Prayer for offspring

We welcome you very warmly on our website “Prayer for offspring”. We want this place to be for you a space of prayer, support, hope and rest in the arms of a loving Father and his mother Mary. The 8th Day of the Month is more than a prayer event, it is a community of people who struggle with similar difficulties and want to get closer to God just as much.



We invite you every 8th day of the month at 19.30 to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pregnancy in Gdańsk Matemblewo for adoration along with prayer for healing.

People who cannot be with us in Matemblewo can take part in the broadcast of adoration  on our fanpage.

Every 8th day of the month, Holy Masses are celebrated in various parts of Poland and the world for married couples trying to conceive, to which we cordially invite you.


Rosary Rose

We invite you to pray the rosary together in the intention of married couples trying to conceive.


The organizers

ks. Andrzej Wiecki

Spiritual guardian

Prayer for Offspring


Community United in Spirit


Barnabas Foundation