The gynecologist said it might be a polyp. I began to say a novena to untie the knots, asking for healing from the polyp. There was no change in the next cycle. On June 29, 2020, I joined the RosaryRose praying for children – I knew that our beloved Mother and Jesus would not refuse anything. I told my relatives that we could not conceive a child and asked for prayer. Our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, cousins prayed for us! I was lying with a Rosary in my hand, looking at a picture of Our Lady and I was crying while praying the Rosary. At that time, my soul was healed. I worshiped God in our infertility. I didn’t get pregnant in August and I wasn’t embittered about it. While Reading at the Holy Mass, I was touched by the words: “in a year you will caress your son”. One night I dreamed of Holy Mary. All I could see was the outline of her head. A white veil, a blue robe. I couldn’t see the face. An amazing glow emanated from her. Her voice was beautiful, I felt her love, compassion, that she wanted to calm me down. She said to me: “you will give birth in June”. I heard the voice of Mary in my mind: “leave it to me”, “leave it for me, I will take care of it”. September was approaching and I was calm. My husband took me to a weekend trip, in the car I read a notification that the rose of those praying for offspring invites me to deepen contact with Mary in Mary’s School. In mid-September I got sick. The first test showed nothing. I decided to buy the second one. I woke up around 2 am on Saturday, September 19, 2020. I felt the whole Heaven above me: “go do this test.” I prayed the Rosary. I did the test at 3 am and saw 2 lines. I almost fainted. The due date was May 26. The end of May is almost June … I want to say that you do not have to be seriously infertile to experience the frustration of not having a dream child. In fact,we physically tried for 4 months but mentally I experienced infertility for 2 years. I encourage you to pray earnestly and change your whole life. Let your treatment be guided by Mary, let her lead you to doctors, but, first of all, to the best doctor in the world, to our God. Nothing is impossible for Him. I am still in prayer, thanking for our Michał and asking for you, dear ones, that you could enjoy your beloved children. You have to believe that it will be so and let God act. Praise God in your infertility, that He may change your life. Greetings Ania


Hello again, before I say goodbye to you, I feel obligated to write a testimony. A story began 8 years ago when I failed to get pregnant. A long time ago, “far”from God, I began to pray for the gift of children. I asked God with the mediation of John Paul II in this request. I was heard and 7 years ago my son was born. Immediately the transformation started and setting the steps closer and closer to Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. Then the son was ill. I prayed for his fitness and health. In addition, specialists came at home. The result was a good recover and today my son is a very wise boy and he has no inclinations . After that it was very difficult to have the second child. However, in 2017 it turned out that I was pregnant. The husband was not thrilled and I was scared. After 11 weeks, I had a miscarriage. I was discouraged by my husband that it affected us a lot. I drank alcohol, sipped every day – two glasses of wine or beer. It lasted until January 1, 2019 when I was told during confession that I was addicted to this problem, I decided to say a novena to Our Lady undoing the knots for healing from alcoholism. Since then, I don’t drink alcohol. I had my third pregnancy which also ended in a miscarriage after 8 weeks. I got pregnant for the fourth time and after a few days I had a miscarriage. My husband and I underwent genetic tests, which showed in that I had thrombophilia and that I should take medication in order to control my pregnancy. I started with the Rosary on March 8, 2020. gathered in a rosary prayer as a Rose of the Rosary. On March 19, 2020, in the daily memoirs of St. Joseph – the pregnancy test showed 2 lines. The next day I was already taking heparin injections until I gave birth to my child November 16, 2020 -Polish day of Our Lady of Mercy. I wish all married couples who are seeking children the grace they are asking for. Let Our Lady of Mercy be praised in all her songs. God Blessed…


4 years ago I promised God that if I become a mother, I will support with my prayers married couples who, humanly like us, cannot become parents . A month later I got pregnant and after 9 months I gave birth to our first welcomed Miriam. Her life is the beginning of this work and prayer on the 8th day. Today we want to share with you our second testimony. A year ago I started praying the Pompeian Novenna, asking Mary for light for our community in carrying out this work and for the gift of children for the couples we pray. I started praying on March 8th, when the Rosary Rose started. When I saw the date I knew I was led by Holy Mary (I finished it on the day Miriam was conceived). During the prayer, the day before my cycle, I dreamed about Mary. She was as beautiful as in the Kecharitomene painting and She said to me : “the declaration of life is the most important thing”.”
After Miriam was born, I never had the courage to ask God for another child, I felt that I had gotten so much anyway that I had no right to ask for more. Instead, I prayed for others- for our friends who were trying to have children, people from the community and marriages, who committed themselves to our prayer. Every day, when you accompany couples who have difficulties in conceiving a child, read a lot of testimonies and write back hundreds of messages each month, you stop thinking about yourself. When I finished the Novenna it turned out that I was pregnant. Joy was intertwined with the fear, as my first childbirth ended with a hemorrhage after which I barely survived. The whole pregnancy was very hard until the end, it was not known how it would end and whether I would be able to deliver and give birth to my baby happily. From the 32nd week of pregnancy, I had to lie down. At the last adoration where we were, the Word of Knowledge appeared that: “there is a woman who is very afraid of childbirth, the Lord tells her: Do not be afraid, whoever gave his life to Me, he will never lose it”. I felt that these words were spoken to me by God … On that day I was given a small statue of Our Lady of Pregnancy from the parish priest of Matemblewo. I packed the figurine in a bag and took it with me to the hospital … I started childbirth on December 26th. After 4 hours of delivery, the child’s heart rate began to drop, and as I did not have full dilatation (only 6 cm), the doctors decided to do a Caesarean section. It was a quick action, it only lasted 5 minutes. I just signed the papers when Bartek, my husband, asked the Mother of God for help. Lying on the operating bed, I got two strong contractions and gave birth naturally. Then I found out that after 9 months of waiting for a son, our second daughter, Emilia, was born. The doctor said that such things just don’t happen, frankly speaking, I couldn’t give birth naturally without being fully dilatated. 5 minutes – that was the total time it took to give birth to Emilia! I know that I owe my motherhood to Holy Mary – there is no better intercessor to God than She is. So do not hesitate to cling firmly to Her motherly heart.


Hi. Reading your testimonies, I can see how important it is for God to pray for one another. Although we may not even know each other and we are asking for favors for someone, or maybe because we do it selflessly – God works so many miracles! I would like to make my contribution and share with you the testimony of God’s action in our family. For as long as I can remember I had very irregular cycles, sometimes only 2 in a half a year. 7 years ago doctors diagnosed me with PCOS, implementing treatment and giving me little chance of getting pregnant. Back then, I didn’t think about starting a family, and the thought didn’t scare me that much. Everything changed when I met my husband and when he proposed to me. Everywhere I saw happy mothers with children, even my younger sister gave birth to a baby girl. The prospect of being married and having no children hit me hard. I remember many days of tears and difficult conversations looking far into the future, considering various options, including adoption. Even though God had shown me tangibly many times that He was with me – I doubted. Fortunately, my then-future husband was full of hope and faith that nothing was impossible for God. And his love and support helped me to trust and be led. After the wedding, I went to another doctor, who ordered another series of tests and gave a referral to the hospital. At the same time, my friend Fr. Capuchin offered me a 3-month preparation for the act of surrender to Mary according to the treatise by Louis de Montfort and I started reading your testimonies on the Prayer for Offspring page. We had been praying for a long time with my husband for offspring for our friends who had been trying for a child for 3 years and we were mentally ready to wait longer .. but it happened otherwise. On December 8, I gave myself into the captivity of Holy Mary, and at the beginning of the year after the feast of Saint Family , my husband insisted that I take the test because he had a feeling. Although I was not convinced, I did and, to my surprise, it turned out that I Was pregnant and the deadline was on September 8 . Our little big miracle! Then there was a literal avalanche of blessings, because thanks to God’s providence and the kindness of our friends, we managed to buy our own house despite the restrictions and covid. Moreover, our friends for whom we prayed , shared the wonderful news that they also expected a child. The pregnancy proceeded without any major problems until the third trimester, when the huge hypertension, which, despite the medications, did not go away, suddenly appeared and did not want to go away. So I lay at the end of my pregnancy in the hospital, but on September 10, our little baby was born, though not so small – all 4110g of Little Love. A month later my friend gave also birth to a baby. And today Zuzanna Maria is 5 months old and she teaches us every day how to love and believe more. I wish you Courage and perseverance , I believe that our common prayer does not remain silent to God.


We have been married since 2011. After two years, I got pregnant without any problems and our son was born through caesarean section. My husband and I really wanted our son to have siblings. After a year of trying, I heard a diagnosis – secondary infertility. The hospital stay only confirmed this diagnosis. I was qualified for a fallopian tube obstruction procedure. In the meantime, we started going to Matemblewo to pray, asking Our Lady for help. We participated in Holy Masses and services asking for the gift of children. Many times I could not bring out a word of prayer, but I cried in front of the Mother of God, asking with tears like a mother -to mother. On May 5, my husband and I learned that we would be parents. A week later a medical visit confirmed that I was pregnant. I remember that the doctor cried with me in the office because it was a miracle and she could not explain how it happened because it was impossible to do with medical work. After the medical visit, we went to Matemblewo to thank Our Lady of Matemblewo for this miracle. For us it was just a miracle asked at the sanctuary of Our Lady of Matemblewo. Our son is called Hubert. For us, his life proves that prayer has great strength.


I would like to share my testimony. We tried to get offspring for about 3 years. I know some may say it is not long but for me it was a difficult time From the very beginning, the doctors did not give us much chance. I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Some series of medications, and operations were ineffective. Every month, crying and not understanding. Anger at God and asking why? Though I knew He was with me from the very beginning. Being in the church at Mass, I drew a quote from the Holy Scriptures saying that I would have the desired offspring. However, months passed and there was no pregnancy. All the time I felt that the Lord was close. When I was losing hope, I got a word of comfort, either from the Scriptures or from the people I met. It was really a lot, the Lord showed me that my prayers would be answered, but at the best moment for me. A year ago, during a medical visit, I heard a terrible diagnosis. Suspicion of a polyp, hydrocele of the fallopian tube, one ovary with the uterus, the other fused. There was no end to the crying. I decided to go to a healing Mass in my parish. People who prayed over me told me to go to some Marian Sanctuary. I knew immediately that it would be Matemblewo. I went with my husband to the next Mass. It was a wonderful time. Already driving there I felt calm, and when we returned I knew that everything would be fine. Before the miraculous statue of Mary, I gave her my problems. At the same time, I was praying the rosary for children at risk of abortion. What was my surprise when, while reading the meditation, I read that “today God’s promise to you will be fulfilled.” And guess what? After two weeks, I found out that I was pregnant. A month earlier, the doctor gave me no chance. It is all thanks to Mary, I know that it was She who obtained this grace for us. Hugging my son every evening, I thank Mary and God for this blessing, although sometimes I still cannot believe that we are parents and how good God is. He loves us all, He tests us through the cross, but it always has meaning. I had to give God this decision because He knows best, He is the best doctor. Praise the Lord.


I would like to share my testimony. It was not easy. I am sick with endometriosis. It is a disease that is often the cause of infertility. When my husband and I decided to try to get pregnant, I had to stop taking my medications. Unfortunately, the body reacted badly. Health problems developed and I had to go back to treatment. We stopped our efforts. One day we went to a friend’s birthday party. There we met a wonderful pregnant person who told us her story. We decided to follow in her footsteps. We are both believers and we had no doubts that we should trust God. We strongly believed that we would be lucky and that it was possible! With great hope, we went to Holy Mass and the Rosary at the Sanctuary in Matemblewo, asking for help and support from Our Lady of Pregnancy. We held hands and tears ran down my cheeks every time. I put the pills down again. This time my body reacted gently. I knew that I did not have much time and that if I did not find myself pregnant soon, cysts would appear on the ovaries again. In the meantime, we went to visit the gynecologist and we only heard that despite the improvement in my health, I still had very little chance of getting pregnant. Doctors took away our hope, but we believed that God would help us. I was taking some vitamins, medications, all to help us somehow. Now I know all this made no sense without faith. When we believed that the impossible could become possible, a miracle happened. I started to have my first symptoms. My husband knew immediately. I was afraid to talk about it, the pregnancy was correct until 23 weeks. Hypertension developed. In week 26, I went to the hospital, and there I found out that the child is not growing. Deteriorating flows to the umbilical cord and pressure, life-threatening for me and my baby. Very bad results. I blamed myself for it. I did not rest from the beginning of my pregnancy, I only carried shopping, rearranged furniture, stress at work, poor nutrition. I spent 5 weeks on the pathology of pregnancy. I found wonderful doctors who did their best to help us. All the time in the hospital, I prayed begging for my baby to stay in the belly as long as possible. Each day was worth as gold. Mentally, I was totally exhausted. The pandemic situation had not helped me to calm down. There were no visits. I didn’t have the support I needed. However, I knew that this pregnancy was no coincidence that I could not break down. I had to be strong for Julian. My son was born in the 31st week of pregnancy. He was malnourished. He was hypotrophied. It weighed 870g. However, it was important whether he had the strength to survive. He turned out to be a strong little man. We had many different situations along the way. Never in my life have I shed back tears. The doctor who examined him two months after he left the hospital said that Julek had an important mission here on earth. Julian is and lives thanks to prayer. Because I never doubted it. We thank all those who prayed with us for his health-my whole family and all people with good hearts ♥
♥ ️Julian 3.04.2020 Our little, great MIRACLE ♥ ️ …


I and my husband would like to share our testimony with you. In 2015, we started our marriage and since then we have been trying to have a child, but we have not been able to enjoy the grace of parenthood. After a year of trying, we went to the doctor to check what was wrong and so the months passed and… nothing. The visits followed, we changed the doctor, believing that the next one would tell us something else, but we heard that only in vitro could help us. Of course, my husband and I did not agree to such solution. We entrusted everything to the Holy Mother and God, the whole family prayed for our intention, but we understood that it was our cross to bear and we accepted it. In January this year I came across the facebook “prayer for offspring” and sent a message asking for a prayer in our intention hoping it would be successful. But I must admit that I forgot about it very quickly until March. Then it turned out that the Lord in His grace bestowed on us the grace of conception of a child. The whole pregnancy was book-like and our daughter Maria was born on November 4 – it was 5 years after our wedding. Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying in our intention.


Our journey in hope for offspring began right after the wedding, in the spring of 2018. I have PCOS and I have lived with the anxiety that I might not be able to see my biological children. In the fall of the same year, I went to the doctor after having had two periods in six months. He referred us to a fertility clinic. We live abroad. The only thing they could offer us was to stimulate my cycle by observing the egg and giving it an injection to help release it during ovulation. A total of 3 stimulations took us half a year, with a break in the meantime, where friends offered us a common daily prayer for this intention, without any medical interference – but it did not bring any result. In the summer of 2019, we decided to stop treatment here and put ourselves in the hands of a Polish naprotechnologist. Dozens of tests, additional diagnoses (including insulin resistance, positive ANA, MTHFR), dietitian, drugs and supplements, fatigue from monthly trips to Poland and lack of support from local doctors (no private laboratories to even check if drugs bring improvement). At the turn of July and August, we went to Lourdes for this intention, and in August, during my research, I managed to visit the sanctuary in Matemblewo. We also asked many, many people and communities for prayers, including “Prayer for the Offspring”.
Time passed, and despite my regular entrustment of this matter to God, I had regrets and doubts about the effectiveness of the treatment. In November I had a particularly hard time, when the observation of the cycle showed that I was ovulating on the 90th day of the cycle, and two weeks later I had neither a period nor a positive test result .. In confession, I even shouted to the priest how I was angry with God that my body is not working as it should and even medicine couldn’t regulate it ..The days passed and even though I was deepening in despair, waiting for the next menstruation (along with another ovulation and another hope), I planned, with the help of a priest friend, to receive the sacrament of the sick for us and a few couples I know with the same problem, on December 8, a celebration in church of Holy Mary’s Immaculate Conception. Before that, several Masses were held here (on the eighth day of the month) for children. Meanwhile, apart from a minor tribe, there was no menstruation. I did the test – there were already quite a few of them for a year and a half of marriage and each performance of the next one was painful, associated with disappointment. It was my mother-in-law’s birthday, November 28, 2019. How I couldn’t believe my eyes when the two thin lines appeared. I ran to my husband crying, and he remembered that morning that I was jumping half a meter. I did another test, also positive. In the meantime, we decided to change the doctor and waited for an appointment with the new lady naprotechnologist. I called her with the news and we were given time for a few days later. I checked the airline tickets and at the beginning of December we saw our tiny seed of happiness for the first time ❤️. I immediately started the treatment, this time for the pregnancy, and I was overjoyed. On December 8, despite our pregnancy, we received the previously planned Sacrament. At Christmas, we announced the news to the families, and right after, we went for another visit to the doctor (we took our mothers with us), where we all heard the beating heart for the first time. The doctor also noticed a small hematoma and ordered to have a rest. She wanted me to go to hospital right away (due to a threatened pregnancy), but here, unfortunately, I had to do my work. The boss agreed that I could work from home until my next visit to the local gynecologist. The visit took place, the baby in the photo was starting to look like a little man, and the doctor did not see the hematoma anymore. Alleluja!At the end of January, I woke up in blood .. I was not admitted to the hospital right away because the bleeding had stopped. We waited until the evening of the next day to get a referral from the GP, then to go to the hospital. A huge hematoma was found, but the baby was still struggling.The same situation happened the next night, with even more blood we went back to the hospital, finding out again that the child was alive. It ended up lying in bed for the next month and a half, my husband was taking care of almost everything, including washing me in the shower. It was quite a dramatic time, with different opinions (as to the further treatment) of the local doctors and the Polish doctor. At one point, the hematoma was nearly 10 cm, threatening to detach the placenta. Half-tests in March showed that the baby was alive and well, and the hematoma was no longer a threat. Praise the Lord!
And so, on July 22, our long-awaited and prayed Franek was born, and God listened to all our requests, including turning to the head position at the last minute, so that I could give birth as I wanted – naturally, and literally 3 days before giving birth, a decision about buying a house (which we were looking for since the wedding). Through this time of waiting and then difficult pregnancy, God has rearranged our values and reminded us to focus on the present and not too far ahead. Now we are still praying for other couples – for the grace of new life and parenthood for them.


My, our history is very long…. We lost seven children – 3 boys and 4 girls … Is it possible to smile again, regain peace of mind after losing a child? Today I know that it is… Not so long ago I would not have believed that I would say this, because in the last year we lost another two children, despite the enormous pain and longing, which at times is unbearable, a real peace has appeared in the heart. I have participated in the retreats organized by the Community several times.
In retrospect, I know that they were the beginning of my reconciliation with God. A month after my last retreat, and two months after losing my 6th child, I gave everything to God and the Virgin Mary. Five months later it turned out that we were going to be parents again, we had no plans at all. Although not planned at all, a baby like all the others was wanted from the very beginning . Although I was hoping for a miracle, I kept repeating “Your will be done”. I had a miscarriage at home. The first time I had the opportunity to hold our baby in our arms, we were able to say goodbye to her. God, how important it was.
I gave everything to God, and He began to act … When I went to the retreat for the first time, I had a lot of questions, I felt anger, anger, I was literally tired of life, 9 months earlier we lost our 5th child – a daughter (premature birth). Today I no longer ask why, although I do not understand. I believe that someday I will find out. We are a mystery to doctors. From a medical point of view, I should deliver and give birth to a healthy baby. Today, I thank for our children, I thank that I could feel our daughter’s movements, her kicks, that I had the chance to see our 3 little daughters, that we could bury them, that I could have the youngest in my arms, that we got to know the sex of our four children (my heart was not wrong 4 times in terms of gender, so I believe you were right and 7 times).Although we will always be a childless marriage, we are parents of seven children, because their death did not take our parentage from us. Although I have never heard the word “Mom”, although I will never see them grow up, although at home we will never hear children’s laughs. I’m a mother and my wonderful husband is a father. I finally understood it. For them, for our seven children, we decided with my husband that we would be as happy as possible in our situation, as much as possible, because they would like it.
Believing that we have not lost them forever, that they exist and are happy, allow us to bear it all, although sometimes I do not want to get out of bed, although my heart has probably broken into a billion pieces, the pillow is wet with tears, I can feel a strange peace in my heart that it is difficult to describe … I know that I owe this peace of mind to God and many people’s prayers for us. I believe that straight from my heart our children fell into the embrace of Jesus.
I have a beloved husband, family and relatives whom I can always count on. I believe that God has put wonderful people from the Community on my way – priests and psychologists and orphaned parents, I owe them a lot. I was there when I really needed it and I believe it was not a coincidence.
I don’t know what else is ahead of us, but “I have a plan- no plan, the Lord has a plan”, I trust.


I would like to share with you my testimony. We have been trying to have a baby for 4 years, it was very hard and long years – especially for me. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, increased prolactin and thyroid disorders, which also did not help us get the desired pregnancy.
During these few years, many friends and acquaintances had babies, and we continued to wait, I was more and more broken and tired of waiting each month. I have always prayed for the grace of motherhood, but in fact I did not fully trust God that He wanted the best for me. So, after several fruitless years, when I completely broke down, I remember that day perfectly, I remember how my heart was breaking with regret. We gave up our efforts. On April 6, I came across a prayer community for offspring and asked for prayer support for us.
I devoted myself to work all the time so as not to think and at the beginning of August I found out that I was pregnant. Joy, tears of happiness and, on the other hand, problems at work. You know how employers look at us today, women who would like to have children .. We are not in their favor and it was the same in my case. Before I found out about my pregnancy, it turned out that I was dismissed from work and at that moment I broke down. I was pregnant, no job, no source of income? The Lord watched over us. After the medical visit confirming the pregnancy, I received a pregnancy certificate from the doctor, which I sent to my employer. As it turned out, he was very angry that he couldn’t fire me because I was pregnant.
During the pregnancy, there were some blood spotting at first which were worrisome, but fortunately the whole pregnancy went smoothly. Now, while writing this testimony, I am holding my sleeping son, Piotr, our prayed-for and longed-for treasure, who was born on March 29.
I would like to tell people who read my testimony that you never give up, believe that everything will work out, always ask God for strength in prayer, because miracles really happen , and above all, your hearts must be opened for grace, prayer and other people. Praise the Lord!


I would like to share my testimony so that it would give all couples seeking for a child hope and faith in the goodness of God and the help of the Holy Mother Mary, who never abandons us. My husband and I wanted children very much and we started trying for a child right after the wedding. We were young and healthy so we thought that everything would work out and we would soon get the longed-for baby. Months passed and I couldn’t get pregnant. At the beginning, we waited with the hope that it would be successful in the next month. A year has passed after the wedding and there was still no child with us. At that time, pregnancies appeared in our close families and among friends. There were questions from my loved ones when the baby would finally be with us. I felt a lot of pressure and we started looking for help from doctors. After performing all possible tests, it turned out that I was completely healthy and there should be no problem with conceiving a child. Then we tested my husband and the results came out very poor. My despair was great. It was then that the children were born in our friends and close family. I used to go to visit the happy mothers and their children, but I wasn’t able to really enjoy their happiness. It was very hard time for me. Then my husband decided to have an operation that was supposed to help him. After the operation, his results did not improve and the doctor said that we should think about the in vitro method. My husband and I decided that we were not taking it into account and decided to trust God. I learned about the Pompeian Novena from my friends and started to pray it, asking the Mother of God for a child. We also travelled to various Sanctuaries praying for the baby. I also wrote an e-mail to the group “prayer for offspring” asking the community and nuns to pray for our intention. My husband and I prayed every eighth day of the month for the gift of the Child, uniting ourselves in prayer with the Sanctuary in Matemblewo. My family also prayed. My mother and sister prayed the Pompeian Novena for our intention. Months of our prayers passed and the baby did not appear. After a few months, I thought that maybe this was God’s will and maybe we couldn’t become parents. After I got over it, it turned out that I was pregnant. My joy was great, I was happy and thanked God throughout my pregnancy and I felt the protection of the Mother of God and the Lord Jesus over us. Our son has been with us for three months and we continue to thank God for this great gift. I believe that only a persistent prayer and trust helped us through this difficult time. It is worth entrusting your intentions to Our Lady, who is our best Advocate to God. I would like all couples trying to have a child, reading this testimony, to regain hope and trust in God, because He never leaves a man … Olga


I would like to share with you our double testimony. In February 2017 I lost my baby in the early stages of pregnancy. Even though it was the very beginning, it was a huge loss for my husband and me. I couldn’t cope with this situation, the more because when I found out about the baby, my joy was mixed with my anger. I felt guilty, I thought it was because of me. When we were returning home with the older children from winter holidays, despite our slightly different plans, we came across a Holy Mass on which a service with intercessory prayer was to be held. During the Mass, I wanted to go to confession. I remembered not being able to hold back my tears. I cried like a child, not paying attention to the crowd of participants in this Eucharist. I did not feel ashamed of those tears. The service itself was a time of deep relaxation for me. The intercessory prayer and the word of knowledge gave me hope … I began to fill these words in small steps. One of them was entrusting myself to the Mother of God. In September, a tiny heart was already beating under my heart, three weeks later even two hearts. This pregnancy turned out to be a twin pregnancy. Great news was intertwined with my very bad mood. Typical pregnancy ailments that I almost went through like a marathon. The stomachache was so bad that I was unable to function normally. At the turn of 23/24th week, despite a very frugal lifestyle, I was hospitalized with the risk of premature birth. The doctors decided that it was necessary to have a surgery that saved the lives of our children. From the operating room, I remembered the doctor’s words that he did everything he could. Now everything was in God’s hands – he said and pointed to the Cross hanging on the wall. In pain, terrified by all the events, I cried out of powerlessness. Through my tears, I asked God not to take these children from us. Holding my husband’s hand in one hand and my Rosary in the other, I prayed. The days passed and I was slowly recovering. Control tests confirmed that the procedure was successful and the little ones were doing well. The following weeks required me to lie down absolutely so that the babies could stay in my tummy as long as possible and develop safely. I was lying there and every day I discovered how great a gift of a prayer was. Around 30th week, I was hospitalized again. The hidden infection caused premature contractions. With me, the Rosary, my daily prayer book and the words “Jesus, You take care of it …” The infection withdrew, and the contractions stopped.
Our babies were to be born on May 8th, that was the planned delivery date. However, God decided otherwise. Mieszko and Franciszek were born on April 8, in their 35th week and 6th day of pregnancy (4 weeks earlier) on Divine Mercy Sunday, thus fulfilling the word of knowledge that I had kept for almost a year in a small book and in my heart. When my husband came home, I asked him to take out the note and read it. We cried together, but they were tears of gratitude and happiness. Merciful Jesus, we thank You for these two little Miracles. ❤



Hi, my name is Izabela. In 2016 I got married. A year later, we started trying to have offspring. After several months of unsuccessful attempts, we went to the doctor and started to take medicines. In 2018, I attended a Holy Mass with a prayer for healing and I received the word from God that He would give me offspring. Time passed and I was still waiting for the longed-for baby. In 2019 we went with my husband to Matemblewo . We went to a Holy Mass wishing to get offspring. In the beginning, the Lord said that there was a person present there who had already received My Word and He wouldn’t change it. On June 29, 2019, I attended a Holy Mass in our parish in Warsaw, where we had got married, asking for the offspring for us. A few days later, it turned out that I was pregnant. Of course I was treated by medical care together with a special diet. On March 10, 2020, a girl named Róża was born. It turned out that in some moment of my pregnancy Róża had a cyst . But at the same time God also took care of my baby and her operation successed. Thank God Róża is a healthy and a beautiful girl and I’m a happy mom.


When I met my fiancé, we knew immediately that we wanted to be together. We had the same priorities and the dream of a big family. We were very happy together and we planned the wedding quickly. Our happiness did not last long, my beloved father fell ill with cancer. It was a terrible time. I felt strong pains. Sometimes I was literally “doubled over in pain.” I knew something was going on, but I was afraid to check. Maybe that’s why I felt that it was the time that I wanted to have my little child. We started trying to have a baby. For several months it was unsuccessful and my pains grew worse. I decided to find good doctors. I couldn’t wait, the following months brought failures and crying. I failed to deal with another tragedy. Plus Dad’s disease. I asked the Mother of God for help, I have never prayed like this before. She didn’t make me wait long. I also read the information about the Sanctuary. With your support, I believed that everything would succeed. Unfortunately, my father’s condition suddenly worsened and I lost him. A month after his death,I was desperated. My dad was a very good man of strong faith. He had always kneeled in front of the image of Our Lady in a daily prayer every evening. He had suffered many illnesses in his life, but despite this well-being, he had never missed any Holy Mass. I think it’s not a coincidence that I got pregnant a month after he died. He has already taken care of us . I entrusted my entire pregnancy to Our Lady. I felt Her constant care and love. I know that faith and sincere prayer can work miracles. Your happy mother of Michał Józef


I want to share my story. How generous God has been to me, and how He has given me the greatest miracle.
It was a hot July, after 6 months of trying to have a baby, it happened … Finally, the pregnancy test showed two lines .. most awaited. We looked at the test and thanked God. I went to the doctor who performed an ultrasound and confirmed the pregnancy. It is true that the period was only 4 days late, it was normal, because the pregnancy was “too small” to be visible on ultrasound. However, the appearance of the uterus clearly indicated pregnancy. After a week I felt pain .. , I called the doctor. He said there was nothing to worry about. He ordered to take a a pill no-spa and lie down. So I did and fell asleep. When I woke up I went to the bathroom .. I saw blood .. I was terrified .. We went to the hospital. On the ultrasound, the follicle and embryo were missing. The doctor saw only blood. He said that I probably had a miscarriage and that they would give me a beta HCG test to check what its level was and that they would repeat the test every day to see if the pregnancy was developing or not. He left no illusions that the second option was more likely. After two days, HCG dropped to zero .. It was over .. The world collapsed for us .. I cried .. I turned to God -why? After all, He knew how much we wanted to have a child .. Why us? I have not had any surgery. It was considered a biochemical pregnancy and the body cleaned itself. I was ordered for a checkup in two weeks. The day I left the hospital I was strangely calm. Somehow I “forgave” God .. I believed that nothing happened without a reason. For the next two weeks, I rested a lot. I stopped bleeding. I accepted the loss. The day has come for a check-up at the doctor’s. He examined me..He said I had to go to the hospital because surgery would be needed because the body had not cleared itself. The next day, Friday morning, we waited to be admitted to the ward. That day a lot of patients waited .. Until finally the midwife came out and said she would not see any more people because there were no places for a separation .. I told her what I was here from the morning and that I couldn’t wait until Monday. She replied that if there was no bleeding and I was fine then there was no need to examine me on Friday. On Monday morning I was admitted for curettage. Before the procedure, the doctor examined me and replied that he would not have surgery for me today. He was acting weird .. I was scared .. I knew that something was wrong .. The doctor ordered me to repeat all the tests. We waited until noon for the results. A doctor came and asked us to his office .. He said that in the examination he “saw the pregnancy” and he had to repeat beta HCG test which would confirm it .. he himself rubbed his eyes in amazement. He was confused .. We too .. But I was afraid to give myself hope .. In two days I repeated the test to check the HCG increase .. for those two days I just prayed. And finally there was the result .. HCG was growing very fast. An ultrasound was done .. There was a bubble and inside it -our tiny, great miracle! A beautiful bean that is 3 years old today! Fabian is our miracle from God.



I went to one of the adorations at Matemblewo as an assistance person. That day I placed in the hands of Holy Mary the intention of my friends and the marriage of my brother. At the end of the next month, my brother and his wife told us that they were expecting another baby. It was a great joy for everyone. Unfortunately, after a month there were complications. My sister-in-law was taken to the hospital, where she found out that a hematoma had grown around the baby. Her body was trying to get rid of the baby as a normal protection action of the organism. I immediately sent a message asking for prayer, especially to the priest and those people responsible for prayer on the 8th day of the month. The storm to Heaven started. In the meantime, my sister-in-law left the hospital and waited for another visit to the doctor as a sentence. We all waited, but we trusted that good God, through the intercession of Our Lady, would work a miracle. At that time, another adoration of Jesus for married couples took place … And a miracle happened! My brother-in-law, who had an appointment with a doctor two days later, found out that the hematoma was gone and the baby was still alive! The baby was born a few months later safe and sound! God is great in His works! Almighty and Merciful! Praise the Lord!


We have been with my husband for over 5 years after getting married. We really wanted to create a full family. It was possible to get pregnant for the first time quickly. Unfortunately, happiness did not last long. We lost the baby early in pregnancy. It was not so easy to get pregnant for the second time. We prayed fervently for a baby. We were often in Matemblewo, where we continued our prayer. We also turned to specialists. And when the adoration in Matemblewo began, we attended it. After the first adoration, it turned out that I was pregnant. However, it did not proceed properly. In December, when we went to adoration, a miscarriage began. We were desperate, but at the same time full of hope that it would get better. Then I heard a promise that in a year we would enjoy the baby. It also happened. On December 6, our son, Tobias, was born, our treasure, a gift from God. Prayer has tremendous power.


I will start with the fact that I have been struggling with the problem of infertility for 12 years. I was very offended at God why he cannot give me the longed-for child. Over the next years I got pregnant several times but unfortunately I lost them … 9 of my angels went to Heaven … So I asked God why? I prayed, went on pilgrimages and… nothing. In the end, the pregnancy was sustained by medical means and I gave birth to a baby girl. Of course, my insult passed, and I immediately ran to church to thank God for a happy childbirth and a healthy baby. One and a half year later, I quite unexpectedly found out that I was pregnant again. Shocking. Twin pregnancy. Could God reward me for all these years and failures? The pregnancy was difficult, I had to stay in hospital. Despite complications of haemorrhage and hematoma, the children stayed in their mother’s womb up to 32nd week and were born through CC : a boy and a girl! On the second day after childbirth I felt very bad … A doctor came to me and said that the children were healthy, but unfortunately I had sepsis and that they had to give me blood transfusions. The risk was if the blood was not accepted, I would die because the results were very bad. The doctor went away and I saw a cross on the wall. I heard the words “not yet” … “Fight!” … I saw everything behind the fog, only the Lord Jesus on the cross was very clear. I started praying with the last of my strength. I survived because He gave me strength and the will to fight-He helped me to get out of it. Today I am a mother of three healthy children and I thank God that I have them and that I am alive. Apparently, I had to go through these hardships and have what I have, so I appreciate it even more …. Thank you Lord God ….


My husband and I started trying to have a baby right after the wedding. I was convinced that we would manage to get pregnant quickly because my siblings did not have the slightest problem with this. Months passed and there was no pregnancy. It began: despair, shame, resentment for God why me? I started checking everything until I became obsessed. Every month, when the fertile days were approaching, I went crazy. I was looking for everything to confirm or just convince myself that there is no ovulation, that something is wrong. My husband was fed up with my talking. He was more pessimistic about it. And I was falling into an emotional depression. I did pregnancy tests before the period, hoping they would be positive. I couldn’t give it a miss … I was looking for more and more diseases in myself and in my husband. One day, after almost a year of efforts, my period was late – I did not let the news that it was pregnancy. I took the pregnancy test and it turned out positive. We lived in England, and there, it’s not possible to go and confirm the pregnancy immediately. I couldn’t believe it and something was bothering me … Being on vacation in Poland, I saw a beating heart for the first time. It was the very beginning of the pregnancy. I couldn’t believe it … I had dark thoughts because I was thinking all the time that I would lose my baby. Being at the next visit less than a week later, the doctor ended it with the words: ”unfortunately the heart does not beat”. My entire world fell apart. On the same day I went to the hospital and the next day there was an operation. A few days later, we buried the little heart in the cemetery. I spent the whole vacation in Poland at home. My husband was abroad. I had to pretend to my parents that everything was ok. I blamed myself. I couldn’t cope with it. After the surgery, I had to wait 3 months to try to be pregnant. At least, then I mentally rested. I returned to England to my husband .. Later we moved, we took the cat from the shelter so that we could keep our head occupied … I kept asking whoever I could for prayer. Also your community. Month after month went by and I only thought about one thing. Once I trusted, once I doubted … I went to see a doctor in Poland because I was staining. The doctor told me to wait until my period and do some tests. I did the test. It turned out positive. I couldn’t believe everything was ok. I kept making up something instead of being happy. The first visit to the gynecologist was spontaneous. Beta had risen again. The doctor said that she couldn’t see anything and that it was too early. However, after changing positions, she asked about twins in my family. During the examination, the doctor confirmed 2 bubbles. A week later, at the appointment, the doctor told about a haematoma that was near 1 baby and threatened that it might drag them with it when the haematoma evaporated. I saw 2 hearts beating for the first time. I changed a doctor. The whole pregnancy went very well despite my panic and dark thoughts. I was always close to God and I entrusted myself constantly in Him. I entrusteus. I prayed and asked others to do so. I had a moment of doubt. However, God allowed him to persevere. Our miracles came into the world in the 36th month of my pregnancy. A little daughter and a little son. They will be 1.5 year old, in April. And I can’t stop enjoying them. I thank God for them every day. They are a dream come true for me. I wish everyone their dream will come true. I am praying for you, beloved, that you would also experience this miracle from God. God is great. I cannot express my joy. I believe that you will also succeed. Praised be Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord


“… Nothing is premature and nothing is too late. Everything happens in good time, everything … All feelings, meetings, departures, returns, deeds, intentions, God’s clock always beat the right hour”. 6 years this quote accompanied us during our wedding, we want this testimony to be an expression of our great gratitude to our Lord and Holy Mary, as well as encouragement and hope for all couples who are trying to have children. Writing this testimony was even more difficult for us than we thought. While writing it we were watching our son, our miracle of God, sleeping peacefully, we were the happiest in the world despite our daily hardships and responsibilities. Our history of our stumbles and conversions lasted long time … We were very happy and in love. It seemed to us that everything would be so simple, wonderful, because we loved each other … We wanted a child very much. It was supposed to complement our great happiness. It turned out that our dreams and plans were not simple to realize. Before our son was born, I first treated endometriosis, then Hashimoto’s, and then vitiligo. When I finally got pregnant – I miscarried. In addition, it turned out that I suffered from benign ovarian cancer. After all our unsuccessful attempts, we launched an assault to Heaven in the intention of conceiving a child. We prayed together and individually. At that time, we decided to ask for a prayer every person we met. Our Lady showed us how people united in prayer for us, how strangers made fasts and sacrifices so that we could become parents. Many times they were ordered for the Holy Mass for us – both by ourselves, our friends, acquaintances and family. We ourselves prayed the Pompeian Novena in order to conceive a child. Suddenly the problems started to fade away. What is not possible it turned out to be possible. On September 28, our son, Szymon, was born. It was the husband who chose the name. In Hebrew, it means “God heard.” Our joy was limitless. We are aware that we can enjoy it thanks to the prayers of many people. Our Lady heard our prayers. Today, grateful to God, we want to encourage and pour hope in the hearts of all couples who want children. Nothing is impossible for God, all you need is patience. We want to offer Holy Mass on the eighth day of the month for married couples seeking children. The Mass will be celebrated in our parish church- Holy Trinity and the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Chodel.We did it , just like for us, wonderful people did it several times a few years ago.
Thank you God for everything! Be glorified in the endeavors of other couples and grant them the graces needed for this waiting time. Be glorified in every person you have set and put in our way. Thank you for those who remember about us in prayer and thank you for friends from the “Light” community who are with us who stay and support. They are your silent angels and with them we can adore You and Your most wonderful Holy Mother.



My name is Krzysztof and I would like to share my testimony with you. We have heard many testimonies here, many of them are testimonies of faith, testimonies of inner transformation, testimonies of conversion, of entrustment to God. This testimony will be a bit different … It will be a story about a miracle, a miracle that happened here in this special place, but let’s start from the beginning … We have known each other with my wife Ania for many, many years … In our life we ​​put off many things for later … , work, career, you know how it is … When we got married 6 years ago, we immediately decided that it was time to have a baby. We figured it out that now it’s the time, we’re not so young anymore, it’s the best moment now, but it didn’t work that way… It’s been six months, a year, another year and a few years more and nothing. We decided that it was time to visit specialists. I will not describe our long road, many years of various doctors because my story would not be enough to tell in one day. Besides, I am fully aware that it was a path similar to that of many of you- the path filled with pain, sacrifice, and a great deal of disappointment. Despite the diagnosis, we continued the treatment, but we were fully aware that without God, nothing could work. That is why we asked for prayer, we went to church every Sunday, waiting for a miracle … Years passed, every holiday, every celebration: birthday, nameday – everyone wished us only this one, the child who was to become the meaning of our life. Exactly 5 years have passed since our wedding. I was already 40, Ania was a bit younger so we were already aware that we had little time, that maybe it’s time to let go, maybe we needed to give up. In fact, we decided that it would be the last year of our fight. And we just let it go. Our close friends, who had always supported us, invited us to various services several times, but we refused. You know they were on a higher level of faith, they belonged to the community, they had this gift of trust that I did not know, which I wanted and looked for but I still had not received it.Besides, it seemed to me that I was asking, I was praying, I went to church, my family also asked for us … It was enough. I lived according to the Commandments … So why? Why couldn’t I have this baby? the Lord God! I know so many people who do not pay attention to faith, do not go to church, do not pray, and they have children, and they do not even appreciate the great gift they have received. Where is Your justice, the Lord God? This is not fair! How is it? With such regret, doubt and resignation, we got here to Matemblewo. Let me tell you honestly that I don’t even remember how it happened that we came here for the first meeting on the 8th day. The first thing that struck us was such a detail, a trifle, the parish priest waited for us at the entrance, welcomed us in an absolutely cordial way and invited us to the church. It was also the first element, a little detail that showed us that this place was something different, unusual. You know the parish priest, people who have never experienced it in their parishes. Matemblewo has become such an extremely important place for us, thanks to the priests and the atmosphere that prevails here. We went to the service every month on the 8th day of the month, every Sunday we went to church here, but despite these signs and openness, I still had such bitterness, doubt and discouragement. Because you know how it was … At some point a person had no more strength. Exactly a year ago, on December 8th, to be exact, I didn’t really feel like coming here. I was after work, tired, I figured it would probably not change anything anymore. My wife, Ania, had more enthusiasm and if it hadn’t been for her, I probably wouldn’t have come here anymore. As every month, I joined this prayer. As in each of these services, there was a word of knowledge, a word that we did not fully understand. And there were many words for many couples trying to have a child and so on… Which word could go to any of us. With all my attitude, I didn’t pay much attention to it and at one point I heard the sentence: “marriage of Krzysztof and Joanna or Anna” well, that’s a shot right here! Oh… such a concrete thing. I suddenly woke up. “Krzysztof has dark hair, he is wearing a dark jacket, he is wearing jeans today. The Lord Jesus wants to tell them today that in exactly one year’s time at the same time they will be holding their child in their hands. ” Well, that’s a specific promise. I thought” how many Krzysztofs with Ania can be here … ” There was a doubt in my head .. er .. it’s not about us, my pants were not jeans … When I got home, I took off my pants and on the label I saw the words JEANS SPORT . I thought to myself, well, it was such a concrete that it was difficult to argue. Honestly, I was a bit afraid that if this word did not come true, what would happen with my faith? The promise was fulfilled! Francis was born on October 15. Today is December 8 and we are holding our baby in our hands, exactly as it was said. Exactly one year after the Lord made the promise to us. Listen, apart from a healthy child, we got something more, we got the gift of faith that I missed. Could I, a painfully doubting rationalist, somehow question this miracle? Look, if Ania had just become pregnant at that time and happily terminated it, we would have probably thought: “ we worked it out, we treated ourselves for so many years, we used various therapies and we succeeded” … But when the Lord calls you by name, He describes your appearance, makes such a promise in time, declares it through the mouth of a priest,… there is no way to doubt… Why did it happen this way? Why did the Lord want to act this way? I asked myself such a question … And the answer is that in order to give a chance to displace this miracle – especially to such a doubter as me. And the second reason, in order to give hope to all those who cannot, as in my case, just trust. Our testimony is our duty today. And I’ll tell you one more thing , I don’t know how it is, how it works, but Matemblewo is amazing. I do not know why a prayer works so effectively here, but it is just like that and I know that with a sincere heart, and with pure pain, with doubt or with regret to God, please come with all this here… Today, Fr Andrzej said that it’s all about getting closer to God, and it looks like this is one of the best places to get closer to God. I sincerely believe that you have to be here, wait for a word that will come to you as it came to us in such an unusual, specific way. The Lord knew that I had needed it. Praise the Lord!


We’ve been trying to have a baby for four years. Doctors said that we were healthy that it had to take time. We’ve heard everywhere: take it easy, relax, take your time … Then we came across a doctor who knew that time was not the problem after all. The doctor diagnosed obstruction of the fallopian tubes. He said there was no way to open them. We heard that our chances of getting pregnant were slim and it was like that from the beginning. I felt it was over … Then I remembered that I had heard about a certain prayer. I began to pray the Pompeian Novena. For 54 days I prayed four parts of the Rosary, asking for the gift of children. I finished my prayer in March. In June it turned out that I was pregnant. Why am I talking about it in public? After all, pregnancy is such a delicate matter that I could keep it to myself. I’m telling about it because at the end of the prayer it was clearly written that if my request is answered, I am to announce it to everyone. When I read it, I swore I would. As it turned out later, I finished the prayer on March 19, 2018, and my Borysek was born on March 19, 2019. Apparently, finishing the prayer, God said:”Next year you will see your child!” This is what I think … The Pompeian Novena also accompanied me throughout my pregnancy. Every day I asked for health for my baby. And so it happened … And now I pray again, because when Borysek was 8 months old, it turned out that I was pregnant again. And again I am begging the Blessed Virgin for intercession, that my second child would also be born healthy. The one who believes there is no need for explanation. For those who do not believe, it is impossible to explain. Because up to a certain point the treatment can help, then only God can make a miracle. Daria


After fighting infertility and miscarriage, we received the gift of offspring … The first child conceived quite quickly – after 6 months of efforts. It appeared after the prayer of the Pompeian Novena. During the prayer full of tears, on the last day of the Novena at the Shrine of Our Lady, I heard an assurance that a child would appear in a month’s time and that I should thank for it. It happened. Huge joy. Unfortunately it passed quickly. After 9 weeks, I had a miscarriage. It is difficult to understand why this happened. Doctors said it was common with the first baby and no tests were needed. Howeve, everything indicated that my fertility was not correct . My doctors were not able to start treatment, so I signed up for a naprotechnologist. Further diagnoses indicated further irregularities, and we initiated treatment. We also joined the parents’ community in church after losing our first child . At that time, there were other pregnancies, births, baptisms, big birthday parties at our friends’ homes … In our case- a second miscarriage. It was incredibly hard for me. We were looking for help by participating in various services, praying Novenas … We also attended Masses with a prayer for healing, and a month later we received an individual blessing at the Mass for childless couples in Wąwolnica. There we heard a promise: next year we would come here to thank. I wanted to believe it, but there were times when I completely doubted it. Throughout my efforts, God was fighting for me, keeping me sustained in many crises. Our baby was very likely conceived on the anniversary of the miscarriage, and was happily born so that next year we could go to the statue of Our Lady to give thanks. The entire pregnancy, despite many diseases and treatments, went smoothly. I know that we received our baby from God, especially thanks to the intercession of the Mother of God, that is why we named our daughter Maria – in Her honor and glory. Kamila


I would like to share my testimony. I’ll start from the beginning … I’ve always dreamed of having a baby and I thought it wouldn’t be difficult because most of the people around me have offspring and had no problems with conception. It was obvious to me that we would make it quickly and enjoy our own baby. Unfortunately, it was not given to us. After we got married, we started trying to have a baby … Months passed …. Finally I heard the diagnosis – polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothyroidism, anovulation, abnormal uterus, etc. The doctor made it clear that I would never be able to have children in this situation. It was a crash for me … I cried for a long time, unable to come to terms with this diagnosis. I felt like a useless wreck, unable to give my husband a child. We decided to go to other doctors but the diagnosis was the same. Additionally, my husband also had fertility problems. Long efforts and treatment were behind us, and the following months showed negative pregnancy tests. By the way, I found out about the pregnancies of people around me and it was only getting harder for me. I could not accept the fact that God did not want to give us such a beautiful gift as offspring. I did not know then that God had a plan for us at the right moment in life, not when we only wanted it. When our efforts and treatment were useless, we gave up. We started to pray more and go to church. I entrusted our marriage to God. In the meantime, we had a crisis in our marriage and it was really bad. We’ve been in a moment of breaking up. Some time after this crisis, which by the way was also a test and a lesson for me, I saw two lines on the pregnancy test. God clearly wanted to see if our marriage would become stronger, and I believe that time was to strengthen us in Him. Thanks to all these events, we strengthened both our belief and our marriage. We also learned humility and patience.God never leaves us and always hears our prayers. He has a great plan for everyone! It is worth waiting and trusting Him to make it happen at the most appropriate time for us. God bless you! Barbara


I would like to share with you my testimony. We are with my husband, a young married couple, even though we are 33 years old. Immediately after the wedding, we wanted to have a baby. In the end, after the visit to the gynecologist, it turned out that I was pregnant but the ultrasound showed nothing (it was supposed to be up to 7th week). The gynecologist informed me that it was a very early miscarriage or that the pregnancy was still very young. She commissioned me more tests and examinations. A hormone level that signified pregnancy grew in an appropriate way. Pregnancy error lodged in the appendix (that is, between the ovary and the fallopian tube). Diagnosis – ectopic pregnancy, referring to immediate operatin in hospital to remove it my life was in danger. I asked God for a miracle. I also informed my loved ones and asked them for prayers … was the miracle !!! In order to introduce the ultrasound (approximately 2 hours later), the vesicular appeared in the right place !!! At that moment, I felt a great grace. The next day a friend called me and asked about the result of the prayers. I told her about the miracle that my child was transported to the uterus by God. I believed it strongly. And at that moment, I felt an intense warm below. As if someone put aHis hand on my womb. For God, nothing is impossible !!!!


Beloved Friends, I would like to share with you the testimony of grace and miracle that I received from God through the intercession of the Blessed Mother. I am a mother of two boys. For a long time I had carried in my heart the desire to have another child – a daughter. For a long time I asked God to bless us with a child. I have always dreamed of a large family. I wanted a bunch of kids running around the house. A few years ago my only brother died, the desire to have a large family intensified. In the meantime, God put a great endocrinologist on my way, who took care of me professionally and properly prepared me for pregnancy. Despite many adversities, such as hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease – it was only very soon. In January I came across a transmission of adoration with a prayer for healing for married couples asking for offspring. During the online broadcast, there were words of knowledge that (…) there is a woman who has been asking for a daughter for a long time. The Lord will give her to you (…). Something touched me, I felt tears running down my cheeks. I knew God was speaking to me. Some time later it turned out that I was pregnant. Fear and disbelief, and at the same time great joy and gratitude for this miracle. The pregnancy was quite problematic … During the prenatal tests it was confirmed that I had a baby girl under my heart. The little one was born a month ahead of schedule with the weight … ATTENTION !!! 3930g of happiness and love. The delivery went well, quickly and without complications. I felt God’s protection at that time and these were the most wonderful moments for me. They called her “big premature baby”. She was the largest child on the ward even among full-term babies. Martynka was born on Holy Mary’s Feast – it could not be otherwise! From the very beginning, Mummy took care of us and interceded with us. I cannot express my gratitude and emotion and I still cannot believe it that at the beginning of 2019 I asked for a child – for my dream daughter – and at the end of the year I hold her in my arms, … Tears run down my cheek and I thank God and Holy Mary. My testimony is also an appeal to other married couples trying to conceive a child. Please never lose faith, never give up and fight to the very end … God heals and works miracles. You just need to trust the Father like a child and devote yourself completely to Him. Aneta


My name is Marlena. I was supposed to come here with my husband, but unfortunately he had to leave, but today I am with my 4-month-old son, Kubuś. Kubuś is a great gift from God … I prayed very much … When we got married , it was obvious that we would have children …Then I found out I couldn’t have children- I was really shocked! Months passed, years passed – there was no child. Of course, we went to the doctors, we spent a fortune for a visit, for treatment … I got a diagnosis that I had blocked both fallopian tubes and I would never be able to have children … in vitro was offered, but of course my husband and I refused – we knew that it was not God’s will for us to try for a baby in this way. We decided that we would trust God … of course, there were sadness and regret. When I was in a deep depression I opened the Bible with words: “you will have a son”. We started praying the Rosary with my husband. The Rosary was always very close to me – Holy Mary never left me. Depending on the situation we lived our lives. Sometimes there were some tensions and clicks, especially when we were not praying together. Some time ago I went to the sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Gdańsk for a recollection for women. I remember how the priest put up a box on the altar, signed “Jesus, take care of it”. I was to write a letter to God … I poured out all my regrets on a piece of paper. I threw out everything that was in my heart and I left it on the altar. From the recollection I came home with a great peace … In the meantime many people prayed for us: various communities, our community to which we belong, community of prayer for children,sisters … We felt this prayer very strongly. We knew that this time of waiting was God’s plan, that He wanted to change our marriage, relationships, give peace and understanding that “we don’t always get everything we want, but sometimes He has a different plan for us”. During the summer holidays we went to Medjugorje, we left everything there and we came back with such a great peace in our heart, we knew that everything would be fine. Exactly a year ago we were here at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pregnancy in Matemblewo praying for healing. I remember the moment of an exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, then I already knew that I would be pregnant. I was looking at Jesus with such a big smile. We did another fallopian tube patency test and it turned out that both are patent … The pregnancy was not easy, from the very beginning it was defined as “high-risk pregnancy”. There were injections all along, high TSH, low progesterone, thrombophilia and a lot of different diseases. Throughout my pregnancy, I had doubts whether everything would be fine and whether Kubuś would be born healthy … He was born healthy! He got 10 points and is a super developing child. We belong to the community with my husband. In our community, at the beginning of the meetings, there have dividing groups … A male and a female group. I am in the female part with 7 people. Three people, including me, would love to have a child and there were great difficulties in it. We had all struggled with infertility for many years. We also prayed for one another. And one fall, within 2 months, we all came with the news that we were pregnant. So we also blessed the Lord that He had shown such righteousness and bestowed on each of us. There was great joy in our community. To make it funnier, each of us gave birth to a son, so we laughed too that He did not distinguish any of us. I would like to tell you not to lose hope. God is really good! Sometimes it takes time, but I believe He will bless you. Praise the Lord!


We have been together for almost 14 years, more than 6 of which we have been married. We knew about the problems of health that could lead to infertility even before the wedding. Examinations controlled by a team of doctors showed my wife had ovulation disorders and have struggled with varicocele. We started our fight over 3 years ago, it turned out not to be easy. The observation of the cycles told us that up to that point in more than a year and a half of research, the efforts had been ovulatory. The gynecologist who treated my wife suggested that we try to induce ovulation. On the first assisted cycle, ovulation was started, on the second – starting a new life. We couldn’t believe our luck. Unfortunately, during the visit, it turned out that the embryo developed too slowly. Still, knowing about the irregularity of the cycles, we gave our anxieties to God and looked forward to our next visit…. My wife in 7th week had blood stains. Fearful but still hopeful, we went to hospital. There, the doctor said he did not see the echoes of the heart and that the pregnancy was dead. The doctor recommended that I see the same gynecologist once I was pregnant. Some days passed from the visit in the hospital to the visit to my doctor. These were the worst days of our lives. Full of despair, but also of great hope. We entrusted our lives to God and the Holy Mother. We were praying so earnestly. We prayed for a miracle and that it would all turn out to be a mistake. However, it did not happen … We lost our child- the worst days in my life. It was hard for us to talk to anyone, but we coped and it was the first relief … We shared our shared sadness with our closest family. Nevertheless, we were confident that God would give some good from this situation. Our prayers for conception and birth of a child were joined by the prayers of our parents and siblings.
The wife was not satisfied with the previous treatment and the lack of appropriate diagnostics, in our opinion, so while continuing to take her medications, she started looking for another doctor. Finally, we found a gynecologist who cooperated with naprotechnology. After the first control visit, we were persuaded to meet the Creighton method instructor and to make an appointment with a doctor who dealt with infertility treatment. A few weeks later it turned out that my wife was pregnant again. The visit was postponed to an earlier date so that pregnancy maintenance treatment could be started as soon as possible. After the visit, my wife was to do more tests on the level of beta HCG hormone, which at an early stage confirmed the proper development of pregnancy. Unfortunately, this time we were also not allowed to enjoy pregnancy for too long. The hormone level did not rise properly, and the control ultrasound showed nothing more than the follicle, and the so-called empty fetal egg was confirmed. Between examinations and visits, we prayed for a miracle, but when the diagnosis was made, we began to ask again for “the best solution in this situation”. This time we also managed to do without the so-called curettage.
Despite another disappointment, there was still hope in us. The care that the doctors showed us gave us the certainty that now we were in good hands. After consultation, we have postponed our efforts to conceive until the ordered tests were performed. In light of these results, the treatment was changed and we were given the go-ahead. In the meantime, during the Eucharists combined with a prayer of praise, there was a prayer over us in an ” intercessory prayer”. More and more people joined the group of people praying for us. It gave us faith that our requests would be heard.
My wife got her third pregnancy in January last year. We thought we could keep it this time. As soon as we found out about it, we asked the priest to celebrate Mass in our intention. Unfortunately, as in the previous case, we could not enjoy this pregnancy for a long time. It turned out once again that despite all efforts, the pregnancy did not develop properly.The worst part of it was that we still didn’t know the immediate cause of the miscarriage. No research has brought us any closer to diagnosing why this was happening, and the treatment included in the maintenance of pregnancy was more like “it will definitely not hurt, and it may help”. Obviously, we stopped at the point where nothing else could be done.
In July, my wife came across the Prayer for Offspring profile on Facebook and we decided to ask for prayers in our intention. And in this way, more people joined the already large group of people who support us with their prayers.
Despite so many sorrows that happened to us, we always trusted God. This, of course, does not mean that there were no moments of doubt as to whether we would be given biological parentage. We have wondered for a long time if God was not giving us a sign to think about adoption.
Our last pregnancy happened to us jokingly saying “by accident”. This was a time when we had another treatment that “might help” and we were to postpone conception until it was completed. The post-treatment visit was already a pregnancy visit. I wrote to the community asking for even more ardent prayers and I was assured that they would support us with their prayers.
This time, God listened to us and all people who supported us. God has taken care of us. We came across the doctors who looked after us with great care. Thanks to this fact, the pregnancy was finally developing properly. Admittedly, it was not easy, and the wife took what doctors called “a bucket of drugs”, but, in our earlier history, there were a lot of them, they were either normal or with slight deviations, which now were quickly corrected by appropriate medication doses.
In this way, in June we welcomed our longed -for daughter! It is true that the love we received at that time from all those praying for us, brought us closer to God and to each other.


At the first adoration in Matemblewo last year, there were words of knowledge that we would become parents this time next year…. We don’t remember God’s promise exactly, but my husband and I both looked at each other at that moment and somehow we felt very strongly that those words were addressed to us. Our hearts were beating like crazy, there was great terror and fear in my eyes and on the other hand I knew that it was impossible. Why not? First of all, I had heard the words that I was going to be a mother two years before and nothing had happened, and secondly, my health and doctors’ recommendations did not allow it. I had undergone four major operations and two surgeries. When I heard these words, I ran to the doctor to make sure that I wasn’t!!!! I was told once again that it was not possible and that there was no chance of getting pregnant with such results and such advanced hashimoto’s disease. At the time I was happy, because on the one hand I really wanted a child and on the other I was very scared. When I had a previous pregnancy, for which we had been trying for 10 years, our marriage fell apart. We spent more time talking about divorce than about the baby we were waiting for. The pregnancy was very difficult, lying in hospital and being so lonely. I didn’t understand it at all, and in my heart joy was replaced by anger at God. The constant question of why? Why, Lord Jesus, do you give me a child and take away my husband? I didn’t give up praying, even though it was very difficult at the time. My prayer, or rather my constant resentment and questioning, turned into a closer and closer relationship with God. It was then that I got so close to Him, every day He became closer to me, He became my best friend, I felt more and more loved and understood, my words of grief and anger turned into words of love. This closeness to God brought me closer to my husband. His immense love and closeness healed our marital relationship. Understanding each other, building trust and above all forgiving each other made the love in our marriage appear with redoubled strength. Everything worked out, we both got very close to God, although today I know that God invited us to this close relationship, this friendship, because he loves us very much. And when I heard for the first time that I was going to be a mother I was very happy and even more frightened. I was afraid that when the baby would come our marriage would fall apart again. But months passed, a second year and no baby. Often I even doubted what the priest had said, I thought maybe there was something wrong. After some time we were invited here to Matemblewo to pray together for couples trying to have children. Then I thought to myself: ….. already at the first meeting those words, that in a year’s time….. looking at the Lord Jesus I gave Him my every anxiety, every fear and anxiety, that was the moment when I forgave my husband with such love which I receive from God. It was a moment when I forgave my husband with the love he received from God. It was as if there was an acceptance in my heart of what God wanted to give us. A few months later I found out that I was pregnant, and exactly one year later, on the 2nd of September, we had a baby girl, Helena. We wait for a month, a year or even longer, we often start to doubt and even give up praying for a meeting with Jesus, because there is no point, because nothing is happening, because these words are probably not for us. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Today I know that God always fulfils his words. But it is often we who are not ready to receive them. Therefore, along with the word he gives us, he gives us time. A time in which He allows us to mature in this word. To cleanse and prepare our heart to receive what God wants to give us. This time that we receive allows us, through His word, to come closer to Him, to the other man, it teaches us the dialogue of love because God is love. Today I know that two or three years ago I was not ready to accept the word that God had prepared for us, today I understand why I had to wait so long. God loves us so much, He always fulfils His word, we just need to trust Him. Closeness and friendship with the Lord God works wonders. Just say yes to Him.
Praise the Lord. Ania and Rafał


Dear Friends! I wanted to share with you the moments of life … from the day when I heard from the doctors I have cancer: “We have no idea for your treatment, you have a year of life left …” Then I was looking for help outside Poland .. There was a clinic abroad that helped me. Now I am after a lot of tests and no one would say that I was sick ..
I remember very well our conversation with TOMEK before our wedding : how many children we want … Our answer was the same THREE. Then we did not think that this plan would be hard for us to realize. I dreamt … as for every woman a beautiful dress, wedding, honeymoon, life so joyful and suddenly it happened, I was in” a blessed state”- pregnant. It was a tremendous joy for us, extreme after such a disease as I went through. But at 13th week the baby’s heart stopped beating and the baby needed to be removed. Nothing could be done.
There are no words that describe what a woman in such a state feels and no one will ever understand it unless you experience it yourself. For me and my husband it was a great pain, a great regret to God … But in this, the Lord gave us an opportunity to be with Him. It’s hard for me to say whether we prayed with my husband, because it was probably not a prayer, we simply remained silent with God, so that He could give us strength. We knew that God was with us and He would definitely do something about it. After some time it turned out that I was pregnant again but the same scenario. Was it easier with each loss of a child? Absolutely not. We love each child from the first day we found out about his existence. I lived in hope that after introducing the ultrasound I would hear that the child was alive.After losing my second child, I heard that we should give up because there was no chance that I would deliver a live child and if I do it, there is a high probability that he will be sick. I screamed at God, I know that He heard my scream as a woman, as a mother .. On the other hand, I knew that these children are with me, with my husband … They are watching us from Heaven, they have names because they are our children, we are their parents.
Finally,Maciek was born as our fourth child and Kinga as our sixth.
For the rest of my life I will remember the day when I was pregnant with Kinga. From the morning I was very afraid of visiting the doctor and I asked the Good God for peace of heart. The doctor was examining me very meticulously, there was a great silence … And I heard “Mrs. Lucyna, unfortunately the child’s heart does not beat” … He told me to get dressed and I was to go to the hospital to have a dead child removed, which was under my heart. There was an enormous silence in the office. The doctor wrote the referral and I prayed a lot in my heart with the words: Jesus, I trust in You” … Suddenly the doctor got up and said that he would check me again. The study began again in great concentration and silence. Suddenly I heard: ….. there is a heart, it is beating !!!!!!!!!
I cried like a little child and the doctor looked at me and couldn’t believe what had just happened … Today this MIRACLE is almost 2 years old and every day we thank Merciful God for Kinga. Nothing is impossible for God! Trust to the end – how important it is. Maciek and Kinga are healthy children, full of joy and will to live. Our hearts cried a lot for the loss, but hope never is lost with the Man of Hope. We have not always been able to talk to God, but we have always tried to stay awake before Him together – even in silence and mourning. Beloved Friends, in God’s eyes, everything is possible



We have been married for 14 years and we have been trying to get children for about 8 years. It’s not that way, because every time my wife showed pregnancy it ended up in a loss, a miscarriage. We have visited many surgeries, but it made no difference they couldn’t help us. Everyone just ordered more tests. Enough of these experiences, we decided if God did not help us, that no one would be able to help. Later, we went to the New Life Community, where we gave our lives to Jesus and recognized Him as King and Lord of our lives. We have dedicated this particular matter of parenthood to God. I prayed for 2 years on December 8 at the Hour of Grace, asking for the gift of children. When I went to prayer for the third time that day, I was not aware that John was already developing under my wife’s heart. It didn’t take a long time because the day before Christmas Eve we learned that we were going to be parents again. We were very happy about it, wherever I couldn’t take this time because my thoughts were all in my head? Will the baby be born? Will she suffer again from it? At the moment of appearing at Mass with a prayer for healing, there was a prophecy: “The Lord comes to parents who have recently conceived a child, He comes to you, new parents”. Previous conceptions were lost, but now I have the power to believe. I clung to this prophecy like that woman suffering from hemorrhage who only when she grasps the mantle of Jesus she was healed. I didn’t know before why I had encountered this reading in the Scriptures, but now I know. God had a plan for us, His best, wonderful plan. When in July we were learning to improve our relationship, in the community and in childbirth. Jesus was with me all the time. John was born as our first child. God is great, God has great power. God is always with us. He can change everything. And this is how He changed our life by giving us our longed-for son – John. When we were in the hospital, when it was that moment of childbirth, waiting in the corridor for his birth, I had an inner peace in me, because God assured us that He is with us all the time .. I did not even pray too much because I knew that He was there and had it in His care. When John was born, I got him in my hands for 2 minutes. I found out that he had breathing problems and had to be transferred to another hospital. I did not argue with God why this is so, because I knew that God, as He said: “I assure you that I am always with you. Do not be afraid”. When I was going to the hospital to see our son, I only asked God that I would not see such a picture of Johnny attached to some apparatus – and God did it. When I got to the room, Johnny was lying on his own breathing, it was such God’s assurance for me. For all, praise God! Mariusz


I would like to thank God for my beautiful little son and also thank you for your prayers. I am just hugging a beautiful new baby, who I myself feed with my own milk. All what happened to me is a surprise and a stunning gift to me. At the maternity ward, I heard a question from surprised midwives: how did you get pregnant? Then I realized it was a miracle that I took up a fight not for all. I had hypothyroidism, ovarian policy syndrome, insulin resistance and endometriosis. Before I went to NaProtechnology Centre, I had been misdirected and wrongly treated. The doctors paid attention to my obesity as the main obstacle to get pregnant and they suggested in vitro. Now I am writing to testify to all couples who have been struggling with infertility for years, disregarding their dignity by doctors, loneliness, guilt, anger and enormous indescribable pain and longing. After years of being diagnosed, at the age of twenty seven, I was described “ not able to have children-infertility”. I was wondering why we had bought such a large apartment, since our dream of a full family would never come true- now we only had to pay off the loan. Why did we get married? How to find new goals and dreams in life? There were terribly difficult years on the site for our marriage, with my problem of self-esteem. I am deeply grateful to all of you who were not ashamed to talk about your own difficulties and struggles, I thank all the groups that prayed for us, pilgrims carrying my intentions. Without your love, I wouldn’t get grace. I became a better woman before I became a mother. This way of thinking now makes sense ..
When you start your trust, you will follow faith, hope and love. You will be surrounded by wonderful people – including doctors, like ours from NaPro Centre, who follow the same view. May you also be filled with gratitude and adoration.


In June 2017, we lost our daughter Weronika. All the pain after losing a child closed my heart to God’s Love. Lying on the bed, I dreamt that someone would take me to another time. In the recorded video, I heard the words from the Holy Bible: ” Trust Me, my daughter !! The Lord of Heaven will give you joy instead of your sorrow. Trust, my daughter !!”. Angry at Him and taking these words alomst like a joke, I clung to them as a last resort. And so I survived the funeral and the time of mouring until November 20. That day, I found out that Iwas pregnant again…. I started praying for this child’s life. I thought that prayer would be a spell ,that it would keep me from losing this little gem and make my pregnancy perfect, book-like, free of problems. God had a different plan. He was preparing my heart for a change – God’s changes. On the 28th of November, I went to a community meeting with a man completely unknown to me. He spoke to us about the power of prayer and about what a community was. The same evening I was hospitalized with a serious haemorrhage. As I was sitting and waiting for the doctor, I already knew that I was lossing my little baby. I did not have the strength to pray…. I had a gynecological examination quite quickly – the doctor gave me no hope… The bleeding was too strong and there were too many clots. Without doing an ultrasound beforehand, the doctor tried to speed up, what we both subconsciously considered inevitable – a miscarriage. It was only at my request that he should finish the examination, because I could not bear the pain due to the pressure on the abdomen, that he said that he would do an ultrasound and he would keep me in the hospital. I will never forget the moment when I saw my baby on the monitor, and after a while he also showed me that the pregnancy was no miscarriage. So what was the bleeding caused by, then? The doctor told me to stay in the hospital, thinking that he had harmed me and my baby and that it might lead to a miscarriage. The only indicator, apart from obviously no bleeding, was the increase HCG hormone after a few days. I learned that if it grew, it would mean that my baby was alive. I wanted it with all my heart, but my mind said otherwise. I sent a message to Kamila asing for prayer and she passed it on to the community. I did not know that evening they were praying for this child. That evening the bleeding stopped. On the 29th of November, my community attended the Holy Mass with a prayer for healing and I listened to it on the phone. I did not pray, I just stayed silent, I didn’t expect a miracle. I just wanted somehow to make it through that time. Time without hope. Without counting on a miracle. But it happened !!! On the 30th of November, the doctor came in the morning with the most beautiful information: HCGA was growing ! He decided to do an ultrasound. It showed the beginning of life. My baby was alive!
Do not think that the whole pregnancy was beautiful and joyful. From time to time there was spotting, cramps and also the news that I had toxoplasmosis, which was causing serious defects in the fetus. Then my labyrinth dysfunction returned, which is not treated during pregnancy. Today, I look at these events as the plan of God, who was in every moment of fear for this child and kept saying with the words: ” Trust Me my daughter!!! Heaven would give you joy….” And I?? I doubted, trusted, doubted, scared then I was calm. Like a sine wave. I am writing this to show you God’s miracle but also an experience in which the Lord shaped my soul. He was creating it anew. Today, I am writing this testimony with my daughter Oriane in my arms. When I look into her eyes, I see a look of God full of love, trust and peace that continues to say: ” Trust Me, my daughter”… and I cannot stop thanking Him through my tears. He is the Lord of life and He has given it to us in an amazing way.
God be praised!!!


Our path to becoming parents was long and fruitless – it took over 7 years. After getting married, we dreamed of having children, unfortunately … We went to doctors and they all said the same that becoming parents is impossible for us in the way of nature. Long hormonal treatment was not only difficult but also costly. All my efforts were fruitless … Day by day and year by year I was losing my hopes of becoming a mother. I kept praying to God asking for a miracle and mercy. Only prayer and other testimonies gave strength not to entirely lose hope. And a miracle happened … I got pregnant with twins, which was also risky. The doctors were still worried about a miscarriage, but prayer was the only and best medicine.
On June 6, two angels Kristian and Gabriela were born. Praise the Lord! We thank the Prayer for Offspring Community, all saints and intercessors. Let my testimony prove that with God’s help, the impossible becomes possible. Hugging the little ones together, I thank God Most High for this miracle. I feel sorry for every married couple who are trying to get offspring in vain. Please keep praying, because only it gives strength and heals souls. God’s mercy has no limits and our happiness is a testimony of this fact.


My health problems began when I reached the age of adulthood – the gift for my 18th birthday sounded really dangerous – malignant thyroid cancer, and I was choosing the colour of the coffin in my mind when I heard this diagnosis … God, however, had completely different plans for me, but he also knew that it would be good to shake me … after two operations to get rid of cancer markers I got radioiodine for free, which – as it turned out many years later – destroyed my ovarian reserve, and at the age of 28 I heard the word ‘menopause’ and ‘ rather, you will never have children ‘, when a man dreams of starting a family – it’s not easy …
Also, from the time of cancer to other diagnoses, it was not easy, thanks to 10 years of looking for a good gynecologist who would embrace the endocrine system with all endocrine facilities … After 10 years of fruitless searching, God put on my way an exceptional doctor – naprotechnologist Adam Kuźnik in Skoczów. He commissioned a huge number of tests, he carefully analyzed the results and the cycle observation cards, he chose the treatment wonderfully, diagnosing the next and subsequent problems, which together would give a loud-sounding diagnosis in the future: primary infertility.
Dr. Kuźnik, however, apart from the enormous knowledge he gained in the United States (all naprotechnologists there can only learn), never said: you will never be a mother. Though he always said it would be hard …
On the way, I got married, the pregnancy never happened, and after 1.5 years we started specific efforts, which also did not bear fruit … Then I reached for the last resort – the one that never let me down – Prayer! First, from October to my beloved Saints – St. Rita, the patroness of hopeless and impossible matters, St. Dominic, St. Joseph, St. John Paul II, St. Gerard, St. Stanisław Papczyński. This was my Refuge! My team, who led me to the very birth, whom I thank today … when after a few months of prayers I was still not pregnant – I turned on another weapon – the Pompeian Novena, I knew that it was ‘irresistible’!
After Easter, it turned out that I was in the longed-for pregnancy … I was afraid, every day I recommended this baby to God and my Saints … and then on a signal to the hospital –
with an opening shortened to a maximum of 1 cm and a convex fetal bladder … If I had not been hospitalized, I would have given birth because I had no symptoms, and the child would have had no chance of surviving …. Hundreds of people started praying for me in the hospital – family, friends and strangers, prayer groups and others … and then another great miracle began to happen – the son was not miscarried, the fetal bladder drained away, the hole got lengthened, even a pessary was put on me and I went home, praying all the time, that this exceptional child would be born alive and healthy on time … This is also what happened – the greatest miracle happened just before Christmas – by the forces of nature, a healthy boy, Filip Dominik, was born at an express pace! Praise the Lord! Glory to Our Lady of Pompeii! To all Holy Intercessors! And to all people with wonderful hearts, also from the project Prayer for Offspring, thank you very much for your prayers!


I want to share my miracle that happened two years ago with the help of Holy Mary and Jesus. My husband and I have been trying for 7 years for a child ( for our older son, who wanted to have siblings). After years of efforts, the adoption decision was made, we went through the entire adoption paperwork, happy that at the end of the year we would be able to hold our baby in our arms … But it happened differently … It turned out that I was pregnant. Joy filled our hearts as we had already lost hope for biological offspring. Things got complicated … It turned out that I fell ill with malignant (triple negative) breast cancer. There were despair, anger, uncertainty about my life and the life of the child we wanted so much. The fight for me and the baby began. At some point the question was asked if we want to keep the pregnancy after all? A tragedy in our life … On the one hand, there was a struggle for my life, and on the other hand, for this baby that had already been conceived with us. One day I received a phone call from a doctor who said that at the next visit we had to tell him our decision … A great despair and in this despair I asked the Mother of God for help, I entrusted her with my life and the life of my child. I prayed with the words to Holy Mary, “You were a mother, you lost your child, please help me make the right decision and take care of my health”, I entrusted myself 100% to her. Since then, I have felt the lightness as if someone took that weight off my shoulders. Today I know that it was Mary who saved me and my daughter. With Her help, I underwent treatment, chemotherapy, gave birth to a baby girl, underwent surgery, radiotherapy and today we are both healthy and we enjoy our lives. Pola was born in the 33rd week with a weight of 1.95 kg. With God’s help she managed to survived and she is a strong and a wise girl now.Praise the Lord!


Na pierwszej adoracji w Matemblewie w zeszłym roku, padły słowa poznania, że za rok o tej porze zostaniemy rodzicami… dokładnie tej Bożej obietnicy nie pamiętamy ale oboje z mężem spojrzeliśmy wtedy na siebie w jednym momencie i jakoś bardzo mocno poczuliśmy, że są to słowa skierowane do nas. Serca nam biły jak szalone.W moich oczach ogromne przerażenie i strach, a z drugiej strony wiedziałam, że to nie możliwe. Dlaczego? No właśnie po pierwsze ja słowa poznania, że będę mamą skierowane prosto do mnie usłyszałam dwa lata wcześniej i do tej pory nic się nie zadziało a z drugiej strony moje zdrowie i zalecenia lekarzy nie pozwalały na to. Przeszłam cztery poważne operacje i dwa zabiegi. Kiedy usłyszałam te słowa pobiegłam do lekarza aby upewnić się czy aby na pewno nie!!!! I wtedy kolejny raz usłyszałam, że nie ma takiej możliwości z resztą z takimi wynikami i z tak zaawansowaną chorobą hashimoto nie ma szans na zajście w ciążę. Wtedy nawet trochę się ucieszyłam, bo z jednej strony bardzo pragnęłam dziecka a z drugiej strony bardzo się bałam.

Kiedy zaszłam w poprzednia ciążę o którą staraliśmy się 10 lat nasze małżeństwo bardzo mocno się posypało. Więcej czasu rozmawialiśmy o rozwodzie niż o naszym dziecku, na które czekamy. Ciąża była bardzo trudna, leżenie w szpitalu i do tego ogromna samotność. Kompletnie tego nie rozumiałam, a w moim sercu radość zastąpiła złość na Pana Boga. Ciągle pojawiające się pytanie dlaczego? Dlaczego Panie Jezu obdarowujesz mnie dzieckiem a zabierasz męża? Nie rezygnowałam z modlitwy choć to był czas kiedy było bardzo trudno się modlić.Trwało to wszystko parę lat. Moja modlitwa a raczej ciągłe pretensje i zadawanie pytań przeradzały się w coraz to bliższe relacje z Panem Bogiem. Tak bardzo wtedy zbliżyłam się do Niego, z każdym dniem Pan Bóg stawał się coraz mi bliższy, stawał się moim najlepszym przyjacielem, ja czułam się coraz bardziej kochana i rozumiana, moje słowa żalu i złości przemieniały się w słowa kocham Cię. Ta bliskość z Panem Bogiem zbliżała mnie do mojego męża. Jego ogromna miłość i bliskość leczyła nasze małżeńskie relacje. Zrozumienie siebie, budowanie zaufania a przede wszystkim wybaczanie sobie sprawiły, że miłość w naszym małżeństwie pojawiła się ze zdwojoną siłą. Wszystko się ułożyło, oboje bardzo zbliżyliśmy się do Pana Boga, choć dziś już wiem, że to Pan Bóg zaprosił nas do tej bliskiej relacji, przyjaźni bo bardzo nas kocha. I kiedy po raz pierwszy usłyszałam słowa, że zostanę mamą bardzo się ucieszyłam i jeszcze bardziej przestraszyłam. Bałam się, że kiedy pojawi się dziecko małżeństwo znowu się sypnie. Ale miesiące mijały, rok drugi i dziecka niema. Często nawet wątpiłam w te słowa, myślałam że ksiądz się pomylił, że może coś jest nie tak. Po jakimś czasie zostaliśmy zaproszeni tu do Matemblewa do wspólnej modlitwy za pary starając się o potomstwo. Wtedy pomyślałam my …..i już na pierwszym spotkaniu te słowa, że za rok…..patrząc wtedy na Pana Jezusa oddałam Mu każdy mój niepokój serca, każdy lek i strach, to był moment kiedy przebaczyłam mężowi z tak miłością jaka otrzymuje od Pana Boga. W moim sercu jakby pojawiła się zgoda, na to co Pan Bóg chce nam dać. Po kilku miesiącach okazało się, że jestem w ciąży i dokładnie rok później 2 września urodziła nam się córeczka Helenka. Pan Bóg daje nam słowo, a ono nie wypełnia się, czekamy miesiąc rok a nawet i dłużnej, często zaczynamy wątpić a nawet rezygnujemy z modlitwy ze spotkania z Jezusem, bo nie ma sensu, bo nic się nie dzieje, że te słowa chyba jednak nie do nas. Nic bardziej mylnego. Dziś już wiem, że Pan Bóg zawsze wypełnia swoje słowa. Ale to my często nie jesteśmy gotowi aby je przyjąć. Dlatego też wraz ze słowem, które nam daje, daje nam czas. Czas, w który pozwala nam dojrzeć do tego słowa. Oczyścić i przygotować serce na przyjęcie tego co Pan Bóg chce nam dać. Ten czas, który otrzymujemy pozwala nam poprzez Jego słowo zbliżyć się do Niego, do drugiego człowieka, uczy nas dialogu miłości bo Bóg jest miłością. Dziś wiem, że wtedy dwa czy trzy lata temu nie byłam gotowa aby przyjąć słowo, które Pan Bóg dla nas przygotował, dziś rozumiem dlaczego tak długo musiałam czekać. Pan Bóg tak bardzo nas kocha, zawsze wypełnia swoje słowa, wystarczy Mu zaufać. Bliskość i przyjaźń z Panem Bogiem czyni cuda. Powiedz Mu tylko tak.

Chwała Panu. Ania i Rafał


Jesteśmy małżeństwem od 14 lat a od około 8 lat staraliśmy się o potomstwo. Nie była to dla nas łatwa droga, ponieważ za każdym razem kiedy zachodziłam w ciążę kończyło się to stratą, poronieniem. Wtedy zwiedziliśmy wiele gabinetów ale żaden lekarz nie potrafił nam pomóc. Każdy tylko rozkładał ręce i zlecał kolejne badania. Byliśmy na Mszy z modlitwą o uzdrowienie i to był ten moment kiedy powiedzieliśmy dość! Dość tych doświadczeń, jeśli Bóg nam nie pomoże to nikt nie jest w stanie nam pomóc. Później pojechaliśmy na kurs nowe życie, gdzie oddaliśmy swoje życie Jezusowi, uznaliśmy Go Królem i Panem naszego życia. Tą konkretną sprawę jaką jest rodzicielstwo oddaliśmy Bogu. Modliłam się przez 2 lata 8 grudnia w Godzinie Łaski, prosząc o dar potomstwa. Gdy pojechałam 3 raz tego dnia na modlitwę nie byłam świadoma, że pod moim sercem rozwija się już Jaś. Długo nie trzeba było czekać na owoce modlitwy ponieważ w grudniu dzień przed wigilią dowiedzieliśmy się, że po raz kolejny zostaniemy rodzicami. Bardzo cieszyliśmy się z tego powodu aczkolwiek nie potrafiłam pokazywać tego szczęścia, ponieważ cały czas chodziły mi myśli po głowie: czy to się uda? Czy dziecko się urodzi? Czy nie będziemy kolejny raz cierpieć z tego powodu? W lutym na Mszy z modlitwą o uzdrowienie było takie proroctwo: „Pan przychodzi do rodziców, którzy niedawno poczęli dziecko, On przychodzi do Was z pokojem. Tamte poczęcia były tracone, ale to poczęcie mam moc utrzymać”. Uchwyciłam się tego proroctwa jak ta kobieta cierpiąca na krwotok, która całe swoje mienie wydała na lekarzy i nic jej nie pomogło i dopiero kiedy uchwyciła się płaszcza Jezusowego została uzdrowiona. Nie wiedziałem wcześniej dlaczego spotykałam się w Piśmie Świętym ciągle z tym czytaniem, ale teraz już wiem. Bóg miał dla nas swój plan, swój najlepszy, wspaniały plan. Kiedy w lipcu trafiliśmy do szpitala czułam się wyjątkowo, ponieważ cały czas czułam obecność Jezusa… W personelu, w lekarzach i zwłaszcza przy porodzie. Cały czas Jezus był przy mnie. Jasiu się urodził jako nasze pierwsze a zarazem piąte dziecko. Ania

Bóg jest wielki, Bóg ma potężną moc. Bóg jest zawsze z nami. On potrafi wszystko zmieniać. I tak przemienił właśnie nasze życie, poprzez to, że dał nam naszego upragnionego syna – Jasia. Kiedy byliśmy w szpitalu kiedy był ten moment porodu czekając na korytarzu na jego narodziny miałem w sobie wewnętrzny pokój, bo Bóg zapewnił nas, że On jest cały czas przy nas.. Nawet się za bardzo nie modliłem bo wiedziałem, że On tam jest i ma to w swojej opiece. Kiedy Jasiu się urodził dostałem go na 2 minuty do rąk. Dowiedziałem się, że ma problemy z oddychaniem i musi trafić do innego szpitala. Nie kłóciłem się z Panem Bogiem dlaczego tak jest, bo wiedziałem że Pan Bóg tak jak powiedział: „ zapewniam Was, że Ja zawsze z Wami jestem. Nie bójcie się”. Jadąc do szpitala do naszego synka, prosiłem tylko Pana Boga abym nie ujrzał takiego obrazu podpiętego Jasia pod jakąś aparaturę – i Bóg to uczynił. Kiedy trafiłem na salę, Jasiu leżał samodzielnie oddychając, to była dla mnie takie Boże zapewnienie. Za to Tobie Chwała Boże! Mariusz


Kochani! Chciałam się z Wami podzielić kawałkiem swojego życia…Pewnego dnia dowiedziałam się, że jestem chora, że mam raka. Polscy lekarze załamywali ręce mówiąc: “nie mamy pomysłu na Pani leczenie, został Pani rok życia…” Szukałam pomocy poza granicami Polski.. Znalazła się klinika za granicą, która mi mogła pomóc i tak też się stało. Teraz jestem zdrowa, nie ma nawrotów choroby, badania i wyniki są książkowe i nikt by w życiu nie powiedział, że chorowałam.. Wydawałoby się, że już będzie dobrze… Bardzo dobrze pamiętam rozmowę z TOMKIEM (z moim Mężem) jeszcze przed naszym ślubem na temat tego: ile chcemy mieć dzieci… Odpowiedź nasza była taka sama TROJE. I absolutnie w tamtym czasie nie myśleliśmy, że ten plan będzie dla nas aż tak trudny do zrealizowania. Wyszłam za mąż… jak to każda kobieta: piękna suknia, ślub, wesele, podróż poślubna, życie takie błogie i radosne i nagle okazuje się że, jestem w stanie błogosławionym. Dla nas to była przeogromna radość, szczególnie po takiej chorobie jaką ja przeszłam. W 13 tygodniu ciąży okazało się, że dziecko zmarło, serce przestało bić i trzeba to dziecko usunąć. Trzeba… bo nic się nie da zrobić.

Nie ma słów, które by opisały co kobieta czuje w takim momencie i nikt nigdy tego nie zrozumie jeśli sam tego nie doświadczy. Dla mnie i dla mojego męża był to ogromny ból, ogromny żal do Pana Boga… Ale w tym wszystkim Pan Bóg dał nam taką siłę bycia przy Nim. Ciężko mi powiedzieć czy w tym czasie modliliśmy się z moim mężem, bo to chyba nie była modlitwa ale po prostu w milczeniu trwaliśmy przy Panu Bogu aby dodawał nam sił. Wiedzieliśmy, że Pan Bóg nie chciał śmierci tego dziecka i że On na pewno coś z tym zrobi. Po jakimś czasie okazało się, że znowu jestem w ciąży i ten sam scenariusz. Czy z każdą kolejną stratą dziecka było łatwiej? Absolutnie nie. Każde dziecko pokochaliśmy od pierwszego dnia kiedy dowiedzieliśmy się o Jego istnieniu. Żyłam w nadziei do końca, że po badaniu USG przed podaniem tabletki usłyszę, że dziecko żyje.

Po stracie drugiego dziecka usłyszałam, że mamy dać sobie spokój bo nie ma szans abym doniosła żywe dziecko a jeżeli doniosę to jest duże prawdopodobieństwo, że będzie chore. Krzyczałam na Pana Boga, wiem że on wysłuchał mojego krzyku, jako kobiety, jako matki.. Z drugiej strony wiedziałam że te dzieci są przy mnie, przy moim mężu… Czuwają, mają imiona bo to są nasze dzieci my jesteśmy ich rodzicami.

Maciek urodził się jako nasze czwarte dziecko a Kinga jako szóste. Do końca życia zapamiętam ten dzień, gdy byłam w ciąży z Kingą.. Od rana bardzo się bałam wizyty u lekarza i prosiłam Dobrego Boga o pokój serca. Lekarz bardzo skrupulatnie mnie badał, była ogromna cisza… I usłyszałam “Pani Lucyno niestety serduszko dziecka nie bije”… Kazał mi się ubrać i ze skierowaniem do szpitala miałam jechać na usunięcie martwego dziecka, które było pod moim serce. W gabinecie była ogromna cisza. Lekarz wypisywał skierowanie a ja w sercu bardzo się modliłam słowami Jezu Ufam Tobie… Aż nagle lekarz wstał i powiedział, że jeszcze raz mnie zbada. Rozpoczęło się badanie na nowo w ogromnym skupieniu i ciszy. Nagle usłyszałam: ku….. jest serce, bije!!!!!!!!!

Popłakałam się jak małe dziecko a lekarz spojrzał na mnie i nie mógł uwierzyć w to co się wydarzyło… Dzisiaj ten CUD ma prawie 2 lata i każdego dnia dziękujemy Miłosiernemu Bogu za Kingę. Dla Boga nie ma nic niemożliwego! Ufać do końca – jakże bardzo to ważne. Maciek i Kinga są zdrowymi dziećmi, pełnymi radości i chęci życia. Nasze serca płakały bardzo po stracie, ale nigdy nie straciliśmy z Mężem Nadziei. Nie zawsze potrafiliśmy rozmawiać z Bogiem ale zawsze staraliśmy się czuwać przed Nim razem – nawet w milczeniu i żałobie. Kochani w oczach Boga wszystko jest możliwe ❤


Pragnę się podzielić swoją radością z upragnionego synka i podziękować za modlitwę. Właśnie tulę do snu pięknego dużego chłopca, którego sama nakarmiłam własnym mlekiem. Wszystkie te rzeczy są zdziwieniem dla lekarzy a oszałamiającym szczęściem i darem dla mnie. Pod koniec wywiadu przy przyjmowaniu do szpitala na oddział położniczy usłyszałam pytanie od zdziwionych położnych: jak pani zaszła w ciążę? To mi uświadomiło, że przebyłam długą drogę i podjęłam walkę, którą nie każdy podejmuje. Chorowałam na niedoczynność tarczycy, zespół policystycznych jajników, insulinooporność i endometriozę. Zanim trafiłam do NaPro Centrum byłam źle zdiagnozowana i w wyniku terapii środkami antykoncepcyjnymi miałam też depresję, która jak wiadomo nie pomaga w założeniu rodziny… No i otyłość to na nią lekarze zawsze zwracali uwagę jako główna przeszkodę i moją winę. To zawsze był pierwszy argument dlaczego leczenie nie przynosi skutków i zarzut u każdego lekarza u którego byłam. Każda z moich chorób dyskwalifikowała mnie do naturalnego poczęcia według większości lekarzy, którzy uważali, że w moim przypadku skuteczne będzie tylko invitro. Piszę to świadectwo dla wszystkich par, które latami zmagają się z niepłodnością, lekceważeniem ich godności przez lekarzy, samotnością, poczuciem winy, złością i ogromnym nieopisanym bólem i tęsknotą. Po latach diagnozowania usłyszałam mając dwadzieścia siedem lat, że raczej nie będę mieć dzieci. Potem już dostałam na wypisie ze szpitala oficjalnie plakietkę: niepłodność. Zastanawiałam się po co kupiliśmy takie duże mieszkanie, skoro nie będzie naszej gromady wyśnionej, teraz trzeba wykończyć i spłacać kredyt. Po co braliśmy ślub? Gdzie, jak znaleźć nowe cele i marzenia w życiu? To były strasznie trudne lata dla naszego małżeństwa a szczególnie dla mojego poczucia własnej wartości. Jestem tym bardziej wdzięczna wszystkim, którzy nie wstydzili się mówić o swoich trudnościach, o walce, osobom, grupom które się za nas modliły, pielgrzymom niosącym moje intencje. Bez Was nie otworzyła bym się na miłość i łaskę. Stałam się lepszą kobietą, żoną zanim zostałam matką. Taka kolej rzeczy ma sens..

Gdy się zaufa, kieruje wiarą, nadzieją i miłością i otacza ludźmi – w tym lekarzami np. jak my z NaPro Centrum, którzy kierują się tym samym, to dzieją się wspaniałe rzeczy. Niech również Was wypełni wdzięczność i uwielbienie.

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